"Backbags" in the new 10 billion winds.

1. Changes in commercial oversale packaging bags in recent years, from one-time plastic bags to sophisticated non-rotation-free bags, have given rise to discussions about environmental bags. 2. Biodegradable plastic bags are considered to be the best alternative to traditional plastic bags, but in practice they are plastic products that require repeated use to cover their environmental impacts. 3. The quality and number of reuses of non-rotable bags are often related to the cost to the business.

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2023 final awards! 20 home brands won!

On 10 August, the poster industry I Interface News re-issued the 2023 [Home honours list] list, which provides consumers with science selection guidelines for the selection of excellence in a wide range of home brands.


Heineken's got a cold sale, and the only drop in LVMH's performance.

In the first half of the year, both the sales and the operating profits of the LVMH wine and spirit sectors fell by the same year.


The EU beer production has returned to pre-epidemiological levels, and Heineken's big beers have performed well.

China exports 11 million litres of beer, or 2%, to EU member states. European giant beer companies like Heineken, Baweinbo, and others perform well.


Did the new king have enough strength to be able to rise nearly 37 times yesterday and fall 60% today?

Both of the two business segments of the alliance are currently in a state of disarray.


The ratio of China's wind power generation will rise to 22.5% in 2030, and Indonesia has invested $7.6 billion in developing carbon credits.

Domestic sales of new energy vehicles increased by 31.6 per cent in July, with more than 50,000 additional domestic public chargers added in the past year and the world ' s first commercial small nuclear reactor on land successfully suspended.


The big educational model landed in hardware, and the "stopping the road" wasn't just a cost.

There are also challenges such as data, technology, product patterns, etc.


Before the Spring Cup, they stopped, and the Chinese National Education Association: an irregular competition.

Several parents stated that the Cup was an important reference indicator for the Beijing priority secondary school “pointing”.