Korea City, all lost.

The Korean housing market has been divided into a buying and selling market and a rental market, in which the price of full rental housing has fallen even more. 3. The lowness of the Korean housing market has not had a significant impact on the economy as a whole, and economic growth has not been dependent on real estate.

house price drops house price building-market policy home purchase national house price Korea Real estate rental housing 2023-08-11

How to manage the opportunities in the workplace?

1. Understanding the importance of job opportunities is key to how they can be harnessed. 2. Problems and confusion faced by middle and senior managers in interviewing. 3. How enterprises look at the competencies and potentials of candidates in the recruitment process. 4. Recruiting senior and middle managers requires a soft capacity to assess. 5. How to select emerging industries and adjust their capabilities in career development.

management work Job search 2023-08-11

Guangzhou, you can't lose.

1. Guangzhou is facing a transformational problem when GDP growth in the first half of the year lags behind the front-line cities of Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen. 2. Guangzhou ' s industrial value-added has declined, affecting the automotive and electronics manufacturing industries.

Industrialization integrated circuits semiconductors Guangzhou urban economic development Chips 2023-08-11

Apple is developing AppleGPT?

Apples are developing a large model product called AppleGPT. 2. Apples are under great pressure in the AI era and are investing more in research and development. 3. The big end model is the next expected growth point in the smartphone field, which needs to be driven by industry.

apples big models artificial intelligence Apple mobile Internet terminals 2023-08-11

Coach's parent company, $8.5 billion, swallowing MK's parent company.

1. Capestry, a parent company, bought MK parent company, Capri Group, with $8.5 billion in cash. 2. Transactions are not subject to financial conditions, Tapestry has received $8 billion in financing, and the transaction is expected to be completed in 2024. 3. The consolidated group will earn more than $12 billion annually, surpassing competitors PVH and Ralph Lauren on a scale. 4. Tapestry’s CEO stated that the aim was not to build an American version of LVMH, but to achieve complementarity and win-winness between the two companies.

Luxury Coach buy 2023-08-11

Sleep well, with the size of the brain?

1. The brain is larger but slightly less cognitively able to sleep for a short period of time. 2. Short sleep time is associated with day-time dysentery and sleep disorders. 3. People with short sleep time may be associated with environmental changes and sleep needs are not fixed.

sleep Brain sleep disorder sleepyness 2023-08-11