The bottom of the sea, it's changed.

1. Undersea fishing is changing its way of doing business by introducing 32 new items, moving from a new frequency to one per month, moving from standardization to diversification. 2. The consumption scene of bottom fishing has changed, not only as a family meal and company building, but also as a post-sale service for concerts. 3. Undersea fishing requires careful consideration as to how to maintain the value of chain restaurants while changing the way of doing business.

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Goodbye, Beijing's last Carrefour.

There are only two remaining LeFour supermarkets in Beijing: the two-way shop and the four-dollar bridge shop. 2. The adjustment of the business hours of Carrefour's two-way shop to 10 to 19% is causing consumer dissatisfaction. 3. Traditional chainsmen such as Carrefour and Wal-Mart are struggling to survive and are under competitive pressure. 4. The rise of membership-based supermarkets such as Sam and Cartoons has led to an intensification of the price war.

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Who's working behind the Great American bankruptcy application?

2. The former Managing Director, Ha Ha Ha Hye-chan, is assisting the NPC to meet out-of-country creditors and is involved in the operation of the NAC's application for insolvency protection.

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