ASP Transactions on Computers 2022-06-23T17:43:16+08:00 Marley Vellasco Open Journal Systems <p><em><strong>ASP Transactions on Computers</strong></em> pay attention to publish high quality theoretical and applied research for researchers, developers, technical managers, and educators in the Computer domains.Research areas include many aspects such as:computational learning theory, operating systems, software systems, computer networks,neural networks,computer modeling of complex systems,new and important applications and trends,etc.</p> Development of 3D fire escape education system for children 2022-02-28T21:04:54+08:00 Sihan Dong Xingdong Wang <p><strong>Fire escape education is of great practical significance to popularize firefighting knowledge and enhance self-rescue ability in fire. Primary and middle school students and children are poor in action and reaction, and they are the most important objects of fire safety education. However, traditional fire escape safety education is not able to attract the interest of participants due to the lack of interaction with learners, which no longer meets the needs of reality. This paper develops a 3D fire escape education system for children based on 3D modeling, human-computer interaction and other technologies, which enables children to operate the role autonomically to conduct self-rescue drills, so that children can learn self-rescue knowledge better. This system mainly includes environmental simulation and set up, the user can be browsing, ground of active interaction in according to the prompt when the fire broke out, or choose to escape will, in accordance with their own ideas for fire extinguishing and escape, fire escape can learn from it to the correct way and understand the specific reason for the correct selection, principle, there are also some simple video viewing and quiz functions</strong></p> 2022-03-26T00:00:00+08:00 Copyright (c) 2022 ASP Transactions on Computers