U.S. stocks on Tuesday: The three major stock indexes fell slightly, with Tesla up more than 4%.

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News on September 6, US time on Tuesday, US stocks closed with major stock indexes falling across the board. Investors focused on weaker economic data in Europe, a drop in U.S. factory orders for the first time in months and reduced international oil supplies.

The Dow closed at 34,641.97, down 195.74 points, or 0.56%; The S&P 500 closed at 4496.83, down 0.42%; The Nasdaq closed at 14,020.95, down 0.08%.

Big tech stocks mostly rose, with Netflix up more than 2 percent and Microsoft and Meta up more than 1 percent.

Chip leaders mostly rose, with TSMC, Qualcomm and AMD up more than 1%.

New energy vehicle hot stocks were mixed, with Tesla up 4.69%, Rivian up 0.34%, and Faraday Future down 13.83%; NIO fell 1.73% and Xpeng rose 0.21%; Ideal fell 5.93%.

Among the leading Chinese e-commerce stocks, Alibaba fell 0.38%, JD.com rose 0.47%, and Pinduoduo fell 2.16%.

Among other popular Chinese concept stocks, Ctrip fell 5.25%, Manbang fell 4.60%, Baidu fell 2.64%, Bilibili fell 2.37%, New Oriental fell 2.11%, Zhihu fell 1.89%, BOSS Zhiping fell 0.32%, and Autohome rose 0.31%.

Specifically, the major technology stocks in the U.S. stock market performed as follows:

The major chip stocks in the U.S. stock market performed as follows:

The performance of popular Chinese concept stocks listed in the United States is as follows:

Last week, the S&P 500 posted its biggest weekly gain since June. The U.S. released August employment data, which analysts said could be seen as just right for U.S. job growth.

But news broke on Tuesday that Saudi Arabia would extend its plan to cut production by 1 million barrels per day for three months. The country's official news agency reported the reduction in supply. At the same time, Russia is also expanding its own crude supply cuts. After the news, the prices of West Texas Intermediate crude for October delivery and Brent crude for November delivery both rose

Kent Engelke, chief economic strategist at Capitol Securities Management, said: "The focus today is on oil and interest rates. Engelke said that after the news of the oil production cuts, investors were wondering how rising energy costs would affect prices and whether the Fed's efforts to curb rising prices would be in vain.

On Tuesday, US time, US Treasury yields rose, with the 10-year Treasury yield rising 8.3 basis points to 4.269%.

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