14 countries will hold joint military exercises Germany: We will send a clear signal to Russia

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Reference News Network reported on September 10 According to the German news TV channel website reported on September 8, the German Navy said that more than 3,000 officers and soldiers from 14 countries will participate in the two-week "Northern Coast" exercise starting next week. In addition to the Baltic states, Italy, France, Canada and the United States will also participate.

The exercise included about 30 ships (one of which was a submarine), about 20 aircraft and various landing forces. The area of the exercise allegedly includes the coastal waters, land and airspace of Estonia and Latvia, as well as the eastern and central Baltic Sea. For the first time, the Northern Coast exercise will be based on a coalition defense scenario.

According to the head of the German Navy, the exercise was also intended to send a warning to Moscow. German Navy Director Jan Christian Kack said: "We will send a clear signal to Russia: all partners are on alert. German Admiral Stefan Heisch said that after Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the Russian Navy's behavior in the Baltic Sea is still as normal as in previous years.

German servicemen

According to Hesch, the biggest challenge in the exercise was interoperability between the numerous forces from 14 countries. The commander of the Latvian Navy, Maris Polencis, said that the Russian attack on Ukraine led to a reassessment of the potential threat. He noted the need to invest more time and money in equipping and developing capacity.

According to a report by the German news agency Deutsche Presse on September 8, the supreme commander of the German Navy, Admiral Stefan Heisch, said that he believed that the departments were "fully prepared" for the upcoming two-week naval exercise "Northern Coast".

This large-scale naval exercise is led by Germany this year. For the first time, it revolved around an alliance defense scheme.

Told Deutsche Presse that he did not expect the Russian navy to act provocatively and said there would be multiple ways to communicate if the two sides got too close at sea.

This annual naval exercise has been held since 2007. Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Finland rotate as the main masterminds.

The German navy said the exercises, which begin next week, will include more than 3,000 military personnel from 14 different countries.

In addition to Germany and its allies in the Baltics, Italy, France, Canada and the United States are expected to participate in the exercise.

About 30 ships, including a submarine, about 20 aircraft and various landing forces will conduct the exercises, mainly off the coasts of Estonia and Latvia, as well as in the central Baltic Sea.

The biggest challenge, Haisch said, is logistics, which involves coordination with numerous units from 14 countries.

Latvian Navy leader Maris Polenchis told Deutsche Presse that Moscow's attack on Ukraine has led to a new assessment of possible threats. He also spoke about the need to invest more time and money in equipment and combat readiness. (Compilation/Jiao Yu)

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Germany took the lead in boycotting financial aid to Ukraine: the EU also has little "surplus food"

Two days ago, Zelensky found a Ukrainian TV station, directed and acted in an interview, you can understand this interview as Zelensky's "declaration" to the outside world, the whole interview, Zelensky reflected his greed and arrogance to the fullest, he said that compared with winning, money is not important at all, and said that he hopes that the United States will come up with an agreement similar to supporting Israel to ensure that Ukraine can continue to receive funds, technology, weapons, and training.


Zelensky believes that Ukraine is a "defender of democratic values" and a "European shield", of course, qualified to make various demands on the United States and the West, but he ignores a very simple question, after Ukraine gets the money, does it win? If the war situation at this time is that the Ukrainian army has obvious advantages, perhaps the United States and the West are still willing to continue to send money to Zelensky, but the reality is that the Ukrainian army counterattacked for two months, smashed tens of thousands of lives, and did not even splash a splash.

Zelensky has always said that the Ukrainian army's counteroffensive is ineffective, because the military aid given by the West is not enough, if he can get the American F-16 fighter, Germany's "Taurus" cruise missile, the Ukrainian army will definitely be able to "change the rules of the game", I remember that at the beginning, when Ukraine asked for the "Leopard 2" main battle tank, it was also said, Germany initially chose to refuse, and then nodded helplessly under the pressure of the United States.

The "Leopard 2" main battle tank was destroyed

But in the past two months, the "Leopard 2" tank was on the front line, and the Russian army was beaten without any ability to fight back, and once it drove into the minefield set up by the Russian army in advance, it would immediately become a live target for the Russian Aerospace Forces and artillery units. At the same time, the "Abrams" main battle tanks promised by the United States have not yet been delivered to Ukraine, and it is just enough to be deceived by the United States, Ukraine fought so badly, and the tail was still so high, it is still more difficult for the rigorous Germans to accept it calmly.

So on the issue of aiding the "Taurus" cruise missile, there was a serious split within Germany, and the pro-American finance minister Lindner and Foreign Minister Baerbock said that they could give it, but Scholz never nodded. The German chancellor believes that the cruise missile has a long range, it is difficult to ensure that after Ukraine gets it, it will not be used to attack Moscow, and if Zelensky really does this, Germany will inevitably be dragged into the water.


At present, there is still no agreement within Germany on whether to aid the Ukrainian "Taurus" cruise missile. Not only that, but Germany has also taken the lead within the EU in resisting financing for Ukraine. According to the Financial Times, the total amount of this money is as high as 86 billion euros, part of which is aid to Ukraine, Germany, the Netherlands and other countries believe that the situation is difficult now, the EU has not much food left, can not give Ukraine so much money.

The two countries made it clear that they should consider "saving money on Ukraine", and the money saved will be used to raise the salaries of European Commission staff to combat growing inflation in Europe, and that aid to Ukraine is important, but defending the interests of EU member states must come first. Now that the weather is getting cooler, European countries are about to face a new round of energy crisis, and in this case, the EU really has no spare power to continue to send money to Kiev.

Zelensky and Scholz

These words are true. I just don't know what Zelensky will think after listening to it, Poland, Hungary and other five countries before were still unwilling to lift the ban on the sale of Ukrainian grain when Ukraine was bombed indiscriminately, which is a heavy blow to Kiev, if the financial aid from Brussels is also broken, can Zelensky survive this winter?