Taobao insider: Dai Shan asked executives to take the initiative to meet customers, and once proposed

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News on September 8, today, the first customer day activity since the establishment of Taotian Group, four customer representatives sat on the stage to give opinions, involving promotion tools, customer service services, short video upload, express information display, risk control, payment withdrawal, subdivision category list, intellectual property protection, etc., Taotian Group CEO Dai Shan led all executives to sit in the audience to receive opinions.

"Customers come into the park to give advice, which makes us face a lot and pushes us to change a lot [of problems]. We took them all. The reason does not need to be discussed, what we do not do well is not good. Dai Shan responded. For one of the logistics problems, she also gave a promise on the spot: to improve within one month.

At the scene, Dai Shan encouraged the business representatives to be more direct and sharp. In response to the questions raised by the merchants, she also directly named the executives, including Qigong, President of the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Center of Taotian Group, Owen, President of the Brand Business Development Center, and Sihan, President of the Platform Strategy and Operation Center, who answered the relevant questions respectively. Dai Shan told the merchant representatives, "Let the executives sitting in the front row add all your DingTalk, they are responsible for your Taobao life journey." ”

Dai Shan said, "In the more than 100 days since the establishment of Taotian Group, one of the most important things for me is to meet customers, and I have talked to more than 100 customers in total. It is reported that Dai Shan has traveled to Guangzhou, Shunde, Shantou, Jieyang and other core industrial belts, communicated face-to-face with brands, small and medium-sized sellers and MCN institutions, and also visited factories and wholesale stalls.

Within Taotian, Dai Shan has always emphasized that "as long as customers are there, Taobao will always have a chance". According to Taobao insiders, there was a strategy discussion in which executives were required to visit at least 10 customers to attend. (One orange)