Baidu released the Wen Xin Yiyan plugin ecological platform "Spirit Matrix"

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On September 13, He Junjie, senior vice president of Baidu Group and general manager of Baidu Mobile Ecosystem Group (MEG), announced that Baidu launched the Wen Xin Yiyan plug-in ecological platform "Lingjing Matrix", which opened the invitation to the majority of developers and provided incentives such as tens of billions of flows and 100 million yuan funds.

He Junjie mentioned, "The next stop for big models is application. For Baidu's mobile ecosystem, we are at the top of Baidu's four-layer architecture. Baidu wants to be the first company to redo all products, not integration, not access, but redo and refactor. ”

According to He Junjie, the "Spirit Matrix" will provide developers with three core capabilities: production empowerment, distribution and commercial symbiosis. In terms of production empowerment, the Lingjing Matrix platform provides low-cost platform access capabilities and productivity tools for all developers; In terms of distribution, it provides channels for traffic distribution within and outside Baidu, so that good plug-in developers can stand out; In terms of business symbiosis, ToC and ToB business and operation capabilities will be packaged to coexist with developers.

It is reported that after the "Spirit Matrix" opened the internal beta invitation on September 1 this year, the first batch of nearly 100 partners was quickly full.

He Junjie said that in the future, plug-ins will be the standard configuration of large models, and it is also an opportunity for developers to share the dividends of large models with low thresholds. Baidu announced that it will open 10 billion traffic, 10 million computing power and 100 million yuan fund in the whole network scenario to support and encourage more partners to jointly build a plug-in ecosystem.

He Junjie also mentioned, "This time, Baidu Alliance will broaden the boundaries through reconstruction, form a larger alliance with AI plug-in developers and AI native application developers, and explore the 'new continent' of the big model era."

Baidu Alliance announced the launch of the AI Component Store, which is the landing of the plug-in ecosystem in Baidu Alliance, which will provide alliance partners with AI Native development support, supporting commercialization capabilities, and application training services. Through one-stop access to the AI component store, the alliance partners can achieve one-stop output from the model to the product development stage.

According to Baidu, content-based native application developers can use the AI component store to call the AI generative capabilities of Wensheng Pictures, Tusheng Videos, and Video Dramas to develop "AI novel short dramas" and open up the monetization of this new scene. Plug-in developers can develop the capabilities they are good at, and through the AI component store, Baidu Alliance will distribute it to other developers who need it, and plug-in developers will get benefits.

Baidu Alliance also launched the "AI-by-AI Plan" at the same time, providing three major benefits of AI training, AI capability output and special incentives, helping alliance partners quickly familiarize themselves with and start alliance ecological cooperation. (One orange)