Douyin launches anchor management system Those with low health scores will be closed for rewarding

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News on September 7, Douyin Live issued an announcement that a new version of the health sub-management system was launched. From now on, the platform will give account health points according to the daily live broadcast behavior of the host, and adopt stepwise management of the anchor account according to the score value. For anchor accounts with low scores, Douyin will take measures such as reducing live broadcast recommendations, restricting the use of PK and tipping functions, suspending illegal live streaming proceeds and recovering live streaming permissions.

The relevant person in charge of Douyin Live said that in the past, platform governance was more based on single content to block broadcasts, warnings, bans and other punishments. With the launch of the health sub-system, the platform will carry out gradient management according to the long-term behavior of anchors.

Specifically, the initial health score of anchors included in the management scope is 100 points, and the initial score of some anchors certified by experts or professionals is 120 points. The amount of points deducted will be determined by the severity of the violation and the streamer's level. Based on the specific violation, the platform will deduct points ranging from 1 to 8 points each time. In addition, considering the impact of the violation on users, the platform will deduct an additional 1-5 health points for anchors with high fans or average viewership in the live broadcast room.

The rules show that if the host's health score is less than 40 points, he will not be able to enter the live broadcast room list and be prohibited from using the PK function. If it is less than 20 points, the gift function will be closed on the basis of the aforementioned management measures, and the anchor will not be able to receive tip income, and illegal income will also be prohibited from withdrawing.

According to the announcement, the health sub-management system began trial operation on September 7, 2023, covering all content anchors by the end of October, and is expected to officially take effect before the end of the year. In order to help anchors familiarize themselves with and understand the relevant rules, only points will be deducted during the trial operation of health points, and no specific penalties will be enforced. After the official effect, the score will not be switched, and the management will be performed according to the trial operation score.

Earlier, the Cyberspace Administration of China and other seven departments jointly issued the Guiding Opinions on Strengthening the Standardized Management of Online Live Broadcasting, proposing to further strengthen the positive guidance and standardized management of the online live streaming industry, focus on regulating online tipping behavior, promote the categorical and hierarchical management of host accounts, and promote the high-quality development of the online live streaming industry. In April last year, Douyin Live launched a health point management system, mainly for guild institutions, and the guilds with a "health point" ≤ 50 points were cleared and notified publicly.

The relevant person in charge of Douyin Live said that the healthy development of the industry requires the joint efforts of all parties, of which platform self-discipline is an indispensable part. Douyin Live has always adhered to high standards and strict requirements for governance, and resolutely cracked down on all kinds of violations of laws and regulations. At the same time, the platform has also been trying and exploring hierarchical management methods to avoid "one-size-fits-all" and "uncontrollable".

"We hope to create a good content, good ecology and good mechanism online live streaming platform through diversified management measures such as health classification, and also create a good atmosphere for the healthy and orderly development of the online live broadcast industry." The above-mentioned person in charge said.

In the past few years, Douyin Live has carried out multiple rectification projects to address problems such as bad PK, vulgar hype, and live streaming black industry, and cooperated with public security and government departments in many places to jointly manage and crack down on bad anchors, and helped solve more than ten related cases. (One orange)