How's the market going?

Since August, the domestic car market has witnessed a new “price drop” wave, with a number of car companies declaring price reductions to be promoted, but consumer sentiment has increased. 2. Car companies have achieved price reductions by adjusting their interests and introducing cheaper models, but not many people have actually dropped their bills on the ground. 3. Price falls, combined with higher oil prices, may further squeeze the fuel-car market into the new energy market, creating instability in the industry.

Automobile market public car prices down auto industry 2023-08-27

Just after the investment period, LP's about to see the cash return.

A dual-currency fund is challenged by the LP for zero by DPI, which has triggered concern among LP for DPI. LPs have begun to demand returns from the Fund in the fourth year, and investment agencies are under pressure. DPI is an investment in a red rate representing the LP's cash returns, and most of the LPs have not yet returned. 4. Investment agencies have begun to make every effort to improve the DPI as the most central test. 5. Neither LP nor GP, and the absence of DPI is a loss of trust in the industry, and sustained earning capacity is necessary to sustain LP funding.

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Historical revelation of German-style industrialization

1. The book “From the Old System to the Industrialized Countries” is a new book in the history of the German economy and is instructive for the history of German industrialization. 2. The book considers Germany’s industrialization to begin with the development and spread of export-based rural industries in the eighteenth century. 3. The book emphasizes the important role of the State in the industrialization of Germany, unlike traditional views. 4. The industrialization of Germany is a long and progressive story.

Germany Industrialization history economy Lester 2023-08-27

Global Capital War Latin America

1. Financing of Latin American markets: Global capital inflows to Latin America in 2021 rose by nearly 260 per cent in the same year, but declined in 2022. Latin America’s major financing events: 21 major financing events in Latin America since 2019, involving electricity suppliers, financial technology and software. 3. Latin America’s wave of innovation & VC investment: Latin America is experiencing a wave of innovation that attracts capital inflows from abroad, with institutions such as A16Z firmly focusing on Latin America’s markets.

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In 10 years, with $4.7 billion burned down, the EU Brain Project has failed?

2. The EU has invested nearly $4.7 billion in a “brain plan” or declared its failure to fully understand the distant goals of the human brain and simulation of the human brain.The plan has achieved a number of achievements over the past decade, including the creation of three-dimensional maps of the brain, the development of brain implants to treat blindness. 3. However, the plan has been controversial, criticized for mismanagement and repeated changes in the direction of research, which have led to the fragmentation of scientific research. 4. The project’s precarious funding and slow progress have frustrated European scientists. 5. Future projects need to avoid repeating HBP mistakes and support small, focused scientific research and integrated projects.

neuroscience science cognitive science Brain science 2023-08-27

"The single population is 239 million." Is it true that no Chinese are married?

1. The single population of China has reached 239 million, and the age of marriage and childbearing has been generally delayed among young people. 2. The average age of first marriage has increased from 24.89 years in 2010 to 28.67 years in 2020. 3. It has been noted that young people are increasingly reluctant to be alone. 4. But there is also a perception that young people have their own views on marriage and are less sensitive to the general public.

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The Japanese don't want to be a civil servant anymore.

In 2023, the number of candidates for the Japanese Civil Service examination fell again, to a level of only 14,000, which is the second lowest in history. 2. The Japanese civil service, which originated in the era of rule, has been treated as a “officer” with a low profile. 3. During periods of high economic development, civil servants are paid far less than private enterprises, and young people generally choose to work in private enterprises. 4. In the late 1980s, civil service salaries were raised to become a stable and high-paid occupation, gaining the prestige of young people.

public examination civil servants civil service reform civil service benefits 2023-08-27

Adam Smee: The British Minister is on the move.

1. Adam Smith’s ideas have long been misunderstood and symbolicized, and this paper describes the motives and objectives of British Minister Jesse Norman to rewrite Adam Smith’s legacy. Jesse Norman believes that Smith’s ideas have been misinterpreted, especially after the financial crisis, and that criticism has been directed towards Smith’s free market claims. 3. The article has been read out in the hope of finding his true face by re-understanding Smith’s thinking and addressing the dilemma we face today and the choice of the future order.

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ARM or the biggest IPO this year, they're "go to ARM"

ARM plans to be listed in NASDAQ, the United States, as the largest IPO of this year, but also faces the challenge of “de-ARMization.” In order to reduce reliance on ARM, manufacturers of chips such as Apples and Samstars have indicated that they will invest in ARM when it is marketed, but others like Hightowers have formed new companies focused on RISC-V technology with other manufacturers. 3. As the ARM acquisition has not brought substantial benefits, the ARM group plans to cut meat for money after it is marketed to cover investment losses.

IPO base structure high-tech apples cell phone vendor arm processor architecture arm chip arm embedded ARM arm rsc-v Zhang Guobin command set 2023-08-27

It's hard to cross the border. It's the whole village.

1. The market for hard-to-land Land Cruisers is undergoing a full-scale development that covers economic prices and high-end market demand. 2. New energy sources and brands of new power have become important forces in promoting the mainstreaming of hard-to-land Land Cruisers. 3. Electrodynamic technologies have resolved the contradictions between the economy of fuel and passability of traditional fuel-to-road vehicles. 4. Double-axis dual-drive layouts have made the four-drive system more flexible and enhanced the passability of Land Cruisers. 5. The toy properties and cross-country capabilities of Land Cruisers meet the consumer ' s need for pleasure and utility in driving.

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They're transported to a "stop the road tiger" and they're going to be shipowners.

In the first half of the year, our automobile industry exported 2.14 million vehicles, an increase of 75.7 per cent compared to the previous year. 2. The large increase in car exports has resulted in a shortage of transport capacity, making it difficult for car shipping to secure a position and high freight costs. 3. To avoid being transported “cracked”, many of the car companies have been shipowners. 4. Global car carriers have a high concentration, dominated by Japanese, Korean and European shipowners. 5. Shipbuilding investments are high, but they can be recovered soon, and they can also provide reimbursable services to other car enterprises.

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The AI model, how can human values be preserved?

1. The capabilities and behaviour of large models need to be consistent with human values to ensure the safety and trust of artificial intelligence. 2. Value alignment is a core issue of AI security, and the size of large models is positively related to risk and the need for value alignment is stronger. 3. In order to achieve value alignment, enhanced learning methods of human feedback can be used to make artificial intelligence conform to human values and ethical principles. 4. Constitutional AI models can optimize models and reduce harmful and discriminatory outputs by assessing whether the output of the main model follows specific principles. 5. AI value alignment is the most fundamental and challenging study in the AI field, requiring a wide range of disciplines and social participation.

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