"Elderly anchor group" became popular, "Vitality 28" sales soared, and the inventory was all sold out

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Overnight, the live broadcast room of the laundry detergent brand "Vitality 28" became popular.

From September 13, the "elderly anchor group" composed of three "old men" began to live broadcast goods. There is no professional live broadcast room and magnesium light, and the background of the live broadcast room is a real-time scene of workers packing or loading goods. As of 11:30 p.m. on September 16, the number of followers on the account had reached nearly 3.9 million.

"Vitality 28" flagship store on the live streaming platform

For the "elderly anchor group", some netizens speculated that the chairman of the dynamic 28 personally brought the goods. The reporter of "Daily Economic News" learned that the main operator of the live broadcast room is not Hubei Vitality Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Vitality 28 Group), but a foundry with it. Among the three live broadcast "old men", there is not the chairman of the company, but the personnel of the foundry and the personnel stationed by the vitality 28 group.

What is the current situation of Vitality 28 Group? This veteran daily chemical company with a history of more than 70 years was once a leader in the industry. However, from the public information, Vitality 28 Group has become a dishonest executor, and the company's chairman Li Jianfei has also been included in the restricted consumption personnel.

But that doesn't mean the Dynamism 28 is going to die. The operating company of the "Vitality 28" live broadcast room told reporters that after the "elderly anchor group" caught fire, the headquarters provided some marketing plans to the company.

In June this year, Li Jianfei responded to the "Daily Economic News" reporter that "Vitality 28" will soon be "restarted". The popularity of the "elderly anchor group" can help this old domestic brand that has experienced more than 70 years of ups and downs return to the peak?

Temporarily dispatched to do live broadcasting

The style of the "Vitality 28" live broadcast room is different from the general live broadcast room.

The three "old men" started the live broadcast without being familiar with the live broadcast process, and behind them was the production workshop, and the live broadcast was mixed with the noise of fans and machines, and the picture was often stuck. In response to the netizens' shouts of "change young people to be anchors, find a professional team to do operations", some "old men" replied: "Young people are not entering the factory, I am the youngest in the factory." ”

This account actually has little to do with Vitality 28 Group, and the owner of the live broadcast account of "Vitality 28 Laundry Cleaning Flagship Store" is Chengdu Yizhong Laundry Products Co., Ltd. At noon on September 16, Ms. Li, a staff member of the company, told the "Daily Economic News" reporter that the company is an OEM and sales enterprise of Vitality 28 Group, and Vitality 28 Group is also aware of the recent popularity of the live broadcast room. "Our back-office information had to be transmitted to the headquarters in a timely manner every day, and after we caught fire, the headquarters also gave us some marketing plans."

Vitality 28 was founded in 1950, as a domestic brand born in Shashi City, Hubei Province, he is the first enterprise to advertise laundry detergent on CCTV, a sentence of "Vitality 28, Shashi daily chemical" advertising, once made this brand popular all over the country.

"Vitality 28" has been popular all over the country

In 2017, Li Jianfei established Jingzhou Vitality 28 Jia Chemical Co., Ltd., which was later renamed Hubei Vitality Group Co., Ltd. The business was restarted in 2019, with a revenue of 100 million yuan in the year, 560 million yuan in 2020 and 2 billion yuan in 2021.

The popularity of the "Vitality 28" live broadcast room is it an accident or a plan? According to Ms. Li, it has been more than a month since the live broadcast room was opened, and no anchors were arranged before, but live broadcast production workshops and packaging machines to share the status of the workshop. But one day recently, hundreds of people suddenly came to the live broadcast room, netizens asked to introduce the production line, and three "old men" were temporarily transferred over to introduce the live broadcast.

For the sudden attention of the company's live broadcast room, Ms. Li believes that it may be related to the recent Hua Xizi incident. She analyzed that after this incident, Bee Flower took the lead in "out of the circle", and some netizens left messages in the Bee Flower live broadcast room to let everyone pay attention to vitality 28, so more than 700 people came to the live broadcast room.

On September 13, the "elderly anchor group" began to broadcast live. Among the three, two are middle and senior managers in the foundry and one is a resident of the headquarters of Vitality 28 Group.

In recent days, the three anchors have been broadcasting live for more than ten hours a day, and they will appear in their free time during production. A photo of the "old man" anchor at work provided by Ms. Li shows that his live-streaming tools are only a mobile phone and a stand. "Before there were only mobile phones, this shelf arrived yesterday (15th)."

The company's inventory has been sold out

The influx of hundreds of people into the live broadcast room was just the beginning, and the three helpless "old man" anchors unexpectedly attracted a large number of fans. On September 16, the reporter saw in the live broadcast room that the number of fans watching online fluctuated between 30,000 and 60,000.

After three or four days of live broadcasting, the three old anchors went from being a little shy at the beginning to becoming more familiar with the communication with netizens, "still the babies have wisdom", "Thank you for the care of the energetic baby", "We are the energetic old baby"...

In the live broadcast on September 16, the reporter only saw two of the "old man" anchors. As for the whereabouts of another anchor, Ms. Li said that because of the surge in sales in recent days, the company's inventory has been sold out, and raw materials are currently being purchased for emergency production. One of the "old man" anchors helped with the purchase.

She said that the company's raw materials are insufficient, including washing powder, laundry buckets, packing boxes, etc., and it takes time to re-order and produce.

As of about 11:30 p.m. on September 16, the "Vitality 28 Laundry Cleaning Flagship Store" account has exceeded 3.88 million followers, and the sales volume has reached 1.254 million.

Among many old domestic brands, why can the "Vitality 28" live broadcast room be successfully out of the circle? On September 16, Xu Xiongjun, a strategic positioning expert and founder of Jiude Positioning Consulting Company, was interviewed by the "Daily Economic News" reporter on WeChat, first of all, as an old domestic brand with a long history, Vitality 28 itself has a certain popularity, carrying many memories of the post-70s and post-80s; In addition, more and more consumers currently value cost performance, and one of the most important factors of vitality 28 (popularity) is to win with cost performance; The third is difference, most of the current anchors are young people, and the live broadcast of the three "old men" itself is differentiated marketing.

The reporter noticed that many old domestic products have been working very hard to do marketing recently, in the comment area of the "Vitality 28" live broadcast room, there are old home appliance companies also come to "pick up" fans, and a company that produces hemorrhoid cream calls for other brands to connect with themselves on the official WeChat public account.

"The babies come too suddenly, the feeling of falling from the sky." In the live broadcast room, the "old man" anchors replied, "We are all working overtime, you can buy it"; "There is no rest in the factory, and the whole factory works overtime"; "This time we mobilized people from the whole plant" ...

If sales go up, will prices also rise? On September 16, in the "Vitality 28" live broadcast room, the anchor replied: "Give back to consumers, the price cannot rise." ”

"Little Old Man" is on the live broadcast

The dilemma of the Vitality 28 Group

On the one hand, there is the "prosperity" in the live broadcast room, on the other hand, the vitality 28 Group, which has a history of more than 70 years, is in trouble.

On the judgment document website, an enforcement ruling issued on August 30, 2023 shows that in connection with the intermediary contract dispute between Shanghai Gaofan Human Resources Co., Ltd. and Hubei Vitality Group Co., Ltd., the court ruled that Vitality 28 Group must pay a service fee of 100,000 yuan. However, this 100,000 yuan, Vitality 28 Group did not pay as scheduled, and after the court exhausted property investigation measures, Vitality 28 Group had no property to enforce for the time being.

On the China Executive Information Open Network, there are dozens of information about the Vitality 28 Group. Among them, in a message that the case was filed on August 25, Vitality 28 Group was listed as a dishonest enforcer, with an enforcement target amount of about 870,000 yuan, and the release time was September 12, 2023; And Chairman Li Jianfei is also listed as a restricted consumer person.

The crisis of the Vitality 28 Group has already been triggered. In the first half of this year, this old daily chemical company once again fell into the vortex of arrears of wages and arrears of payment. However, in June this year, Li Jianfei responded to the "Daily Economic News" reporter that "Vitality 28" will soon be "restarted".

After the popularity of this live broadcast, can Vitality 28 Group take this opportunity to return to the peak? On September 16, reporters tried to contact Li Jianfei by phone and WeChat, but did not receive a reply. Li Jianfei's WeChat circle background is still the symbol of Vitality Group, and the latest Moments that reporters can see was posted on June 28.

The WeChat public account of Vitality 28 Group has not been updated since May 26 this year. The reporter called the 24-hour service hotline of Vitality 28 Group and prompted that "there is no such business number".

In the conversation on September 16, Ms. Lai did not hide the difficulties of the Vitality 28 Group. "Vitality 28 is an old brand, but it is not developing very well." Ms. Lai said that when she encountered such an opportunity, everyone regrouped and hoped to do it.

After the "elderly anchor group" comes out of the circle, how can Vitality 28 Group retain consumers for a long time? Xu Xiongjun analyzed that on the one hand, product quality is always king; In addition, as an old domestic brand, it needs to continue to protect the feelings of consumers, and cannot be separated from this plot of old domestic products; Third, there are many domestic brands at present, and enterprises need to find the differentiation from other brands; Finally, enterprises should be good at using modern marketing methods to make more people pay attention to themselves.

"We still have to focus on production and quality." Ms Lai also said that it is only through real materials that keep repeat customers. The company's production capacity is actually no problem, the main thing is that it suddenly exploded, and now it is necessary to step up production.