59-year-old mother gives birth to twins: the family is not popular and two people come to play

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(Original title: Dialogue with a mother who gave birth to twin daughters at the age of 59: the family is not popular, so two people come to play)

Wang Lin, two months before her 60th birthday, gave birth to twin daughters, becoming the oldest mother in Yichang, Hubei Province.

Recently, Jiupai News contacted Wang Lin, and unlike some elderly mothers whose only son and daughter died, Wang Lin did not suffer any major life changes. She and her husband are retired at home, with food and clothing; The son has started a family in Beijing and has a daughter.

Wang Lin believes that animals know that reproduction is instinctive, compared with life, everything is insignificant, "the most difficult has passed, the rest is the joy of nature, let it be."


At the age of 59, the mother gave birth to twin daughters

Dialogue with Wang Lin:

[1] Sometimes it's what is missing to make up for something

Jiupai News: Why did you have twins? Wang Lin: There is nothing special about it, that is, our family has a small population. My son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter are all in Beijing, and they come back once or twice a year, and I have few brothers and sisters, so my wife and I are two people at home. Sometimes it's just missing something to make up, and you feel that the family is not popular, so get two people to play.

The daughter-in-law is not in good health. She was pregnant with twins last year, one in the womb and one outside the womb, so she didn't want it, so our family has a granddaughter.

Jiupai News: Are sons and daughters-in-law okay?

Wang Lin: Anyway, I didn't say yes, I didn't say I supported, I didn't say I was against. Everyone worries about their own affairs, and I didn't let them raise them either, nor did I let them manage it, and they didn't bother to ask.

Besides, my daughter-in-law and her brother, said that drinking too much cola has an impact, did a test tube a few years ago, gave birth to a daughter, and last year made a pair of twins and became a son. Her brother made two IVFs, and she said what am I doing.

Jiupai News: Does the husband have an opinion?

Wang Lin: It's okay, he's idle anyway, because we don't like to have pets or travel, and he loves to see two cuties. A person has a hobby, some people he doesn't want to bring anything, doesn't want to care, he wants to play, play mahjong or something, right, I don't get in the way of those things.

Jiupai News: Some netizens said that the twins may have to worry about your son after that, what do you think?

Wang Lin: I think compared with life, everything is trivial, especially now many young people say that if they can't give their children a good life, it's better to simply not have children, and they also say that this is also a kind of kindness. I think this is also a selfish aspect of the only child, not only should he live a good life, his children should also enjoy it, animals know that reproduction is instinctive.


The 59-year-old mother responds to questions

[2] I want twins, and the twins are a little spicy

Jiupai News: When did you come up with this idea?

Wang Lin: When I was about 50 years old, I went to the hospital to consult about this, and the doctor said that I was so old, it was not easy to succeed, maybe there were not so many choices in technology at that time.

Recently, I saw that a woman in her 50s and 60s had given birth, so I went to the hospital in Beijing for consultation, and the hospital said that the oldest had been 56 years old anyway. I was 58 years old at the time, but the hospital said that my physical condition was a little better than theirs, and they were confident in me and said that they could try.

Jiupai News: Did you encounter any difficulties?

Wang Lin: Quite smooth. First of all, I did a preliminary examination, looked at the condition of the uterus, the doctor said that the atrophy was very bad, prescribed me medicine to regulate, almost a month to meet the requirements of pregnancy, can be done. Because it was so fast, I was a little scared.

Anyway, I made it quite simple, the first night I went (to the hospital), he reviewed your situation, the next day he gave you a transplant, I came back in the evening, did not rest, did not take it seriously, did not hurt at all, just like taking a vaginal discharge, it feels fine.

Jiupai News: How much did it cost?

Wang Lin: Almost a hundred thousand. Everyone is different, according to your own foundation and choices.

Jiupai News: Do you want twins yourself?

Wang Lin: Yes, some put two (embryos) into one, and mine has become both. The doctor said that you are so old, minus one, I said I don't lose, I want twins, twins with a little more spicy.

[3] "When the labor force is not cultivated by the little emperor"

Jiupai News: How are you going to educate them?

Wang Lin: Never spoil and spoil, cultivate self-reliance and self-improvement early, and when they are ten or eight years old, the housework will basically be handed over to them. To sum up, it is mainly as a labor force rather than a little emperor to cultivate, to prevent the end of the high or low, just be down-to-earth.

Jiupai News: What are your expectations for your child's future?

Wang Lin: I didn't think so much, it's better to have creation, and it's okay to be an ordinary person without creation, I think as long as you can be an adult and have a correct world view, it's not much worse. Even a supermarket waiter, with a salary of several thousand yuan a month, can support himself, and plain is true.

Those anxieties are self-inflicted, and you always want to get ahead and make a fortune, and you form anxiety. There are also people who have to take the first place in the child's test, and they can't get the first place themselves, but don't they think it's too much to ask the child so much?

Jiupai News: What does the child bring to you?

Wang Lin: Power. I used to be like an intellectually disabled person, either looking at stocks and losing money, or lying motionless in bed, not doing anything meaningful, and feeling that I could die at any time, why? It seems that no one needs me. After having these two children, I at least have the motivation to dress them, get some food, and get some business. How cute the two children are, I feel good when I look at them, and I think I will live at least five more years.


Wang Lin said that when she was about 50 years old, she went to the hospital to consult the data map

[4] "The hardest thing has passed, and the rest is the joy of nature"

Jiupai News: Will you be anxious because of the age difference?

Wang Lin: No. Some netizens also said, "Then you will have a parent-teacher meeting in the future, how inferior the child is." "Oh, there is such a parent-teacher conference once a year, I don't want children for this parent-teacher conference, is it sick."

I am 60 years old now, and it should not be a big problem to live for another 20 years, when they are also 20 years old, they have the ability to take care of themselves, and it doesn't matter if they have me or not. I think the hardest thing has passed, and all that's left is to have fun and go with the flow.

Jiupai News: Is there economic pressure?

Wang Lin: Some children bring their own rations, and their fate has been arranged long ago. I can only say that I have prepared food and grass for twenty years, and after twenty I will be self-sufficient.

Jiupai News: Why are you so good?

Wang Lin: Don't think too complicated about many things, if you think too complicated, you can't do anything. Life is an experience, not to interpret perfection, but to experience, life has to be experienced.

Think of everything perfectly, there is no such good thing. Those who can figure it out can figure it out, and those who can't figure it out can't figure it out anything, just like a person with a broken leg, then some people say, oh, my leg is broken, it's uncomfortable; Some people will say, fortunately, I have a broken leg, and I am still alive.

(Wang Lin is a pseudonym)