There's been an accident.

1. On 15 August, the one-year MLF operating interest rate was reduced by 15 basis points, meaning that the theoretical market open lending rate LPR would be revised by the same base point. 2. On 21 August, however, market interest rates were reduced by only one year, with five years remaining unchanged, contrary to the prevailing market forecasts. 3. Interest-reduction signals have been released that the official view is that the current economy is facing difficult operating challenges and that there is a need to continue deepening interest rate marketization reforms and reducing the cost of enterprise finance and residential credit. 4. From recent economic data, China ' s export, import, consumption and fixed investment have declined, indicating that the market really needs to cut interest rates. 5. Central attitudes towards the building city have changed, and instead of introducing substantial incentives, they are hoping to achieve a gradual decline in housing prices and a structural

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Lithium ion battery brief history: Where is the second half of the new energy car battery?

Lithium ion batteries are at the core of new energy vehicles and are developing mainly in a way that enhances the mileage and safety of the continuum. 2. Lithium phosphate batteries are a cheap and stable lithium ion cell, which is widely used in the area of new energy vehicles. 3. The power cell industry chain includes upstream lithium and cobalt mines, middle-stream electron and battery module enterprises, and downstream end-use manufacturers. 4. China has an advantage in the lithium ion battery industry chain, with abundant lithium mine resources and complete industrial chains. 5. Future directions include the application of sodium ion cells and silicon carbon negative polar materials to increase battery energy density and safety.

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A little bit of a little bit about the investment patterns in the sea.

1. This paper explores a number of ideas and reflections about investment patterns in the sea. 2. The authors argue that traditional models of venture capital are not applicable to all emerging markets. 3. In emerging markets, China, the United States, India and Israel are the most appropriate places for VC models. 4. Early incubation is also a way to reduce costs and improve success rates.

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What is the role of the BRICS countries in promoting global economic recovery?

The BRICS countries play an important role in the global economic recovery, contributing to global economic recovery by coordinating the economy, accelerating recovery and keeping the supply chain open. 2. BRICS focus on economic recovery, promoting supply chain opening and maintaining global trade stability through a number of activities.

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"Congresshouse Restaurant." Surrounding the north.

1. Tustin opened his own shop in Beijing, and the county restaurant began to surround the north. Tustin, originally concentrated in the south ' s second-line cities, now has doors in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Shanghai. 3. The city catering branding of the first city is characterized by higher prices, more flexible location and stable taste. 4. The saturation of the saturated market has prompted the city ' s catering brand to enter the city on the front line, drawing on the advantage of high value prices to attract consumers.

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Tesla's two drops in three days, and the new power car starts a price war.

3. One of the reasons for the downturn was the suboptimal number of orders and the fall in the price of battery raw materials 4. Consumers were satisfied with the downswing, but consumers who had purchased the vehicles were not satisfied with the fact that the car industry was competitive and the reduction had become a means for firms to increase their sales.

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Seven years Deo. The British want to go back.

The survey shows that 57% of British regret the process, and 70% of British regret that the Conservative Party is bad at dealing with it. 3. Economic costs and problems associated with the process are increasing, food prices are rising and jobs are running short. 4. Re-entry into the EU is not easy, it needs to meet the accession threshold, and the major British political parties are not looking back.

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Shenzhen's largest new house broker, over $1 billion in commission arrears.

1. In Shenzhen, the largest new house broker, the original property, was owed more than $1 billion. 2. In China, more than 10 housing companies have been prosecuted, including more than $10 million in arrears. 3. The China-China group has indicated that it will continue to increase collection efforts and coordinate the court and relevant government departments to collect the commission.

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Up north, deep, who's the most squeezed subway line?

In the four cities with the largest numbers of workers in the north, the pressure on the subway is not comparable to that of other cities. 2. Guangzhou has the largest volume of subway traffic, with the cities with the highest number of urban on-track passenger traffic in 2022: Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen. 3. Among the four major cities' subway lines, the largest number of passenger traffic is the Guangzhou 3 line and feeder line, with an average of 1.39 million passenger traffic per day. 4. The Beijing 10 line and the Shenzhen 5 line are also the main passenger-flow line. 5. Shenzhen subway is acquiring additional trains to meet the mobility needs of its citizens.

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The middle-aged child: I bought my mother-in-law's money for cancer.

1. Some middle classes are at great risk from investing in property and even investing money in cancer treatment. 2. These middle classes accumulate wealth from the dividends of social development, but now face the threat of dealing with property storms. 3. An investor invested $11.5 million in property management, including money from her mother-in-law for cancer treatment. 4. The investor had lived a steady and prosperous life, but had suffered a great blow after investing in property management.

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Private fund-raising, “hidden past”: ultimately falling into the pit of its own making.

1. A solid private collection agency, which manages less than $1 billion in size, has been disqualified from membership of the association for several irregularities and suspended for six months. 2. Established in 2014, the private collection agency has recently disclosed between $500 billion and $1 billion in size, and has a variety of strategies for the preparation of products, including subjective multi-headings, index enhancement, commodity futures CTA, neutral hedges, global configuration, fixed earnings, etc. 3. The private collection agency, which has triggered complaints from investors about irregularities, was eventually suspended from membership, publicly denounced and suspended for six months.

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