Up north, deep, who's the most squeezed subway line?

In the four cities with the largest numbers of workers in the north, the pressure on the subway is not comparable to that of other cities. 2. Guangzhou has the largest volume of subway traffic, with the cities with the highest number of urban on-track passenger traffic in 2022: Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen. 3. Among the four major cities' subway lines, the largest number of passenger traffic is the Guangzhou 3 line and feeder line, with an average of 1.39 million passenger traffic per day. 4. The Beijing 10 line and the Shenzhen 5 line are also the main passenger-flow line. 5. Shenzhen subway is acquiring additional trains to meet the mobility needs of its citizens.

Guangzhou passenger traffic people The subway 2023-08-27

The middle-aged child: I bought my mother-in-law's money for cancer.

1. Some middle classes are at great risk from investing in property and even investing money in cancer treatment. 2. These middle classes accumulate wealth from the dividends of social development, but now face the threat of dealing with property storms. 3. An investor invested $11.5 million in property management, including money from her mother-in-law for cancer treatment. 4. The investor had lived a steady and prosperous life, but had suffered a great blow after investing in property management.

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Private fund-raising, “hidden past”: ultimately falling into the pit of its own making.

1. A solid private collection agency, which manages less than $1 billion in size, has been disqualified from membership of the association for several irregularities and suspended for six months. 2. Established in 2014, the private collection agency has recently disclosed between $500 billion and $1 billion in size, and has a variety of strategies for the preparation of products, including subjective multi-headings, index enhancement, commodity futures CTA, neutral hedges, global configuration, fixed earnings, etc. 3. The private collection agency, which has triggered complaints from investors about irregularities, was eventually suspended from membership, publicly denounced and suspended for six months.

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What happened to the Russian ship that crashed into the moon?

1. The Russian National Space Group has reported that the Moon exploration spacecraft Moon-25 has been in collision with the Moon surface and has ceased to exist. 2. The Moon-25, the first Russian-launched detector to the Moon since the 1970s, was scheduled to land softly on the Moon in Antarctica. 3. The failure was due to inadequate preparation and human error, and the engine ignition anomaly was the direct cause. 4. India’s Moon Boat 3 mission had the opportunity to land softly near the Moon.

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The first drop of women's rights: what we want is “equal pay for equal work”.

1. On 20 August 2023, Spanish women won the first female World Cup championship in England by a margin of 1-0. 2. For the first time, the 32 teams participating in the current Women ' s World Cup were given the same bonus rights as men, totalling £86.1 million.

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A child who bypasses the obsessive limits and hides it in the game.

1. On 30 August 2021, the National Press and Publications Service issued a circular on further strict regulation of effective prevention of juvenile obsession with Internet games, limiting the time for young players to 8 to 9 p.m. Friday, Saturday, Sunday and statutory holidays. 2. Under the new regulation 830, the proportion of minors within three hours of a weekly game has increased to more than 75 per cent, and the problem of juvenile obsession has been largely resolved. 3. Twenty-nine per cent of minors play games with their family members longer than the prescribed 3 hours, because 82 per cent of their parents allow children to play games with their identity information. 4. Minors bypassing the limits of self-inflation by obtaining information about the identity of their parents, inviting them to replace their faces, and even obtaining the parents ' payment codes.

Anti-demographic ID anti-demographic 2023-08-27

How bad is China's lack of silver?

1. China’s lack of silver has seriously affected its material production and its dependence on foreign trade for a large amount of currency. 2. In recent years, China’s external dependence on silver has reached about 50 per cent, making it vulnerable to human dependence. 3. Global silver resources are distributed mainly in Peru, Australia and China, with three countries accounting for 50 per cent of global reserves. 4. Increasing demand for silver for industrial use, particularly for photovoltaic batteries, is growing rapidly.

Minerals resources light silver 2023-08-27

The price of electricity in the hundreds of billions of chargers is anxious.

1. In the recent past, the country ' s large number of new energy car owners have reflected an increase in the price of power-filled posts, which has increased by almost a factor of one. 2. The increase in the cost of charging charges is due mainly to the implementation of the new electricity-price programme issued by the National Development Reform Commission in May this year.

Electric vehicles large industrial electricity prices Electricity new energy vehicles network vehicles new energy sources energy photovoltaic prices Charging posts 2023-08-27

130 million dollars of research budget zero. Higher education is a disgrace.

1. One university is funded by 130 million dollars in scientific research, but the results are converted into zero, triggering a debate. 2. Another university is funded by 179 million yuan in scientific research, with only five projects being transformed into markets, accounting for 0.71 per cent. 3. Higher education research is not necessarily a good market-oriented engine for research and development, and research and development, promoted by enterprises, is more efficient.

Scientific research patents conversion rates universities project budgets 2023-08-27

The Cantonese can't stop being rich. It's just a fishing festival.

1. The day that the Cantonese look forward to is the day when the fishing festivals will be the most popular day for them to be able to remain afloat. 2. In order to protect marine life, Guangdong has been closed since 1999, the festival will be the end of the closed season. 3. On the day of the fishing day, the Guangdong fishermen will hold a solemn ceremony to pray for the harvest and to bless the safe return of their friends and relatives who have gone out of the sea. 4. Fishermen will be prepared to eat their bowls of chopsticks and wait for the taste of the salt sea, which has been forbidden for months. 5. Fishing vessels will run out of the fishing harbours under the open fishing sign, crowding the sea and opening their eyes to non-coast areas.

Guangdong fishing fishermen fishing boats 2023-08-27

He took away 153 million Musk fans and found that most of them were zombie powder.

2. About 42 per cent of accounts are unattended, with more than 72 per cent of accounts with fewer than 10 followers. 3. On average, there are 187 followers per account, with a median of 1. 4.25 per cent of Mask fans created their own accounts after he acquired Twitter. 5. Only 0.3 per cent of Mask fans have subscribed to his subscription service.

X Robot Elon Mask Mask 2023-08-27

GPT-4 is unconscious, but Skynet will arrive sooner or later.

1. The team of 19 people, such as Bengio, the winner of the Turing Award, published a 88-page paper exploring the possibility of artificial intelligence being conscious. 2. The paper found that the current AI system was unconscious, but that it was possible to achieve conscious AI systems in the future. 3. Researchers used scientific theory and methods to objectively assess the awareness of AI systems. 4. While the current AI system is not yet responsive to conscious indicators, future trends suggest that AI has no objective barrier to developing consciousness.

artificial intelligence network model gwt 2023-08-27

Personal prejudices about taste and ways of nurturing

This paper examines the prejudices and methods of production of taste by individuals. 2. Tactics exist because they are sensitive and cannot be quantified, but they do exist. 3. Tactics and cost are different, and they are not just price issues.

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