Dr. of the Chinese Academy of Sciences rescued: Domestic reports make the scam park worry and can only release me

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Disguise yourself as a woman, start with emotions, and invest later... This is Mr. Zhang's "work" content after waking up from the eight-person dormitory every day, and what led him into the abyss of fraud was a customer service recruitment disguised as a high salary of 15,000.

Because of his identity as a "doctor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences", Mr. Zhang, who was deceived into Myanmar for a year, recently returned to China, and the news that he returned to China has attracted more attention. On September 15, after returning to China, Mr. Zhang told Red Star News about his journey after being deceived into coming to Myanmar, exposing the job trap from "recruitment to entry" and the fraud method of "pig killing plate" in the Myanmar park.

Looking back at the deception, Mr. Zhang said that the fraud company used a method of trying to get away with the situation in recruitment, disguised as a regular recruitment from beginning to end, not only did not urge him to go through the formalities, but even deliberately delayed time, showing that he was not in a hurry to recruit him at all. "This trick is also often used in the process of defrauding customers, they rarely directly ask customers to invest, but lure customers to take the bait by issuing investment profit charts and other methods."

▲Infographic. Recently, 1,207 criminal suspects involved in fraud in northern Myanmar were handed over to the Chinese side. According to CCTV News

Mr. Zhang also said that people in the fraud park pay more attention to anti-fraud news than ordinary people, and in response to the latest anti-fraud propaganda to "improve" their own fraud methods, everyone must also change the misconception that "only fools can be deceived", in fact, many of the victims are people who think they will not be deceived.

The scam starts with talking about emotions disguised as a woman

The ransom was reduced from 120,000 to 59,000 yuan

Red Star News: You once said that you were initially through an intermediary and learned that a company in Singapore was only deceived into scamming the company when recruiting customer service staff.

Mr. Zhang: At that time, because my family was sick, my financial situation was very difficult, and my job search was not smooth, and I was helpless to find a customer service job. At that time, I thought that I would first go abroad to find a job casually, earn some travel expenses and living expenses, and then change to a better job. The intermediary I met on foreign social platforms, and I only trusted him after seeing him as an intermediary for many years.

The agent was actually also a victim, and the park did not tell him the real situation when he asked him to recruit someone. At that time, Singapore could not go, and there were some worries when changing jobs in Thailand, so I signed a contract with the agent on the guarantee platform, and the formal visa process was also a way to go abroad.

Red Star News: What kind of people mainly enter the fraud park, and what are the fraud methods?

Mr. Zhang: Most of the people who enter the park are young people in their twenties and thirties, and the family conditions are generally not good. My main responsibility is to chat with deceived customers on social software, first of all, we need to disguise ourselves as women, and then defraud those European and American men, starting from talking about feelings, and then replacing investment to do digital currency "pig killing plate". A fast week, a slow month to receive money, there will be a case of speech for our reference.

We work in a large office, there are two or three hundred people, usually eat in the cafeteria, and a small number of rich people will order takeaway. The accommodation is an 8-bed room with bunk beds. In the case of the company's "performance", there will be a day off at the end of each month, and if the "performance" is not good, there will be no rest time at all.

▲Mr. Zhang Infographic

Red Star News: After being deceived into Myanmar for a year, do you have the idea of running away and resisting?

Mr. Zhang: When I first entered the park, I had some doubts, but a few days later I officially confirmed that I was entering a fraud company. At that time, my phone was taken away and I could no longer contact the agent. At first, I had the idea of escaping, but later I found that escaping was very dangerous, the park was heavily guarded, and it was constantly monitored, and even if I escaped, I couldn't afford a ticket to return to China, so I gave up the idea of escaping later. The people in the park are all interests, and there are no real trustworthy people.

Red Star News: How do you connect with your family in the park?

Mr. Zhang: I have the opportunity to call my family once or twice a month, but there are people who supervise the whole process, and they can only report safety according to their requirements, and cannot mention anything related to fraud.

Red Star News: Why did the park personnel release you later? How much ransom was demanded, and did it torture your body?

Mr. Zhang: After the domestic media reported that the park was worried that if I continued to stay, it would bring them trouble, so it had to release me. The previous ransom was more than 120,000 yuan, but later it was reduced to 59,000 yuan. They threatened my family to sell me elsewhere without paying. At that time, I was detained in the park for more than three months, the first month was detained in the military station, and then I was locked up alone in the dormitory. They beat nearly 100 sticks with wooden sticks the thickness of their calves, so they couldn't walk normally for the first month. Those three months were limited to one meal a day, and the timing was uncertain.

▲ Mr. Zhang told some of the situation after being deceived to Myanmar through Weibo

Red Star News: The car in the park sent you to the Thai-Myanmar border, what difficulties did you encounter after entering Thailand? How did you eventually return home?

Mr. Zhang: After entering Thailand, he was detained by the police and the immigration bureau because of the expired visa, and returned to China after more than 10 days of repatriation process.

Change the perception that only fools can be deceived

Hope to work as a journal editor or popularize science

Red Star News: Where did you go after returning home, and what was the first thing you did?

Mr. Zhang: I arrived at Pudong Airport on the morning of September 5, and then the police investigated me for half a day, confirmed that there was no problem, and let me leave the airport. Later, I went to Nanjing to visit my former teachers and classmates.

Red Star News: What is the purpose of your Weibo to tell about your own experience? How do you feel when you see the concern and greetings of netizens?

Mr. Zhang: After returning to China, I noticed that some articles and comments on the Internet are inconsistent with the facts, and I think it is necessary to clarify them. Although there are some unkind comments on the Internet, most people still understand me, and I am very grateful for that.

Red Star News: Because of the identity of the "doctor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences", your encounter in Myanmar has attracted more attention, which has also caused some netizens to be confused, now looking back at the whole process of the so-called "recruitment to entry", what factors do you think you have stepped into the trap?

Mr. Zhang: The scam company used a way to get away with me in the process of recruiting me, and they disguised themselves as regular recruiters from beginning to end, not only did not rush me to go through the formalities, but even deliberately delayed time, showing that they were not in a hurry to recruit me at all. This trick is also often used in the process of companies defrauding customers, they rarely directly ask customers to invest, but lure customers to take the initiative by issuing investment profit charts and other methods.

Red Star News: After the scam is exposed, there will be new deception, combined with your own experience, what advice do you give to everyone?

Mr. Zhang: People in the scam park pay more attention to anti-fraud news than ordinary people, they often brush anti-fraud news on Douyin, and they also collect fraud cases exposed on the Internet, and "improve" their fraud methods in response to the latest anti-fraud propaganda. It is recommended that when you encounter strangers in online chats and mention investment and financial management, you must have multiple eyes, no matter how good you are chatting on other topics, you must pay attention to prevention.

The fraud methods of fraud companies are always changing, so everyone must also continue to learn new anti-fraud knowledge. And we must change the misconception that "only fools can be deceived", in fact, many of the deceived are people who think they will not be deceived.

Red Star News: In the popular movie "All or Nothing" some time ago, it tells the story of a programmer and model who went out because of seemingly well-qualified job opportunities, but accidentally got involved in an elaborate online scam, is it similar to your experience?

Mr. Zhang: I learned about this movie on the Internet, but I haven't had time to watch it carefully. Their stories are similar to mine, but the fraud pattern in eastern Myanmar is somewhat different from that in northern Myanmar, and I will take the time to summarize it and tell you about it.

Red Star News: During this week of retreat, did you recover physically and mentally? What are your plans for work after that?

Mr. Zhang: At present, I have basically returned to normal life, and my physical and mental health is not much of a problem. My family and friends are understanding and caring for me, and are helping me find a new job, and I hope to work as a journal editor or science popularization in the future.

Red Star News reporter Rodani

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