China now has the least shortage of thugs and thugs.

1. China ' s Ministry of Commerce and the General Customs Administration jointly issued a circular on the export control of 14 related items, including metallic americium, metallic argon, etc., as of 1 August. 2. Valium and platinum are rare metals on Earth, although they are of wide use and play an important role, particularly in the areas of semiconductors, fibre-optic communications, solar energy, etc. 3. Rational exploitation of rare metals and restrictions on exports will help to reduce the misuse of resources and raise the level of development of Chinese industries.

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What's the point of moving China's industry?

1. The United States was once an industrial power, but its industrial system collapsed as industry moved out. 2. The United States proposed a strategy for re-industrialization, but it was in fact difficult to achieve. 3. The United States sought to control the global industrial layout by moving industrial capacity from China to other countries or regions through the imperial system of preferential treatment.

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Why are middle-aged people repeatedly rejected?

1. There are repeated rejections of middle-aged persons in the rental market, with age limits ranging from youth to self-employment. 2. The social survival space of middle-aged persons has been reduced since the explicit restriction of participation in the co-leasing of persons over 40 years of age was imposed. 3. There are also restrictions on the age of middle-aged persons in the Youth Brigades, which make it difficult to place older persons on the floor or on the floor. 4. The exclusion of middle-aged persons from the workplace has also been severe, with many jobs requiring candidates to be under 35 years of age. 5. Social restrictions have reduced the choice of middle-aged persons, the space for survival has been compressed and the notion of future belonging to young people has yet to be debated.

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