Meituan flash sale: After the iPhone 15 went on sale, 2800 urban banners across the country

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News on September 13, after the release of iPhone 15, Meituan Flash Sales announced that it will continue to deepen cooperation with Apple authorized stores, launch more stores in more cities, add new product pre-sales, launch brand live broadcasts, and provide up to 12 installments interest-free.

"Faster than fast, in order to let fruit fans buy new Apple products in 30 minutes at the earliest, we have continued to deepen cooperation in the past four years from the dimensions of supply, fulfillment, and service," said the head of Meituan's flash sale digital home appliance category.

It is reported that Meituan flash sale is one of the earliest platforms to settle in when Apple authorized stores open the instant retail mode, and the cooperation between the two parties began when the iPhone 12 was launched in 2020. According to the person in charge of Meituan flash sale digital home appliance category, up to now, nearly 5,000 Apple authorized stores have settled in Meituan flash sale, covering 321 cities across the country. Compared with last year, the number of cities covered increased by 121, and the number of stores increased from more than 1,000 to nearly 5,000, covering a wide range of high-tier to lower-tier cities. Among them, the first and second lines account for 30%, the third line accounts for 20%, and the fourth line and below account for 50%.

"Even county or township users will be able to enjoy a shopping experience delivered in as fast as 30 minutes." Meituan flash sale digital home appliance category head said.

This year, Meituan Flash Sales supports pre-sales of new products for the first time. On the day of the sale, Meituan takeaway riders who cover 2,800 urban banners and counties across the country and are on duty every day can go to the store near the user's location to pick up their goods, and achieve the fastest half-hour delivery.

"The fulfillment of pre-sale orders will be better guaranteed, and the pre-sale mode will greatly improve the certainty of the arrival of the new iPhone in half an hour, meeting the needs of fruit powder early adopters." According to the person in charge of Meituan's flash sale digital home appliance category, at 20 pm on September 15 this year, thousands of stores across the country will officially open pre-sale; At 8 a.m. on September 22, the spot sale officially opened.

In addition to the new pre-sale of new products, Meituan Flash Sales said that it will also support Apple authorized stores to open brand live broadcasts during the pre-sale and release period of new products. After the release of new products, Apple authorized stores will open multiple live streams. In addition, this year's purchase of new products such as the iPhone 15 will continue to enjoy the interest-free rights of up to 12 installments provided by Meituan Monthly Payment.

"This year, we also launched an education discount service, which can be used when buying iPads, MacBooks and other products." The person in charge of Meituan's flash sale digital home appliance category said. (Tom)