U.S. stocks on Tuesday: the three major stock indexes fell across the board, Oracle fell more than 13%,

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News on September 13, US time on Tuesday, US stocks closed down across the board, with technology stocks leading the decline. On the same day, Apple released the iPhone 15 at the annual new product conference; investors also paid attention to the US CPI for August released tomorrow.

The Dow closed at 34,645.99, down 17.73 points, or 0.05%; The S&P 500 closed at 4461.90, down 0.57%; The Nasdaq closed at 13,773.61, down 1.04%.

Big tech stocks generally fell, with Netflix down more than 2 percent and Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Meta all down more than 1 percent.

Most of the chip leaders fell, with TSMC, Intel, Qualcomm and Micron all up less than 1%.

Most of the hot stocks of new energy vehicles rose, with Tesla down 2.23%, Rivian up 0.73%, and Faraday Future up 9.14%; NIO rose 2.32% and Xpeng rose 0.92%; Ideal rose 2.88%.

Among the leading Chinese e-commerce stocks, Alibaba fell 0.46%, JD.com fell 0.60%, and Pinduoduo rose 1.52%.

Among other popular Chinese concept stocks, Zhihu rose 1.98%, New Oriental rose 0.87%, BOSS Zhiping rose 0.68%, Ctrip rose 0.58%, Bilibili rose 0.43%, Manbang fell 1.15%, Autohome fell 0.80%, and Baidu fell 0.07%.

Specifically, the major technology stocks in the U.S. stock market performed as follows:

The major chip stocks in the U.S. stock market performed as follows:

The performance of popular Chinese concept stocks listed in the United States is as follows:

Louis Navellier, chairman and founder of Navellier & Associates, said: "The slowdown in the phone upgrade cycle is definitely a problem, and after the shift to 5G and high-pixel cameras, more and more consumers have no incentive to replace their phones."

Meanwhile, investors are awaiting the release of US consumer price index (CPI) data for August on Wednesday.

Tom Essaye, founder and president of market research firm Sevensreport Research, said in a note on Tuesday: "CPI remains the most important monthly economic indicator for the simple reason that if CPI does not continue to decline, the market will have to face a more hawkish Fed, which will be a headwind for the stock market." ”

"Tomorrow will be particularly sensitive to this report because there are signs that inflation may level off or rebound," he said.

(Liu Chun)