Didi Qingtang data: Chengdu shares the first place in the country in terms of bicycle riding volume, school

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News on September 8, Didi Qingtang data shows that the daily cycling volume of bicycles has increased by nearly 20% compared with the same period last year, and the cities with the most cycling in the first week of September were Chengdu, Guangzhou and Beijing.

Among them, Chunxi Road, MixC and Global Center in Chengdu, Baiyun Park in Guangzhou, Guomao Business District and Sanlitun Business District in Beijing, and Datang Sleepless City in Xi'an have become the most popular cycling places.

Didi Qingtang data shows that the average distance and duration of users' riding have also increased significantly compared with last month, with an average single ride time of 14.8 minutes. With the arrival of the school season, the number of bicycles riding on campus has increased by more than 60% compared with the same period last year

The data shows that the riding volume of shared motorcycles in the northern region has increased significantly, among which, Datong City, Dongying City, Rizhao City, Binzhou City, etc., the order volume increased by 220%, 230%, 248% and 368% respectively. Nationwide, the top three cities for shared motorcycle rides are Nanning, Nanchang and Kunming. At present, users are more inclined to complete the whole journey by bicycle, and in some cities where shared motorcycles operate, the average daily cycling distance of users is close to 5 kilometers.

Didi Qingju said that it has also replaced the latest bicycles and motorcycles in many places recently. The new model is optimized for the saddle, handlebar, basket, helmet, shock absorption and other parts that users have more contact with during riding. At the same time, the body structure and materials have also been lightweighted. (Tom)