iPhone 15 is officially released, and JD.com will start pre-sale on September 15

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In the early morning of September 13, Apple's autumn conference officially released the new iPhone 15 series. Jingdong said that in terms of supply source, there are Apple products Jingdong self-operated flagship stores online, and the offline instant retail business JD Daojia has launched more than 4,600 Apple authorized franchise stores, and the omni-channel spot is sufficient.

In terms of delivery services, JD.com can provide consumers with a variety of delivery service options, not only same-day delivery, next-day delivery and other 211 delivery services, but also the "hourly delivery" service provided by JD.com, which can be delivered to the door within 1 hour after placing an order for iPhone 15.

After Apple's press conference, JD.com announced that it will simultaneously open the instant retail debut pre-sale at 8 pm on September 15, uniting more than 4,600 Apple authorized franchise stores across the country to ensure the fastest delivery of iPhone 15 series new machines in the hour and minutes after the start of sales.

Jingdong introduced that Jingdong can also enjoy a trade-in subsidy of up to 680 yuan when ordering new iPhone products, and Apple Watch can enjoy a limited 12-session interest-free period when participating in sports challenges.

Jingdong said that 99 yuan to open Jingdong A+ members can lock in the iPhone 15 series priority purchase rights and other rights in advance, and the card will be returned to the book. (One orange)