Semiconductor global M & A, dead?

1. The final termination of acquisitions between Intel and High Tower semiconductors has raised questions about global semiconductor mergers and acquisitions. 2. Mergers and acquisitions in the semiconductor sector have been effective tools for enterprise expansion, but the failure of Intel to acquire the High Tar has raised doubts about the feasibility of cross-border semiconductor acquisitions. 3. Nevertheless, technological innovation and expansion in the semiconductor sector remain the best means of business growth and dynamism, and therefore M&A will remain a major trend in the industry.

Semiconductor industry Intel Semiconductor Intel Investments Corporate Acquisitions 2023-08-27

The big model's down, 90% of the companies are out of reach.

1. China has now released 79 large models of a size greater than 1 billion parameters, but 90 per cent of companies are unable to locate their applications and have commercial capacity. 2. The landing of large models requires high input, high cost and long-impact cycles, high data and arithmetic requirements, and companies lacking financial and technical support are difficult to commercialize. 3. Hiding is indispensable, and plants will lose competitiveness if AI is not embraced as soon as possible, records production line data and hands over control to data. 4.2023 Industrial AI congresses will be held in Suzhou, inviting high-level players such as Ariun, Siemens, Deep-Hing, and IQ to share the applications and challenges of industrial AI.

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Love has problems? Try using economics.

1. The economist Xue Mufeng ' s work, " The Economics Study of Xue Mu Fong " , addresses the issue of love through economic thinking. 2. The cost of sinking is not a cost, but a decisive abandonment of inappropriate relationships. 3. Reasons for the hard work of doing good for poverty reduction: lack of feedback mechanisms, commissioning, non-human issues and lazyness. 4. How the pies are divided determines how big the pies can be, and distribute them fairly and rationally.

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What about rural areas with higher rates of flooding when floods strike?

1. Rural areas are more prone to flooding when floods strike, and are more likely to have more intensive emergency sheltering tasks. 2. Emergency shelters in rural areas are being built late than in urban areas and are mostly dominated by single disasters. 3. Rural areas are more prone to flooding during flood plains, relying mainly on home visits, family support and intensive resettlement. 4. Flood areas are flood-prone areas in rural areas, with inadequate emergency shelter facilities and evacuation roads. 5. Strengthening rural emergency shelter sites, scientific design, integrated use of public facilities, and stifling site safety and building facilities for disaster preparedness.

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“Preferential package” would ease the price of meals?

2. “Preferential package” refers to the addition of more “celebrous” food products to the package and to an increase in consumer food prices. 3. The addition of the package would not increase rent and labour costs, but would only add a few cents to the cost of raw materials. 4. The price-to-price battle opened by the catering brand could be divided into roll prices and volume items.

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The philosophy of life, business philosophy and business learning

1. The philosophy of life, business and business is a tight and logical whole. 2. The philosophy of life is the cornerstone of the philosophy of rice and husband ' s business, laying the foundations of its philosophy. 3. The book " The philosophy of rice and husband ' s business in China " is written by Wang Liqin, Ma ' antao, John Nai, Matthew and Jo Mau-Mullin, and is published by the Central Communist Party University.

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Who's forcing us to pursue our performance in the name of freedom?

The twenty-first century society has changed from a social discipline to a performance society, where people are no longer strictly regulated by external forces, but become free individuals. 2. In a performance society, people have come from exploitation through over-activeness and the search for certainty, moving from being driven by “you should” to being self-invited by “I can.” According to Han Bing Cheol, modern people are forced to pursue their performance and we are still under control from being regulated. 4. Modern society has changed from being a social discipline to being controlled by a strict control over the body, and control over the individual through performance.

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Selling assets, renting back. What's wrong with the house?

1. A large number of housing companies are preparing to evacuate the first city, sell assets and return to their homes. 2. The relocation of the headquarters from Beijing to Tianjin is the latest case of the first city. 3. Housing companies such as Xuhui and Nakhui have sold office buildings in the Shanghai Rainbow Bridge commercial area and evacuated the first city. 4. Housing companies have withdrawn from the first city in Shanghai and Shenzhen and opted to return to their homesteads. 5. The urbanization of the enterprise headquarters continues, and new cities are attracting the relocation of the housing headquarters.

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The face of the elderly workers in Japan

1. This paper describes the real life of older Japanese workers, who still choose to work outside the home after retirement to enrich their lives. 2. It refers to an example in which landlords in their 80s are still running a Japanese food shop and are tired enough every day to wonder what his motivation is. 3. The authors also describe two maintenance workers who are in their 70s, but who are still working in a spirit that is impressive. 4. There is a problem of unequal pay for equal work, and the fact that the wages of employees returning from retirement are only half of the official ones, which is a serious injustice. 5. In general, the looks of older Japanese workers show a sense of love for life and the value of society, but also reveal the problems facing the Japanese economy.

Japan Old Age Remuneration 2023-08-27

Higher value for money: opportunities for national production of optical glue

1. Optical glue is a dual-faced admixture for products such as LCD touch screens, which is currently monopolized by foreign firms. 2. Chinese enterprises have begun to deploy optical rubber operations, but face problems of supplier dependence and technical barriers. 3. Chinese enterprises need patience and sustained innovation to rise in the optical rubber market.

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I quit my job at $10,000 a month, and I went to Serbia to open a Chinese restaurant.

1. The author decided to open a Chinese restaurant in Serbia after resigning his work of 10,000 a month. 2. The author encountered many difficulties and challenges during the opening of the restaurant in Serbia. 3. The restaurant was in a state of distress as a result of the chef ' s escape, but the author persisted and found a solution. 4. The restaurant ' s operation was volatile and affected by the epidemic, but the author tried to maintain the balance of payments.

Livy 2023-08-27

How should the middle-level back-office sector not “food strike” be evaluated?

1. The traditional back-office approach has a pitfall that leads to inefficiency and waste of resources. 2. The middle-level back-office should adhere to mathematical logic and efficiency positioning to improve the financial results of the enterprise. 3. In order to perform back-office performance appraisals in the field, performance dashboards and enabling mechanisms need to be established. 4. Performance dashboards should identify performance indicators that are appropriate to the business characteristics of different sectors. 5. Companies should plan enabling methods and develop human finance function staff with the level of competence.

Enterprise management mid-stage 2023-08-27

Five major trends in the future development of Chinese pharmaceutical companies from the reform of the pharmaceutical industry in Japan

1. The historical evolution of the reform of the pharmaceutical sector in Japan shows the trend towards the future development of the pharmaceutical industry in China. 2. The reform of the pharmaceutical industry in Japan has undergone four major reforms, but has been slow, mainly because of the deep-rooted effects of traditional pharmaceutical culture and customs.

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How's the market going?

Since August, the domestic car market has witnessed a new “price drop” wave, with a number of car companies declaring price reductions to be promoted, but consumer sentiment has increased. 2. Car companies have achieved price reductions by adjusting their interests and introducing cheaper models, but not many people have actually dropped their bills on the ground. 3. Price falls, combined with higher oil prices, may further squeeze the fuel-car market into the new energy market, creating instability in the industry.

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