Topical Collections – Proposal Form for Guest Editors


Proposals for Topical Collections in the ASP Transactions on Internet of Things

Preparing a Proposal

Guest Editors (GE) should contact the Publishing Editor,, with their proposal idea to ensure it is relevant and there is space in the Publication Schedule for Topical Collection.

Please note: the journal is moving to a new Publication Model of having “Topical Collections” which are replacing the more traditional term of “Special Issue”.

The TC proposal should contain the following information:

-Provisional title for the Topical Collection
-A one‐page outline summarising the objectives of the TC or a PDF of the Call for Papers (if for an open TC)
-The names, affiliations, official homepages and institutional/professional email addresses of all Guest Editors
-A paragraph stating how the GEs plan to undertake robust, independent peer review
-Provisional time schedule and a deadline for submission of the papers for the TC
-[OPTIONAL] List of potential contributions (no more than 15-20 paper should be accepted per Topical Collection)

Please fill in the form on the following page and return to the Publishing Editor,


                                                                      Proposal Form

  • Title of TopicalCollection:
  • ShortTitle:
  • Aims, Scope and Objective of TopicalCollection:
  • Guest Editordetails:

A short CV of each guest editor must be joined, with a special emphasis on previous experience in editorial activities.

  • Management of the TopicalCollection:
  • ProvisionalDeadlines:

Deadline for submissions:

Deadline for review (typically 4-8 weeks after deadline for submissions) Decisions:

Deadline for revised version by authors (typically 4-8 weeks after decisions):

Deadline for 2nd review (typically 2-4 weeks after deadline for revised versions) Final decisions: