Sudaweig lithography machine achieves a breakthrough? Industry response

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Cai Lian News Agency on September 14 (Reporter Wang Biwei) Lithography machine achieved a breakthrough? Today, Su Daweig (300331.SZ) replied to an interactive platform claiming to have "achieved lithography machine sales" to detonate the market, and the company's stock price soared to the limit in the afternoon. However, many industry respondents said that this lithography is not another lithography. For a long time, Sudaweig mainly produced laser direct writing lithography machines, not mask lithography machines for manufacturing chips.

Su Daweig said on the investor platform this afternoon: "The company's lithography machine has achieved sales to domestic leading chip companies, and has realized exports to Japan, South Korea, Israel and other countries; At the same time, the company provides positioning grating scale components to domestic related chip lithography machine manufacturers. After the news was issued, many investors called Sudaweig the "light of domestic production", and the market sentiment was fierce.

However, many industry insiders interviewed said that the lithography machine produced by Sudaweig is not the lithography machine for chip manufacturing as understood by the public.

Liu Yushi, research director of CINNO Research, told reporters, "Sudaweig's lithography machine refers to laser direct writing lithography machine, compared with traditional mask lithography, laser direct writing accuracy is poor but the cost is also lower, mostly used in packaging and other fields, with high flexibility." ”

Sudaweig's half-year financial report shows that the company's high-end intelligent equipment includes direct writing lithography, 3D lithography, projection/scanning lithography, nanoimprint lithography equipment, etc., and does not mention mask lithography products for chip production.

According to AVIC Securities Research Report, pan-semiconductor lithography technology can be divided into direct writing lithography and mask lithography. Among them, the accuracy of direct writing lithography is low, and it is mostly used in IC back-end packaging, low-generation line flat panel display, PCB and other fields; The current mainstream form of mask lithography is projection, with high lithography accuracy, which can be used for the front-end process of IC manufacturing, the back-end advanced packaging, and the FPD production of medium and high-generation lines. At present, mask lithography technology is mainly mastered by overseas manufacturers such as ASML, and direct lithography has many breakthroughs in China such as Xinyuan Micro Assembly (688630.SH).

The reporter noted that Su Daweig's 2023 semi-annual report mentioned that "the company's lithography equipment has been sold to a leading chip enterprise in China, and provides domestic manufacturers with positioning grating scale products for the core components of IC chip projection lithography machines", which is similar to today's reply on the investor platform. However, today's company's expression on the interactive platform, the term "lithography equipment" has become "lithography machine", triggering market reverie.

"Our industry generally calls direct writing lithography equipment as a lithography machine, and it is very unprofessional to call direct writing lithography equipment 'lithography machine', which cannot be ruled out as intentional." An industry insider told reporters.

Regarding whether Su Daweig's production is a direct writing lithography equipment, what is the purpose of calling the direct writing lithography equipment with a lithography machine, CaiLian News Agency reporters have tried to call the company many times today, but the company's investor hotline is always "turned off". At present, the reporter of CaiLian News Agency has sent an interview letter to the company's securities department, but has not received a reply as of press time.