For a month on the market, lithium carbonate is mixed.

The main players are generally satisfied with the lithium carbonate futures market and believe that the heat of the transaction and the enthusiasm of the participants have met expectations. 3. The lithium carbonate futures of the Guangzhou Futures Exchange are the only species in the world that delivers in kind and require more large customers to be involved in the transaction. 4. The high price appreciation for the right to auction of lithium mines is increasing the importance of the availability of resources for the cost of lithium salt products.

Futures lithium carbonate lithium price futures market futures cut 2023-08-27

The listed companies also have a trust in the "climbing"

1. There have been problems with the payment of CMTF products purchased by two listed companies, and six listed companies have announced that they are involved in the trust. 2. Of the $50 million CMTF products purchased by Microlight shares and the $50 million TF products purchased by Pioneer Electronics, there have been delays in the payment of CMTFs. 3. To date, 31 listed companies with a market value of less than $5 billion have purchased the CMTF products. 4. The CSSR believes that credit risk has a relatively limited potential to evolve into liquidity risk.

thunder 100 stock investment microlight Trust money 2023-08-27

What kind of business is a 40 million disabled old man taking a bath?

1. The bathing of the disabled elderly is a much-needed service, requiring a great deal of time and manpower every day. 2. Home-based bathing is an emerging home-based old-age service that meets the need for bathing of the disabled. 3. Long-term care services, while providing such projects as bathing, are subject to some operational constraints. 4. Commercialized home-based bathing services increase the cost of living by way of equipment and professional services and become a commercial project in nursing institutions. 5. Home-based ageing is a slowly growing industry, but as demand increases, it is expected that more attention and development will take place in the future.

The elderly the elderly the society 2023-08-27

Medical Anti-Corruption Traditions: From the Sunshine Act in the United States to the “Medical Separation” in Japan

The current storm has a long history of drug-related anti-corruption efforts, unlike in previous years, and the focus of dedicated governance has been on conference, lectures, and patient education.At the United States, the fight against drug-related corruption began 20 years ago, when “intimacy” between medical institutions and pharmaceutical companies was exposed through measures such as the Doctors' Income Sunshine Act.

medical care medical reform pharmaceuticals 2023-08-27

The latest electricity map: Who are the most powerful “foreign aid” in the province of the gap?

In the first half of this year, the power supply gap in Guangdong, Shandong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces was 950.20 billion kWh, 72.8 billion kWh, 725.3 million kWh and 62,999 million kWh respectively.The provinces of Inner Mongolia, Shanxi and Xinjiang became the “most powerful foreign aid” in the major power deficit provinces, supplementing electricity demand in other provinces through the Western East. 4. The national electricity market pattern is changing to accelerate the development of a unified national electricity market system.

resource depletion new energy energy kilowatt hours Electricity resources 2023-08-27

High inflation is inconsistible, and the US debt returns 5%.

The United States rate of return on public debt has risen to its highest level since the end of 2007 and is likely to continue to rise well above expectations. 2. The increase in the rate of return is due to two factors: inflation is higher than the target and real interest rates are likely to be much higher than they were since the financial crisis. 3. The market does not expect the Fed to raise interest rates further, and the consumer price index is expected to fall to 2 per cent. 4. With inflation remaining at 3 per cent, the rate of return on United States public debt in the 10-year period may rise to 5 per cent.

inflation Federal Reserve banks United States economy 2023-08-27

The power cell industry is leading to a "live-and-death war."

1. The power cell industry is facing a deadly war, with many enterprises being shut down, employees ' performance and end-of-year awards being affected. 2. Overcapacity in the power cell industry this year, many firms have started to sell their products at lower prices, and there is a high degree of homogenization in the industry. 3. Some power cell enterprises have low productivity profitability due to less than expected demand, even facing delays in the delivery of goods or refunds. 4. Small and medium-sized enterprises on the second line and below are under greater pressure and are expected to collapse for lack of capacity.

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If life goes downhill,

1. The author describes his experience of living in Brazil, as well as the fluctuations in the Brazilian economy and attitudes towards the future. 2. Brazil has had an economic miracle but has also experienced a lost decade and is now facing the challenges of a downturn. 3. Although Brazil ' s history is not full of war and cruelty, social security problems persist and people need to protect their property and security.

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Temu's low price position lost its appeal in Japan?

Is Temu unattractive in the Japanese market? 2. Temu is expanding in the global market, but faces challenges in the Japanese market. 3. The challenges that Temu faces in the Japanese market and the way forward.

Japanese economy Consumption Temu Japan 2023-08-27

Arm's IPO, unicorn's "life and death".

1. Arm, a British chip design company, applied for IPOs in the NASDAQ stock market, with an estimated valuation of about $70 billion.Arm’s financial position shows a sharp rise in global income of 33 per cent in fiscal year 2022 and a slight decline in net profits.

IPO chip arm architecture arm chip arm processor technology 2023-08-27

Japan's nuclear waste water drains on 24 days, and an ecological disaster threatens to erupt?

1. The Government of Japan plans to begin the release of nuclear wastewater in 24 days, which could cause an ecological disaster. 2. Radioactive material in nuclear wastewater will spread to most of the Pacific region within 57 days. 3. South Korea and China will be the most affected by nuclear sewage. 4. The Fukushima nuclear spill has already caused biogenetic mutations around the area and radiation overloading of marine fish stocks. 5. Seafood markets in neighbouring countries may be affected by nuclear waste water discharges.

Nuclear pollution Fukushima nuclear accident radiation doses marine pollution Chinese nuclear power plant radiation hazards nuclear leakage 2023-08-27

One county date another county.

1. The author describes an appointment arranged by his father, and accepted it in order to meet his father ' s expectations. 2. The author describes the background of his family and the father ' s expectations, and they want to win for the family through this date. 3. The author looks forward to the outcome of the appointment and hopes that the father ' s expectations will be met successfully and that the family will win for the family.

Gender 2023-08-27

“Doing a home” job: The essence of the job is role-playing?

In recent days, the term “family work” has become a new word for the understanding of the workplace. 2. A friend of the Internet has suggested that he/she has worked for a year and still feels that work is like a home play in childhood. 3. The upgrading of the cognitive level is a gradual process whereby the body loses its energy in a lazy environment, seeking only spirituality to escape from the outside world and to be able to travel. 4. The performance of the work of “homework” is almost the same, and the drama and fun also contain sad inner cores, which have led to the illusion of the identity of the subject in meaningless work.

Role play npc 2023-08-27

Is it a good time to invest in Vietnam?

1. Viet Nam, a country with per capita GDP of around $4,000, has the hope of achieving economic growth in the future through urbanization and investment. 2. Viet Nam has a higher level of consumption, with a lower per capita GDP than China, but a higher share of final consumption. 3. Viet Nam ' s economy has a higher level of consumption and a lower share of government consumption, which is not repulsive of borrowing and has a higher leverage ratio.

Viet Nam investment sea trip reform and opening tourism economy economics 2023-08-27