First annual Eastern selection report: net gain of 970 million yuan and GMV of 10 billion

A live platform, Agricultural Science and Technology, is also an online extracurricular education service provider.


Artificial Sun, China Circulation Three, refreshs the record of the operation of the magnetic restraint fusion device.

For the first time, a high-restrictive mode of operating under 1 million amperes plasma currents marked China ' s mastery of high-control control techniques for controlled fusion.


Ericsson and China renew the global patent cross-licensing agreement; Eastern selects the GMV for the 2023 fiscal year.

Ariyan adjusted the price of the.COM domain name as of 1 September; WikiLeaks knew that it was intended to issue no more than 159 million shares in the United States; 100 degrees: the first large model data in the country marked the base landing point; and Sony would acquire high-end headphone manufacturer Audeze, among others.


The sweeper robots are running low prices, and Coworth's profit fell by 33% in the first half of the year.

Head-manufacturer price wars, competition homogenization, and ground sweep robots are already one of the country ' s most in-house races.


The first half of the year was a huge increase in railway passenger traffic, but the company that advertised high metal fell.

The televised high-tech media industry achieved $247 million, a decrease of 622 percentage points compared to the same period last year.


A tourist is calling for the "work" of a mountain monkey, and the scenery calls for science.

In response to the interface news, the site staff said that the Ming Mountain monkeys were wild monkeys and that managers could not force monkeys to appear in a given location.


South Air CZ 3352 opened its doors twice before taking off, and the passenger train suddenly withdrew and the pilot fell and was injured.

According to the Press, the relevant authorities are now involved in the investigation of the incident.


I've seen a 70% increase in sales in the first half of the year, and Viet-soo property claims to be able to meet the $132 billion target for the year.

The overarching principle of the Viet Nam Real Estate Extension Project is “risk management”.


One hundred and ninety million. Bei Gui Park sells the stockholdings in Guangzhou Asian Transport City.

Upon completion of the transaction, Central Haitian production will hold 100 per cent of the shares in the city of Guangzhou.


Hong Kong people in Shenzhen are popular with tipping?

Hong Kong people come to Shenzhen to bring a tip culture, which has given rise to some controversy. 2. Some Shenzhens believe that tipping should not be given, fearing higher prices. 3. Shenzhens are opposed to tipping, arguing that tipping culture is a transfer of the cost of using it to their clients. 4. Some Hong Kongers give tip money out of sympathy or gratitude to the waiter.

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