QQ responded to being punished by the CAC: resolutely resist and crack down on bad information

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On September 13, in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Minors, the cyberspace administration imposed administrative penalties on the functional section of QQ Small World, ordering it to suspend information updates for 30 days, confiscate illegal gains and impose a fine of 1 million yuan.

In this regard, QQ responded to the punishment decision of the internet information department, expressed its resolute resistance to and crackdown on bad information, sincerely accepted and resolutely implemented, and has comprehensively carried out the rectification of functional sections such as QQ Small World in accordance with the requirements of the network information department, and increased efforts to promote community ecological governance through multiple means such as technological upgrades and platform reporting inspections, and severely cracked down on bad and harmful information that is verified to be true.

QQ said that it resolutely resists bad and harmful information, and has been continuously fighting it in multiple ways such as technology and manual inspection. The youth mode in the functional section of QQ Small World strengthens content security through exclusive content pools and information filtering mechanisms. From various dimensions such as mechanism and technology, we will comprehensively strengthen the content security guarantee of upgrading functional sections such as QQ Small World to create a clearer network environment. (Tom)