Tesla Model 3 new version turn signal button was spit on: "One broken."

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On September 6, Tesla recently launched its popular Model 3 refreshed version, Tesla fans are amazed by the new appearance and longer range of this electric sedan. However, there are also many people who do not like Tesla's design to move the turn signals to the steering wheel buttons, saying that "this is a destructive behavior."

。 Tesla recently unveiled its long-awaited new Model 3 sedan, unveiling a series of upgrades that fans are excited about. In terms of design, the Model 3 new version is equipped with newly designed front and rear headlights, new multi-color ambient lights, and new interior materials. In terms of performance, the Model 3 long-range all-wheel drive refreshed version has the highest endurance of 713 kilometers (CLTC estimate); The newly tuned suspension system is combined with the new generation of body stability system.

At the same time, Tesla also redesigned the car's turn signal control function, removing the traditional turn signal lever and replacing it with two buttons on the left side of the steering wheel. That upset many Tesla fans, some even saying they wouldn't buy the new Model 3.

At the same time, to switch to driving, reversing or parking mode, Tesla owners need to use the car's center display. Previously, people could do this through the pocket design of the Model 3.

On Reddit and X, many Tesla fans complained that the flashing buttons are cumbersome to use, especially if you need to signal when turning. In a normal car, the turn signal lever remains in the same position regardless of where the wheels rotate and is easy to use. However, if you're driving the new Model 3 around a parking lot, the buttons may turn upside down.

One Reddit user wrote: "Where there are roundabouts, the situation will definitely be worse. Other than this, all the other design changes are nice. It seems to me that some old people either clumsily press the wrong button or simply do not bother to turn on the turn signal. ”

Others say they prefer to simply use the basic features. It is very difficult for them to change their muscle memory over the years. Many thought Tesla's decision was "stupid."

One X user said, "Wow, Tesla's upgrade is huge, but I hate the fact that they removed the turn signal lever." I prefer to use physical keys in critical day-to-day operations. ”

Some say they simply won't buy a Tesla equipped with this new turn signal button and gear shift. One Reddit user said, "For me, that's a bad thing. This improvement is so annoying that I wouldn't compromise on turn directions. ”

Tesla has not responded to a request for comment.

Back in the years ago, Tesla made the same upgrade to its more expensive Model S sedan and Model X SUV. But these models cater to wealthy EV enthusiasts, and they don't sell much. And the Model 3 has a lot of sales, and it should take into account the needs of everyone. As more mainstream electric vehicles enter the market, sedans without traditional turn signals may be difficult to sell.

This is good news for those who are worried about Tesla's future direction. After all, there are many Model 3s on the market equipped with regular turn signals. Once the new model is on the road, used cars become very cheap. (little)