The bigger the AI, the better?

The larger the size of artificial intelligence systems, the greater the capacity? 2. Large-scale language models are prone to errors in mathematical reasoning. 3. Google's Minerva models have performed well in the concentration of mathematical questions, drawing the attention of AI researchers. 4. Training for larger language models and entering more data may help to solve problems of inference. 5. Researchers are also trying to save the energy of LLM through external databases and optimizing model structures.

AIGC Mathematics Artificial Intelligence Technologies Capability Models 2023-08-27

The pharmaceutical company sued the hospital for non-payment. The largest one owed $9.04 million.

1. Sea King Biology issued an announcement revealing 109 lawsuits that had been accumulated by the company over a period of 12 months, amounting to approximately $535 million. 2. The company and its controlling subsidiary, as plaintiffs or claimants, accounted for the majority of 71 lawsuits, involving approximately $486 million. 3. Refund difficulties in the field of medicine have been a problem in the industry, for example, Sea King Biology. 4. The weakening of the financial capacity of public medical institutions has led to a prolonged recovery cycle of receivables from Sea King Biology. 5. By promoting direct settlement of health insurance funds, it is possible to reduce the repayment cycle of pharmaceutical enterprises and increase their liquidity.

medicine Health insurance hospitals medical care Sea King Bios 2023-08-27

Under ARM hegemony: high-profile defections and the failure of national producers

1. In August 2022, Arm and Hightower turned their backs on patent authorization, Hightower recently counterattacked Arm, and hit Arm’s most sensitive nerve with the global chip-popular wave.Arm has a near monopoly on the semiconductor industry’s IP supply, has no power to dominate downstream chip manufacturers, and has always been seen as the ARM’s core client, and this time he defected from the ARM camp and sacrificed the RISC-V weapon, which is a deadly weapon.

arm rrisc-v high-speed Semiconductor industry chip arm processor arm chip ARM China high-tech 2023-08-27

The British Museum was stolen: living off subsidies and facing a stockpile crisis.

1. The British Museum has been stolen at least six times in the last 30 years and faces a stock crisis. 2. The stolen jewellery collection of the British Museum includes gold jewellery, precious stones and glass products. Articles directed: The British Museum has been stolen many times in the last 30 years, and the stolen jewellery collection includes gold jewellery and precious stones.

Museums antiquities history British Museum 2023-08-27

The smallest city in Zhejiang has the freedom of the crabs in China.

Choshan City is the smallest city in the Zhejiang but has the freedom of the crabs of the whole of China.

Crab Island Trail Pudu Food Zhejiang Tsang 2023-08-27

It's time to go back to North and Central: Devaluation of housing prices and high levels of discrimination in employment

1. It is time to return to the north and south of the country: the price of housing has fallen, discrimination in employment has been severe. 2. The price of housing has fallen, the building has been frozen, the building has been left on its own, 3. The employment situation is serious, the prices of working jobs have fallen and age restrictions have increased 4.

Discrimination in employment Old Age 2023-08-27

Three lawyers are looking at Shanghai's demolition plans.

1. Shanghai Dismantling Survey: Three lawyers shared their view of Shanghai Demolition mapping and witnessed the complete completion of the renovation of the houses below Shanghai II. 2. The number of internal partitions of the relocations increased sharply after 90 years: lawyers Zhounan said that the internal division of the relocations had increased in 2020 and became the main business in her work. 3. Shanghai Transformation: the old house in Shanghai will be completely demolished, and lawyers Zhou Nan witnessed the transformation of the city by taking photographs of the old houses.

Business laws compensation agreements Shanghai demolition lawyers Zhou Nan 2023-08-27

Young people start-up projects: selling out food boxes

1. New projects for young people to start their own businesses: selling out boxes of food as a new option for white collars in the writing room. 2. The food booths attract a large number of hit-and-run workers at a cost of money and fresh money, and are their preferred lunches. 3. While the push box is low-threshold, there are still a number of risks and challenges in actually running the business.

catering Consumption entrepreneurship 2023-08-27

I'm going to move the warehouse to Shandong.

1. The Shuangzhou Bookshop was hit by flooding and the warehouse was besieged, with a loss of 300 million yuan. 2. Suzhou has become a hub for new warehouses in the book-publishing industry.

Secondhand books books Lianzhou Huang Ping 2023-08-27

China AI model in the escape.

1. The landing application of the China AI large model is gradually beginning to enter the market-based product phase, although there are still gaps with foreign countries, more than 120 institutions or enterprises have published their own large AI models. 2. The development of the AI large model has led to a clear industrial trend, with both generic large models and industry large models, which are now relatively large in number in the areas of finance, health, government, public services, scientific research, industry, and services.

Wang Xiaochuan artificial intelligence openai Big model AGC entrepreneurship 2023-08-27

What is the real recovery in the urban residential sector?

1. The urban residential sector has recovered rapidly this year, with orders and supplies exceeding the same period in 2019. 2. The number of orders for urban accommodation in the Tsong region, located in the Greater North, increased by more than 100 per cent over the previous year. 3. The number of orders for urban accommodation in Yunnan has increased by more than 300 per cent. 4. The number of orders for urban accommodation in some sunk markets has risen dramatically, for example, in Kibo and Waihai.

Residential accommodation travel tourism real housing Huyang 2023-08-27

Vietnam's richest car in the city, standing behind his son.

1. Viet Nam’s top Fu Pan Zhiwang created the new power of car-making, VinFastAuto, which started with a fuel truck and now has its own first electric model.VinFastAuto has made a good sales score in the Vietnamese market, making it third on the Viet Nam marketing list, mainly because of its high value for money. 3. If the Vietnamese government provides tax incentives for the import of electric cars, it will bring opportunities to Chinese enterprises.

Viet Nam new energy cars electric cars 2023-08-27

It's bad or good to lose 5610 kindergartens a year.

1. According to Ministry of Education statistics, the number of kindergartens has decreased by 5610 and the number of young children by 1.90 per cent in the last year. 2. This trend will gradually spread to primary, lower secondary, upper secondary and university schools, and by 2026 a number of primary schools will face a crisis of origin. 3. Experts predict that by 2035, the number of students in the compulsory education phase of the country will be reduced by 30 million, which will lead to a restructuring of the educational structure. 4. Preschools and schools may be cut, but whether they are closed will depend on the level of investment in education in the various regions. 5. Explore the implementation of the voucher system to reduce the cost of raising and educating families, while helping kindergartens to move out of the difficult situation of running their gardens and providing quality childcare services.

Kindergartens compulsory education kindergarten teachers 2023-08-27

Exports to the United States have declined dramatically. How are China's exports?

Despite the weak global economic recovery and economic friction, China's exports grew at a similar rate in the first half of the year, higher than the overall rate of export and import growth. 2. China's export growth was driven mainly by its geographical advantages and its “one-way” policy, particularly in Guangxi and Xinjiang.

foreign trade all the way economy economic recovery seaboard 2023-08-27

The Space X, who burned the rocket, finally made money.

1. After two years of significant losses, SpaceX finally achieved a modest profit in the first quarter of 2023.The income of SpaceX amounted to $1.5 billion, with a total profit of $55 million.

aerospace SpaceX Space Exploration Technology Rockets Satellites 2023-08-27

Behind the “Global Robbing”: Hong Kong is short-staffed and in a hurry.

1. Hong Kong is currently facing a severe shortage of talent, particularly in the hotel, technology, health and education sectors. 2. Over the past five years, the labour force has decreased by some 219,000 people, with a vacancy rate of 2.8 per cent in business positions, which has been high for nine years. 3. Hong Kong ' s approval of the influx of talent has been slow, and applicants for permits do not necessarily want to work in Hong Kong.

Recruitment Program Hong Kong economy 2023-08-27