The mouth is not optimistic, but the body is honest? iPhone 15 series on sale, the official website was once squeezed!

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On the evening of September 15, the iPhone 15 series went on sale.

Within 10 minutes of going on sale, Apple's official website crashed for a while. In the official flagship store of the Tmall Apple Store, within one minute of going on sale, the first batch of iPhone 15Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max were sold out.

The retail price of the iPhone 15 starts from 5999 yuan, and after Tmall 12 installments interest-free, it starts from 16 yuan per day. Some netizens left a message, "Fifteen moons sixteen round, 15 iPhone 16 yuan." "The new iPhone 15 series is extremely popular, and the customer service consultation in the official flagship store of Tmall Apple Store once queued 99+. Many netizens quipped, "Sure enough, I can avoid the first day of junior high school, but I can't hide from 15."

It was robbed in 1 minute of going on sale

Apple's official website collapsed

Today's iPhone 15 began pre-sale, and unsurprisingly, Apple's official website crashed for 6-7 minutes. According to Orange Persimmon Interactive, at 20 o'clock sharp, the reporter opened the Apple Store, and did not start pre-ordering, showing "right away", may be too many people rushing to buy, crowded? Collapsed?

Change the platform, open the official website of Apple Taobao, the result shows that the access page is wrong... However, after only 5 minutes, the Taobao iPhone 15 showed that it was sold out... also shows that all are out of stock.

At 20:08, I returned to the Apple Store again, I could place an order, but I kept getting stuck on the payment interface! After the order is placed, it is displayed that it will be shipped in 8 working days. Some netizens posted orders, and the earliest can be picked up in the store on September 22.

According to, "In half an hour, we have replenished 9 times, and we are still replenishing." At present, the iPhone 15 Pro Max sells the fastest, and the iPhone 15 Pro sales are also very high. The relevant person in charge of Tmall introduced that from the pre-sale point of view, the pink 256G iPhone15 is the most popular, and the white titanium 256G iPhone15 Pro is the most popular; The primary color titanium 512G iPhone15 Pro Max is the most popular.

Taobao hot search data shows that the popularity of new iPhone 15 series products on Taobao Tmall soared by 512% within a week, and the popularity continued to rise.

Fruit powder: Not when cold

It's still more difficult to grab

According to surging news, Apple pre-sale is divided into offline direct store pickup and official website mail, there are Apple direct store cities, the pick-up time is 22, 23, 24 three days, which is also the preferred way for fruit fans, after all, you can get the new machine in the first time.

Some fruit fans said that through the official APP at 20:06 successfully placed an order to book the iPhone 15 Pro Max 256G primary color titanium version on the 22nd, after placing the first order, I wanted to buy another 1TB version when I found it difficult to enter the booking interface, and it took about ten minutes to enter, but in the end, due to the problem of supply, I could only choose the only blue 1TB version, "It's not cold, it's still more difficult to grab, but it's not as difficult to grab as imagined, Some colors can still be delivered by appointment after half an hour. ”

In the early morning of September 13, Beijing time, Apple officially released the iPhone 15 series of new machines, the whole series uses the smart island design, USB-C interface, Phone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus starting price of 5999 yuan and 6999 yuan respectively, Pro series using 3 nm A17 Pro chip, and using titanium bezel, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro The Max starts at CNY 7999 and CNY 9999.

Apple's iPhone 15 series of new machines is considered to be insufficient innovation after its release, coupled with Huawei's Mate 60 series on sale during this time period, some industry insiders believe that the pre-sale of this iPhone 15 series new machine may be cold.

On social networking sites such as Weibo, many fruit fans who have snapped up success have posted their orders. Some users show that the iPhone 15 Pro Max will not be shipped until October 17-24, which also means that the delivery time of the Pro series in China has been delayed by 4-5 weeks, and the delivery of another iPhone 15 Pro will also be delayed by 2-3 weeks. Overall, the popularity of the iPhone 15 series is still good.

Huawei's new machine is also difficult to find

Who is "better able to fight"?

According to China Business News, in the early morning of September 13, Beijing time, Apple held an autumn new product conference, and the iPhone 15 series, which has long been full of various revelations, finally came, and the whole series of "landing" bid farewell to Liu Haiping, all switched to Type-C interface, and adopted the industry's first 3nm (nano) process A17 Pro chip... These updates and improvements have long been within the expectations of the market, and it is inevitable that users will give birth to "Huh? That's it! Sigh.

A little dramatically, at Apple's conference, "far ahead" brushed the screen in the barrage of major live broadcast platforms. Since August 29, Huawei has successively released 3 high-end mobile phones (Mate 60 Pro, Mate 60 and Mate X5) to the market, "far ahead" has become a hot network meme, mostly linked to Huawei.

Since the launch of Huawei Mate 60 Pro, Mate 60 and Mate X5, it has been difficult to find a machine in the market, and every pre-sale in Huawei Mall has quickly been sold out, and offline stores in some cities have also lined up. Tianfeng International analyst Guo Ming? According to the latest survey, Huawei Mate 60 Pro has strong demand since it went on sale on August 29, and shipments will increase to about 6 million units in the second half of this year.

Ivan lam, senior analyst at market research firm Counterpoint, said: "Apple's iPhone 15 series is currently stocked at about 80 million units, which may be slightly less than 80 million units, and Apple will adjust the production plan for 2024 Q1 according to sales in October or November." Huawei Mate 60 series market response in recent weeks, but the distribution of goods mainly considers first-tier cities, and actual sales have not yet had a significant impact on Huawei. We need to look at the weekly sales data for further evaluation, but preliminary expectations are that the performance will be better than the previous generation. ”

The latest report released by UBS Securities said that due to factors such as the release of Huawei's new mobile phones and the lack of competitiveness of the iPhone 15 itself, after comprehensive assessment, it was decided to reduce the shipment of the iPhone 15 series from 80 million ~ 90 million units to 78 million units.

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