How many thresholds does the EU Battery Act have to cross for the entry of Chinese electric vehicles into Europe?

1. The EU Battery Act, which has entered into force, imposes a higher requirement on China’s electric vehicles to enter Europe. 2. The Act makes clear requirements for the carbon footprint of batteries, their recovery, etc. 3. The concept of battery passports has also been proposed, addressing core technical data and supply chain security issues. 4. There are other trade and non-trade barriers in Europe that aim to enhance their competitiveness.

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Prescription, slow out.

China's policy of “prescription outflows” has been in place since 2007. At the beginning of 2023, the National Health Insurance Agency issued a circular on the further integration of targeted retail pharmacies into the integrated management of outpatient clinics, encouraging patients to take prescriptions to buy medicines.

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Why would the LPR fall in August be "surprisingly"?

1. The results of the LPR reduction in August were unexpected, with a one-year LPR decline of 10 basis points, and a five-year LPR level or more. 2. The market expected the LPR to fall in August, as the previous policy interest rate had already dropped by 15 basis points. 3. This was the first time since the establishment of the new LPR mechanism in 2019 that only one-year LPR had been adjusted without an adjustment for LPRs of five years or more. 4. Some analysts argue that the failure to reduce LPRs for more than five years was to prevent further squeezed net interest differentials.

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If you want to sleep well alone, it's love.

A child under the age of 10 years considers love to be a mating act, while a young person feels that love is an attempt to possess and possess it. 4. Young people between the ages of 20 and 30 consider love to be a form of emotional attachment and a sense of mutual attraction and trust. 5. The definition of love varies from age to age, but everyone believes in love.

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Fragile intimacy and lost trust.

This year's phenomenon-level video production, The Expedition, The Long Season, and so forth, gives a sense of realism and originality. 2. Compared to the previous " Human life " , which was so hot in both the north and the south of the River, these films are more focused on real complexity and diversity of humanity than on the question of its value. 3. The " Women who hate but do not divorce " always have moral and moral strength, emphasizing the link of trust between people and people, a value that still has the power to inspire. 4. The " Divorce is not the best option for women in Japanese marriage " , and the husband's death is resolved by the mechanism of capital operation and approval of the visual work, which leads to the author's complacency with the audience, which may lead to further confusion of values and exacerbate the human cynicism.

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The story of the big car's tram.

1. In 1996, Benz and Toyota invested in Tesla, but did not succeed in transforming into a giant electric car. 2. By contrast, China’s new energy car market has grown rapidly, with countries such as Biadey and Peng performing well. 3. The problems encountered by traditional car companies in transforming their electric vehicles include early starters, errors in technological route selection and inadequate software capabilities. 4. China’s car companies have made great strides in intelligenceization, while foreign-owned ones lag behind in this regard.

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The largest semiconductor IPO this year: Arm officially submitted its listing application.

Arm officially submitted its listing application, becoming the largest semiconductor IPO this year.Arm is the British semiconductor IPO, with an income of $2.68 billion and a net profit of $524 million for the fiscal year 2023.

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