"Closing the Starlink to prevent the Ukrainian army from assassinating the Russian army" is treason? Musk responded

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"I am a US citizen, and I only have that passport." After it was revealed that "closing the 'Star Link' to prevent the Ukrainian army from attacking the Russian fleet" caused controversy, Musk issued this response.

"Russia Today" (RT) said that American technology madman and billionaire Elon Musk responded again on the 11th to "refusing to help the Russian naval fleet of Ukrainian drones attack Crimea", saying that he is only a US citizen and has no obligation to fight for Kiev.

Musk posted on his social media platform X (formerly Twitter) on the 11th, replying to a media message. Elon Musk has again come under fire from neoconservatives and some journalists who insist that his refusal to open Starlink amounts to "treason," the outlet asked: "Where does this obligation come from?" Do we care if this attack will lead to an escalation of the 'war'? ”

"I'm a U.S. citizen and only have that passport. No matter what happens, I will fight for America and die for America. Musk posted that given that "the U.S. Congress has not declared war on Russia, if anyone is treasonous, it is those who say I am treason." Please make this clear to those people. ”

In the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, the Ukrainian army used "Starlink" for communication, which weakened Russia's military superiority to a certain extent. CNN quoted a new book about Musk written by the country's writer Walter Isaacson on the 7th that Musk secretly ordered engineers to shut down the "Starlink" Internet satellite communication system near the coast of Crimea last year to prevent the Ukrainian army from attacking the Russian fleet. According to Isaacson's book, Musk's decision was motivated by a strong fear that Russia would use nuclear weapons in response to an attack on Russian facilities in Crimea, and this concern stemmed from conversations between him and some senior Russian officials.

A blogger posted a relevant message on the social platform X later on the 7th, saying that "Musk seems to have prevented the outbreak of a nuclear war." About 2 hours after the post was sent, Musk himself replied below, saying that "Starlink in disputed areas has not been activated." SpaceX didn't shut down anything. He then further said that Russia and Ukraine should agree to a truce. With each passing day, more young Ukrainians and Russians die from the small piece of land gained or lost, and the border has hardly changed. It's not worth their lives. Musk wrote. He also admitted in his response that "the urgent request of the [Ukrainian] government to activate the 'Starlink' connecting Sevastopol [where the base of the Russian Black Sea Fleet is located - editor's note], [their] intention is clearly to sink most of the Russian ships moored." If I accede to their demands, SpaceX will be clearly involved in a major war and escalation of the conflict. ”