Emergency floating capability will be equipped as standard Looking up to the U8, it is expected to be launched on September 20

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NetEase Auto reported on September 17 that it was learned from relevant channels a few days ago that the U8 (parameterpicture) is expected to be officially launched on September 20, of course, we also learned that in order to further protect the safety of users, Yangwang has created a vehicle emergency floating ability, thanks to the blessing of this technology, users can maximize emergency self-rescue even if they mistakenly enter deep water while driving. It is reported that the emergency floating capability will be implemented as standard on the Yangwang U8 model.

Emergency floating capability is standard on all models

The research and development of the U8 emergency floating water technology is to enable the vehicle's floating ability to be triggered like an airbag in scenarios such as heavy rain and waterlogging and wild wading in distress, so as to maximize passive safety for users in emergency situations. After the user opens the wading mode and starts wading through the Galaxy curved screen, the vehicle will monitor the wading depth, body attitude, wheel slip status, etc. through a variety of sensors, and automatically trigger the emergency floating water if it meets the floating water conditions, so as to realize the forward, steering and other control of the vehicle after entering the floating state in the water.

When the emergency floating capacity is triggered, the engine of the U8 luxury version will automatically shut down in advance, the suspension will rise to the highest state, the windows will automatically rise, the air conditioning vents will be turned from closed to internal circulation, and the cooling fan will also turn on adaptive control, etc., to provide better sealing and waterproof effect for emergency floating water. At the same time, the vehicle's sunroof also opens automatically, providing users with additional escape routes in extreme cases. Not only that, the Galaxy curved screen in the car will automatically display the water depth and vehicle attitude, helping users grasp the vehicle status in real time. In the emergency floating state, looking up at the U8 can achieve no flowing water in the car within 30 minutes, and it will not sink, and can advance at a speed of up to 3km/h, so that the vehicle can remain stable during movement and reduce the panic after the user accidentally floats.

The U8 is equipped with 38 high-precision sensors, including wading depth sensors and wheel rotation sensors, and comprehensively determines the floating state of the vehicle based on various state parameters of the body. On this basis, thanks to the four-wheel differential control and strong power of Yifang technology, the U8 can realize "both floating and moving" after automatically triggering the emergency floating water capability.

The appearance is square and tough, full of off-road atmosphere

In terms of appearance, the overall style of the U8 is still very tough, and with its large body size, the whole car looks very imposing. In terms of the front face, the car is named "Time Gate Family Front Face", the dot matrix on the grille seems to be arranged around the LOGO like an interstellar asteroid, and the headlights on both sides take "interstellar" as the design theme, using dense diamond light particles as the light-emitting unit, which is very compatible with the front face design of its "Time Gate", highlighting the sense of technology and the future, especially when driving in the dark with a high degree of recognition.

Coming to the side of the body, the overall style still continues the square and tough characteristics of the whole car, especially in the D-pillar part is very angular. The most noteworthy is the wheel arch area of the car, under the square and wide shape, it is actually equipped with lidar, camera, side marker lights and other configurations, so that users can perceive the surrounding situation in all directions.

Looking up at the tail of the U8 is still very hard, the most conspicuous is its octagonal full-size spare tire cover, the hard line and the surrounding vein, and the taillight also echoes the square design style of the headlights, the same adopts the "interstellar" design style, the interior is covered with dense LED small light sources, and at the same time a number of LED strips are embedded in the D-pillar, which can present personalized dynamics when charging, discharging and unlocking.

In terms of size, the length, width and height of the Looking Up U8 are 5319\2050\1930mm, and the wheelbase is 3050mm (the length, width and height of the off-road player version are 5259\2095\2034mm), which is basically at the average level of the same class.

Outstanding quality restores the true color

Looking up at U8's iconic dragonstone green lacquer surface, inspired by nature's rare ore - dragonstone jadeite, the engineering team improved the flatness of the substrate and reduced the waviness to make the surface quality of the A-surface substrate meet the requirements of the super outer panel, so that the ambient light reflection of the outer panel is optimally presented. In order to achieve the effect of shimmering and shining from all angles, the engineering team of looking up broke through technical problems and adopted a multi-coating process and 2K nano ceramic varnish, which not only makes each surface can show a lustrous texture under the change of light and shadow, but also improves the anti-scratching ability of the surface of the U8 car paint, effectively reducing the probability of paint damage under bad road conditions. Looking up at the coating thickness of U8 reaches 180 microns, which comprehensively improves the fullness and three-dimensional sense of the paint film, while ensuring that the layering and span sense of the paint surface are released to the maximum, bringing people a more lustrous and three-dimensional visual experience.

In order to achieve the effect of moving and static, Yangwang uses the technology of combining strong contrast aluminum powder and ore titanium dioxide, and allows the color of the bottom color paste to naturally reveal on the basis of ensuring coverage and flashing. Thanks to this technology, the U8 dragonstone green lacquer shimmers in the delicate texture, and the slightly oxidized turquoise green contains crystal clear blue pearlescence, showing an elegant and transparent luster. Looking up at the U8's paint finish also has a self-healing function with slight scratches, and if the scratches are not too deep, the paint will be slowly repaired after a period of exposure to the sun. Not only that, looking up at the U8 paint surface can also effectively filter ultraviolet rays, slow down the aging of the paint, thereby reducing the speed of paint fading, and ensuring that the vehicle remains fresh after years of use or baptism of sunlight and rain.

Tilted curved screen

Looking up to the U8 in the production version, it basically restores the designer's intention. The design concept of its luxurious interior, "Above the Extreme", defines a new standard of luxury for million-class off-road vehicles through the delicate presentation of energy art in the cabin.

The design of the ring cockpit that looks up at the U8 is inspired by the star rings in the universe, cleverly using multiple curves to create a strong sense of embrace, and incorporating intelligent technology. In the center of the front cockpit is a 12.8-inch Galaxy curved screen, which combines the ultimate luxury design with top manufacturing technology; it adopts R800 curvature automotive-grade OLED flexible curved screen, with excellent contrast and bright colors; and the large and moist curvature with the best tilt angle of 37° makes every operation handy.

Borderless five-screen linkage

Looking up at the U8 co-pilot's 23.6-inch through-through long screen and the equivalent 70-inch AR-HUD screen, it runs through behind the central 12.8-inch Galaxy curved screen, creating a borderless sense of immersion. Coupled with the two 12.8-inch floating screens equipped in the rear, it can realize the borderless linkage of five screens and share the happiness of different seats in real time.

独特蓝绿渐变突破技术难题 仰望U8漆面色彩解读

At the same time, the U8 is equipped with the Lookup Link intelligent human-computer interaction, which supports rich voice functions and a variety of gesture control such as full-scene continuous dialogue, full-time wake-up free of the whole vehicle, independent interaction of four-tone zone, and cross-tone zone command inheritance.

Smart and comfortable seat

The seats looking up at the U8 also use upgrades and features for ultimate comfort. The new car will be equipped with intelligent follow-up seats as standard, covered with top-quality Nappa leather, with delicate texture and warm touch, and the seat wings can be adjusted based on real-time road conditions to provide strong support for the lower back and back, and can also sit firmly in off-road conditions.

独特蓝绿渐变突破技术难题 仰望U8漆面色彩解读

At the same time, the front and rear seats support heating, ventilation, memory, massage and other functions. In addition, the new car is equipped with 127-color interior mood lights, an on-board refrigerator and an active fragrance system.

Hi-End class sound system

The U8 will be equipped with a Hi-End audio system from the Evidence Series; Precisely arranged by 22 speakers, the flagship Hi-End loudspeaker combines a number of innovative technologies to deliver 3D immersive sound and a top-of-the-line listening feast at every seat.

Starry sky rhythm skylight

The Looking Up U8 is also equipped with an oversized skylight, using three-layer laminated glass, and embedded with a suspended starry sky texture, creating a starry sky-like tranquility under the background of ambient lights; At the same time, the skylight pattern can be customized to create your own starry sky.

2.0T with four motors, the power performance is good

In terms of power, the U8 benefits from the four-motor design, and is equipped with a 2.0T engine, with a maximum output of more than 1100 horsepower, wheel end torque of up to 17000+N.m, and a maximum power of 880kW, while the maximum torque of the vehicle is 1280N.m, and the acceleration to zero hundred kilometers is 3.6 seconds.

In terms of battery life, the U8 is still equipped with its own blade battery, and the lithium iron phosphate battery has accumulated a relatively good reputation in the early stage. The maximum capacity of the battery is 49.05kW.h, in the 30%-80% power range, the fastest charging time of DC fast charging used in this car is only 18 minutes, and the cruising range can reach 1000km, if it is in pure electric mode, it can travel 180km, and look up to U8 also supports No. 92 gasoline, which saves the cost of the car to a certain extent.

Yi Sifang and Yunzhen-P blessing Guarding in place in multiple scenarios

As a million-level off-road SUV, looking up to the U8 is certainly good in off-road. The main highlights are the two technologies that make Yangwang very proud, the Yi Sifang technology platform and the Yunzhen-P intelligent hydraulic body control system.

The technology platform truly realizes the independent drive of four motors, the deep integration perception of the whole vehicle, the vector control of body stability, real-time monitoring of body attitude, combined with the central computing platform, distributed controller and cloud data closed loop, can accurately control the speed and torque of the four wheels, and improve the safety limit of the vehicle. And according to the official test of Yangwang, through the blessing of the Yi Sifang technology platform, the model can cope with the three extreme scenes of snowfield, sand sea and deep water, and in the city, it can turn around in place to improve the user's control over the body and achieve a quick U-turn. In the event of a high-speed puncture, Yi Sifang can also quickly and independently adjust the single-wheel torque, so that the body attitude can be quickly intervened to prevent loss of control.

Another Yunjian-P intelligent hydraulic body control system is composed of nine modules, including suspension motor pump module, four-wheel linkage module, attitude control module, and Yunzhen intelligent computing center, damping and stiffness can be adjusted adaptively, the top sight system can achieve a perception distance of 150m, and the height of the four wheels can be adjusted independently, which can easily cope with ice and snow and Gobi roads. The configuration is a double wishbone independent suspension, front and rear brakes are perforated ventilated discs, and 22-inch forged wheels and a full-size piggyback spare wheel are standard.

At the same time, the model is also equipped with 15+1 driving modes, camping mode, wading sensing system, steep slope descent system and vehicle external discharge system, and can also be optionally equipped with mechanical tow hook and trailer power structure, which is quite practical for emergency situations in the field.


Looking up to U8 as BYD's first product with a price of more than one million, many people were surprised by its price at first. But if combined with the technology and configuration of the U8, this model is undoubtedly the culmination of BYD's many years of car manufacturing.