"Two clicks" to develop an AI application! Baidu smashed a billion yuan fund to engage in a plug-in ecology

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Jin Lei from Wuhan
Qubit | Official account QbitAI

This year, if you want to develop an AI application, how to do it?

All it takes is a simple "click" action!

For example, if you want to develop an AI painting app, you only need to click on the ability to match it:

  • Stick figures: according to the hand-drawn sketches and language, generate pictures that meet the requirements;
  • The beauty of words: According to the text content provided, generate Van Gogh, realism, two-dimensional and other styles of pictures.

Then click Monetization Mode and Access SDK:

"Snap", the ability of AI to draw is embedded in your app, such as stick figure drawing:

In a word, the effect of generating Van Gogh-style paintings is this:

This is the latest AI component store released by Baidu Alliance, and it is not too simple to develop AI applications.

And if you are a plug-in developer, you can also develop the capabilities you are good at based on the Baidu Wenxin model.

Then through the AI component store, Baidu Alliance will distribute it to other developers who need it; In this process, plug-in developers will still get the kind of benefits.

But in fact, behind the AI component store, there is actually a larger layout of the Baidu Alliance -

Released Baidu Wenxin One Word Plugin Ecological Platform Spirit Matrix.

This platform greatly reduces the cost of large-model plug-in development, so that ordinary people with creativity and ideas can also become plug-in developers.

Xiao Yang, vice president of Baidu Group and head of search platform, said:

The deep combination of semantic retrieval technology and large language models indicates that the emergence of the search world is also coming on a large scale. The Spirit Matrix is also the result of this emergence.

In the process of communicating with qubits, Xiao Yang also believes:

In the future, it is no longer about technology, but more about creativity.

Equip Wen Xin's words with "hands and feet"

Even cutting-edge technology also needs to be drilled into the soil of application.

Therefore, what Baidu needs to do in the plug-in ecosystem is to reduce the cost of large-model application development, so that "everyone can AI" and build a large-model application ecology.

According to He Junjie, Senior Vice President of Baidu Group and General Manager of Baidu Mobile Ecosystem Group (MEG), the "Spirit Matrix" will provide developers with three core capabilities: production empowerment, distribution and business symbiosis.

  • In terms of production empowerment, the Lingjing Matrix platform provides low-cost platform access capabilities and productivity tools for all developers;
  • In terms of distribution, it provides channels for traffic distribution within and outside Baidu, so that good plug-in developers can stand out;
  • In terms of business symbiosis, ToC and ToB business and operation capabilities will be packaged to coexist with developers.

All in all, developers don't need to spend extra energy on traffic and monetization, and the only thing to do well under Baidu's plugin ecosystem is to focus on plugins.

And this mode, after the "Spirit Matrix" opened the closed beta invitation on September 1, it can be said that it has responded to the industry - the first batch of nearly 100 partners is quickly full.

Among them, the China Judicial Big Data Research Institute settled in the first time and helped Baidu upgrade its industry assistant "Legal Intelligent Assistant".

When users encounter small legal problems, such as the legal basis for tickets not allowing refunds, the large model can give the most correct legal and regulatory basis through the automatic scheduling of the legal intelligent assistant plug-in.

Ctrip also released a demonstrative plug-in and helped Baidu launch a "travel intelligent assistant", which can quickly and intelligently recommend three different customized itineraries to meet users' travel demands in different demand segmented scenarios.

As a result, Baidu has also become the first plug-in development platform in China to realize the automation of the whole process.

Ho Chunjie said:

In the future, plug-ins will be the standard configuration of large models, and it is also an opportunity for developers to share the dividends of large models with low thresholds. At this conference, Baidu announced that it will open tens of billions of traffic, tens of millions of computing power and 100 million yuan funds in the whole network scenario to support and encourage more partners to build a plug-in ecosystem.

Not only that, Baidu can also be said to have laid enough blood on the "Spirit Matrix" -

It was announced that 10 billion traffic, 10 million computing power, and 100 million yuan funds will be opened in the whole network scenario to support and encourage more partners to jointly build a plug-in ecosystem.

With computing power, traffic, funds, and platforms, are you ready for such a new world of AI plug-ins?