The plates were pulled up by "nuclear sewage", and many companies responded.

The international community is concerned that radioactive materials from nuclear sewage will have a negative impact on marine life and the ecological environment.


Two people were killed when a tanker caught fire in the northwest coast of Guangxi.

At the end of last year, the Guangdong Province Transport Office indicated that the tanker was old and that the owner, Hai Changhua, intended to scrap it or sell it abroad.


Private petrochemicals divided the four big players, with only one family growing in the first half of the year.

Lower downstream demand has led to a general decline in the prices of chemical products, resulting in lower industrial profits.


Quality is down, service is down, tea is down, Naisha's business is bad.

The interests of the three parties are often difficult to reconcile, namely, the tea of the tea, the Nanysue tea, which is accelerating from high-end to popularization. 2. Price reductions are an important means of attracting consumers to new tea. 3. Low prices are becoming the growth engine of current consumption.

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How's the man-made robot in China?

1. At the World Congress on Artificial Intelligence, there was widespread concern about the human robots of Tesla. 2. How far has the human robots of China developed? 3. The hot spot in the human robot market is the two-foot robots. 4. Two-foot robots have greater scope for development at the crossroads of the breakthroughs in hardware and software technology. 5. General robots are the goal of the robot community, and human robots are the most appropriate shapes.

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Intimacy in the frogization era: I'm sorry, I'm allergic to love.

The present paper describes a phenomenon in modern society called “frogization” in which sudden loss of interest and affection in the emotions fades. 2. The article quotes the story of the Green fairy tale, describing the circumstances in which a princess casts frogs in the corner and turns frogs into princes, echoing the reality of “frogization.” Finally, the author encourages readers to refrain from creating a god and to make themselves so tired that they can take a lighter attitude to love.

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The hottest summer's over. What's next?

1. This summer, the world has experienced its hottest month in history, which may have broken its historical record. 2. There have been successive high temperatures, including in Beijing, and measures have been taken to deal with heat. 3. The working environment of occupations such as sanitation workers, security and take-out riders has become more difficult. 4. People are looking for cool places in high temperatures, such as subway stations, shopping malls, etc. 5. We need to take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to mitigate the effects of climate change.

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Have a cup of tea, why do you need to get an accounting card?

The author shared his love for and attraction to the tea-glossy milk shop. 2. The author described an experience of buying milk tea at a tea-girth airport but was asked to “release” the confusing step. 3. The author made demands to enhance the user’s experience, including the continuity of concerns, the “gluteness” of services, the saving of users and the full authorization of frontline employees.

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AI+Medic, a wake-up call.

1. The Beijing City Health Commission issued the Beijing City Internet Clinical Control Implementation Scheme (pilot), which strictly prohibits the use of AI automatic prescriptions. 2. The health response from Kyoto and Ali states that there is currently no automatic prescription for artificial intelligence. 3. The very rapid prescription of doctors on the Internet pharmaceutical platform raises questions about the trueness of doctors. 4. However, there are doubts as to whether each of the small inter-medical platforms has a doctor on board.

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How did this low-profile economic county, Jiangsu, change China's history?

1. A familiar, low-profile Jiangsu economic district has changed China’s history? 2. A familiar local area, a slightly different small town, is the Gangnam. 3. A well-known genre, known as the Mt. W. W. H., plays a major role in the Gangan culture, such as the M. H. Yao.

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The performance was very ambitious, and India's Moon Boat 3 landed successfully on the Moon.

India's “Moon Boat 3” has successfully landed on the Moon, becoming the fourth member of the Moon Landing Club. While India's previous mission to visit the Moon has seen a wave of breakthroughs, both Moon Boat 1 and Moon Boat 2 have achieved some results.

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From the Middle East to South-East Asia, China's 18-year history of high iron.

China's high iron is the world's longest-run and fastest-run high-iron system. 2. China's high-iron first entered the Middle East region, building Ian's high-iron and wheat.

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Only Ningbo Old Money can win.

1. Ningbo is known as the city of Old Mooney, which has won the unique daughter of Jiang Yu, and has a history of ports and a wealth of seafood resources for a thousand years. Ningbo, one of China’s largest port ports, was an important node on the sea Silk Road, attracting business travel from all over the world.

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