Grandma buys three no products The speed of granddaughter's return cannot keep up with the speed of grandma being deceived into buying

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Recently, the Internet celebrity anchor "Xiucai" was banned, he has tens of millions of fans, mainly middle-aged and elderly women. Prior to this, he had been reported by netizens for suspected fraud. After this ban, another female anchor with a similar number of fans as "Xiucai", but popular with middle-aged and elderly men, "Smile and Laugh" is also controversial.

Not long ago, the two set a record for a live broadcast room "Century PK" - 3 hours received more than 20 million people watching online. Some netizens said that "A Smile in the City" has a 60-level big brother fan, which means that at least 20 million yuan has been spent for this. At present, the account of "Laughing at the City" has been discontinued.

"A smile in the city" and "Xiucai" live PK

Thousands of miles to find love, heavy rewards... These incredible star-chasing actions are happening in the Internet world of middle-aged and elderly people, and how to let middle-aged and elderly people enjoy the rich and wonderful online world while safely "surfing" has become an urgent problem to be solved.

"Speed of returns

Can't keep up with the speed at which my grandma is being scammed into buying."

Recently, Huang Can felt a headache for his grandmother buying a large number of "three-nil products" in the live broadcast room.

"They made up those scripts, every day daddy and mother's, saying that the ship sank and a batch of gold was given to them at a low price, and my grandmother believed it very much."

Grandma Huang Can's purchase record

Huang Can told that her grandmother followed several anchors with the keyword "people's family" in their account names on the short video platform, and purchased a large number of goods under the promotion of these anchors, spending about 5,000 yuan before and after. After receiving it, she found that it was all some fake gold and three-nil health products.

Huang Can couldn't convince his grandmother, so he could only return the goods as soon as he received them, but if the time limit passed, he couldn't return them. "The speed of return can't keep up with the speed of my milk being cheated, it's really helpless." Le Can posted these incidents on social media and found that many people with elders had similar experiences in their families.

Click into the accounts of some of the anchors, these people's live broadcast rooms are not directly carrying goods, but sitcom stories, and the "fictional plot" logo is also displayed in the upper left corner of their page.

Live sitcom scripts are easily available on e-commerce platforms. Previously, some media exposed the phenomenon of some anchors staging bitter dramas in the live broadcast room, and the online shopping price ranged from a few yuan to tens of yuan. bought one of the sets for 4.9 yuan, which contains a lot of emotional script material. The merchant said that the number in it is 5-6,000, and it is recommended to use it after appropriate adaptation according to its own situation.

Live sitcom

Anchor PK, fans fooled?

If you buy "three no products", it is also possible to return it to reduce losses, but if you are induced to make live broadcast tips, it is difficult for the money of the elderly to be recovered.

In August this year, Yang Qing found that her father transferred 4,900 yuan to an anchor called "Dongfang Suona ~ God of War" without her knowledge.

"This anchor said in the live broadcast room to help him play PK, give cashback to fans, privately add WeChat, and send a private message to my father to ask for a bank card number." Yang Qing told that his father is over 60 years old this year, usually lives with one more person, and has paid attention to "Oriental Suona ~ God of War" for about 1 year, and has only given him tips.

The reason is that the anchor told the old man that the money from the tip will be divided and then cashed back afterwards. "When the money is transferred, the person is blacked out and can no longer be contacted." In Yang Qing's view, this is obvious deception. She found the platform, and the other party admitted that the anchor had induced behavior, but the fee that Ms. Yang's father had given the tip could not be refunded.

After the incident, Yang Qing also called the police, but the police said that this was not a criminal case and could not be enforced. "The platform let me find Internet celebrities by myself, we can't get in touch, how to find it?" She said.

The chat history of "Oriental Suona ~ God of War"

Yang Qing's father's experience is not unique. In May this year, Xin, a 62-year-old woman in Beijing, reported in her real name that "Xiucai" used dividends as bait to defraud her of 510,000 yuan by giving online and offline dividends. Later, the local police said that they had met with the informant to understand the situation, investigated according to the clues provided, and found no illegal or criminal acts, and the two parties reached a settlement on their own.

Experts call for platforms to provide age-appropriate network services

According to data, nearly 40% of users over 41 years old on short video platforms, nearly 20% of users over 51 years old, and monthly online spending power exceeds 2,000 yuan. The middle-aged and elderly population has become Internet users with considerable strength. There are many kinds of deception laws, and it is difficult to defend rights... How do older people live in the internet world?

Xia Hailong, a lawyer at Shanghai Shenlun Law Firm, told that on the one hand, the platform has the responsibility to supervise the platform anchors, such as standardizing the behavior of the anchors and reviewing the qualifications of the anchors, on the other hand, the platform should also provide age-appropriate network services for elderly users, such as highlighting the content involving property and personal safety, and if the platform fails to fulfill the relevant management obligations, it should bear certain responsibilities for user losses.

Liu Xiaochun, executive director of the Internet Rule of Law Research Center at the University of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believes that in the Internet world, the elderly are a more vulnerable group. "Their access to information and judgment are relatively inexperienced in the Internet age, and they are easily induced by criminals to cause property losses."

Liu Xiaochun suggested that the platform should establish corresponding algorithm models for the characteristics of middle-aged and elderly users, and provide system prompts and content throttling when inappropriate content appears. "For example, refer to the idea of online protection of minors and apply it to the protection of the elderly." She said.

(Huang Can and Yang Qing are pseudonyms in the text)