Huang In-hoon's 37 business thoughts

1. Wong In-hoon, a founder of Ying Wei Da, has been a source of inspiration and reference for business management, entrepreneurship and intellectual awareness. 2. In the area of business management, Huang In-hoon emphasizes the importance of a desire to succeed, learn to earn money and manage companies effectively, while advocating flat organizational structures and empowering employees.

Enterprise Yin Wei Da Wong In-hoon business story entrepreneur 2023-08-27

A lot of people prefer to die of exhaustion to think of themselves.

1. Many prefer to die rather than take the initiative to think about the meaning and future of their work. 2. Work takes a large part of life, but we often do not have the time to think about what it means. 3. Work hard, work hard, and grow up in the work, because work is one of the most important things in life. 4. Find your own goals and the snow lanes, try to achieve them, without wasting time and opportunity. 5. From now on, let the goal lead you, you pull things, grow up to what you want.

The way you think the way you grow the key 2023-08-27

Is Hawaiian wildfire something scientists expected?

Are wildfires in Hawaii unexpectedly expected by scientists? 2. The frequency and severity of fires on Hawaii is increasing. 3. Hawaii needs climate data collection and dissemination consistent with the United States mainland.

fire Hawaii 2023-08-27

I don't deserve to feel it. I've got a lot of young people.

A psychological phenomenon known as “imposturing syndrome” is spreading among young people. 2. Such a mentality that makes young people feel that they are not worthy of achievement and praise and that they feel that they are not worthy of it. 3. Undesirable distress that depletes young people's minds and even affects their work and lives. 4. Some young people are even sceptical about their achievements and believe that they are successful only by luck or deception.

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I sold Chinese phones to number one in Iraq

The successful sale of Chinese mobile phones in Iraq by Tsang Qi. 2. The gradual economic recovery in Iraq has attracted an increasing number of Chinese brands to market. 3. Opportunities and challenges in the Iraqi market and the Chinese brand competition in Iraq

Middle East Iraq the situation in the Middle East 2023-08-27

How can nearly 10 billion people be compensated for in the wake of heavy rains and floods?

How do the huge disaster insurance policies cover nearly 10 billion of the losses? 2. Are the losses caused by natural disasters such as typhoons, floods and earthquakes to be paid by insurance companies? 3. Human casualties and property damage caused by natural disasters can be compensated through accident insurance, medical insurance, household insurance, etc. 4. Are vehicles flooded and crops buried, and the insurance companies to be compensated? 5. China’s catastrophic insurance has developed its historical trajectory and has its major insurance projects in various regions.

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The data tell you, where are the thunder spots that are built by the regiment?

1. The construction activities of the regiments have become one of the most offensive to workers, and many have sought refuge from them. 2. Some of the construction activities have even left the staff on the line, raising security concerns. 3. Businesses often view them as a means of bringing people together and demonstrating an enterprise’s culture. 4. However, many of the construction activities have problems with the way they are opened, causing dissatisfaction among employees.

Mission workplace 2023-08-27

What are the shortcomings of China as the largest shipowner in the world?

1. China has surpassed Greece as the largest shipowner in the world, but there are still shortcomings. 2. Although the Chinese fleet is large, it still needs to be upgraded in terms of fleet assets and heavy tonnage. 3. The Chinese fleet is also too hard to support the system to meet the requirements of international maritime transport.

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20 million cars look back and see how fate's gear turns.

2. The discussion of whether electric vehicles are technological or human advances, and how fate gears are turned? 3. Electricity-driven and battery-driven technologies are key to the development of electric vehicles, but historical electric vehicles do not represent today’s technological level. 4. “New energy” and “fuel-cars” are an ambitious and ambiguous proposition, and the use of these concepts is often confused in the media.

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University studies were inflated, but not 985/211.

1. University expansion has made it easier, but access to good universities has become more difficult. 2. The admission rate in institutions of 985/211 has fallen to 1.38 per cent, with competition becoming more intense. 3. The admission rate in universities and colleges has risen to 53 per cent, exceeding that of undergraduate colleges. 4. The number of candidates for examination has increased, but the number of students enrolled in institutions of 985/211 has not increased significantly. 5. Participation in higher examinations in Beijing or Shanghai may increase the chances of admission to good universities.

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In the “suspension era”, how do the lost young people “fall to the ground”.

Social scholars are focusing on the “suspension” of migrant workers. 2. Foreign workers are moving in cities, unable to integrate into urban life, and are increasingly alienated from their homelands. 3. The “suspension” shows the emotional sorrow and personality of eight foreign workers by drawing up small stories of their workers. 4. The “near” perspective allows better observation of the urban survival of foreign workers, focusing on their daily life and their transformation.

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Two million pounds, and the Guangdong people's dowry depends on this piece of skin.

1. The Guangdong people ' s dowry is based on Chen’s skin, the most expensive of which is a price of $2 million per pound. 2. The Guangdong people view Chen’s skin as a family treasure and a dowry, and the Chen’s skin tea, the Chen’s lemon tea and the Chen’s skin coffee become the new pets of the young. 3. The new and low-profile little town has been reminiscent of the times, and must be reminiscent of its age.

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