Foreign media: Musk is overexposed

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News on September 6, Tesla CEO Elon Elon Musk is used to grabbing public attention with a variety of topics, but retaining attention is increasingly costly. Is it possible that he is overexposed?

Some time ago, Musk claimed to be close to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook's parent company Meta, but there was no further progress. It is now claiming that it will sue the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

According to foreign media reports, Musk's actions are all to seek public attention, some of them for economic reasons. Musk is perhaps the most important influencer in the world, and his tweets affect the entire market. But Musk also faces the same problems as other influencers, and overexposure always makes people bored.

Musk's public image is an important marketing tool. As you can see from his guest host of the veteran talk show "Saturday Night Live," Tesla doesn't even need to advertise because Musk is so closely tied to the brand that the entire episode is a Tesla car commercial. In contrast, every other electric car manufacturer bought Saturday Night Live ad time. The public can fully imagine Musk as the ultimate state of Internet celebrities, and personal image and advertising have been completely integrated. In a way, Musk is the ultimate embodiment of influencers like Kim Kardashian.

In this way, Musk accused ADL of causing a sharp decline in social media Twitter advertising revenue, and threatened to sue ADL, also to attract public attention. In addition to this, this approach blames ADL for the difficulties faced by Twitter's advertising business, and can also get Musk out of trouble, which is exactly what he enjoys very much.

Musk's never advertising media strategy means that he himself has to do what everyone with little influence would do, constantly attracting attention. Of course, it's much easier to attract attention by sparking anger than to tell jokes with memes. But now, Musk's approach is beginning to attract more and more people's disgust. People used to ask Musk if he was really a genius, and now they sigh at the mention of Musk.

This is the consequence of overexposure. For someone as influential as Musk, attention is like a pair of golden handcuffs. If he hides completely from the public eye, Tesla will have to find another way to attract attention. Now Tesla has Cybertrucks to release. Musk's mental damage in every public conversation is likely to make this electric pickup a big sell. Moreover, if Musk does not use Twitter regularly, it will also cause a series of problems for the social media platform he owns.

To get noticed, Musk had to keep doing more extreme things, and that's how social media works. But the more he seeks attention with extreme behavior, the less trustworthy he seems. For a long time, Musk's reputation was an intangible asset that benefited his company. But if more people start to get bored with Musk, what will happen to Tesla is unknown. It was because of him that Tesla survived the 2008 financial crisis and continued to sell a lot of electric cars. In the future, will Musk be the reason why people no longer buy Tesla? (Chenchen)