Song Tao, director of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, met with Hong Xiuzhu and his entourage in Hangzhou

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(Original title: Song Tao meets Hong Xiuzhu and his party)

Song Tao, director of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the CPC Central Committee and the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, met with Hong Xiuzhu, former chairman of the Chinese Kuomintang and chairman of the China Youth Education Foundation, who came to attend the Sixth Cross-Strait Youth Development Forum in Hangzhou on 15 July.

Song Tao first conveyed General Secretary Xi Jinping's greetings to Hong Xiuzhu. Song Tao said that General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that "if the youth prosper, the country will prosper, and the youth will make the country strong." The future of the motherland and the nation rests on the young people." As a stage for young people on both sides of the Straits, the Cross-Strait Youth Development Forum has played a positive role in promoting national reunification and national rejuvenation for young people on both sides of the Straits. We will thoroughly implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions and instructions on Taiwan work, especially the congratulatory letter to this forum, adhere to the "consensus of '92", oppose "Taiwan independence", unite Taiwan compatriots, including Taiwan youth, strengthen exchanges and cooperation, promote spiritual harmony, promote cross-strait relations back to the correct track of peaceful development, and contribute to national reunification and national rejuvenation.


On September 15, the 6th Cross-Strait Youth Development Forum held the opening meeting and main forum in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. (Photo by Yin Sainan, China Taiwan Net)

Hong Xiuzhu said that the Youth Development Forum has been held for six consecutive sessions and has become an important platform for cross-strait youth exchanges and exchanges. Compatriots on both sides of the strait have thicker blood than water and share a common destiny, and cross-strait exchanges and cooperation cannot be stopped by any force. It is hoped that more young people on both sides of the strait will actively participate in cross-strait exchanges and work together to promote the peaceful reunification of the motherland and create the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

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Jiang Wan'an took a group photo with mainland youths at the Shanghai Community Basketball Court

After three years, the Shanghai Taipei City Forum was held offline yesterday (August 30), where guests from the two places shared their experience in urban development and talked freely about the future of cooperation between the two cities.

In the afternoon of the same day, the Taipei delegation visited the East Hall of Shanghai Library and the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, and learned about Shanghai's housing security on the spot. In the evening, Shanghai Mayor Gong Zheng and Taipei Mayor Jiang Wan'an attended the Taipei City Appreciation Dinner.

The picture shows the mayors of Shanghai and Taipei at the main forum of the Twin Cities Forum

The future of the cooperation between the two cities is promising

Just after 8 o'clock yesterday, the back row of the Shanghai Hall on the 7th floor of the Lujiazui Oriental Riverside Hotel was already crowded with reporters from media on both sides of the strait. "Sorry, borrowed." The reporter who arrived late greeted and saw the stitches and forced the camera's tripod to "squeeze" in. "The media on both sides of the strait haven't been so lively for a long time." A Taiwanese female reporter sighed and chatted with a familiar Shanghai reporter.

"It is very nice to see Mayor Jiang Wan'an leading a delegation to participate in the Twin Cities Forum." Li Zhenghong, president of the All-China Federation of Taiwan Enterprises, came to the venue half an hour earlier, "Taipei and Shanghai are both important cities on both sides of the strait, if we can jointly explore and learn from each other's urban governance paths, it will be of great help to the development of the two cities, and it will also be conducive to more harmonious and convenient exchanges between the people of the two cities." ”

"The two cities are good, the two sides of the strait are good", this is the key word in Taipei Mayor Jiang Wan'an's speech at the forum. He told the guests on both sides of the strait that Taipei and Shanghai are modern cities with deep ties in history, and if they can continue to uphold the principles of rationality, openness and progress, and continue to maintain various cooperation, the two cities will certainly have great prospects in the future.

Jiang Wan'an also said that the Twin Cities Forum not only plays the role of a governance platform between cities, but also shoulders the significance of important key indicators in cross-strait relations, "I hope that the positive benefits of the Twin Cities Forum can continue to expand, and bring a peaceful and prosperous future to the two cities and the two sides of the strait through positive influence."

This deeply touched Li Mi, executive director of the Shanghai Public Relations Research Institute in the audience: "The two sides of the strait want peace, development, exchanges, and cooperation, which is the aspiration of the people and the trend of the times, and it also conforms to the fundamental interests of the Taiwan people." He hoped that the cooperation between Shanghai and Taipei would not only focus on mutual learning for the present, but also work together for the future.

The picture shows the Taipei delegation receiving a joint visit by cross-strait media

Visit Jiang Wan'an in the East Pavilion above: I enjoy it too much

Taipei Mayor Jiang Wan'an led a Taipei delegation to visit the East Pavilion in the upper picture in the afternoon.

In the Collections Gallery on the 7th floor, the delegation visited the Fine Exhibition, including the earliest surviving "Taiwan Fuzhi". It is reported that this prefecture covers many aspects such as mountains and rivers, products, and customs, and preserves many basic conditions of Taiwanese society in the early Qing Dynasty, and has high historical value.

View of the exhibition "The Age in the Record Player"

The delegation then went to the exhibition area of the Music Hall on the 5th floor to visit the exhibition "The Age in the Record Player".

In the exhibition area, Chen Chao, Director of Shanghai Library, introduced the members of the delegation. In front of an early EMI "big speaker" gramophone, the delegation stopped to stop. Chen Chao's sentence "can still be put now" when introducing made everyone express surprise.

On one side of the exhibition area, there is also a row of sofa seats facing the window, and a small table in front of each seat is set up with a tablet and headphones. Here, readers can sit back and watch the view while wearing headphones to listen to the digital vinyl record collection.

Jiang Wan'an put on headphones to experience

Visiting the scene, Jiang Wanan also came to a seat and sat down, put on headphones to experience. "I enjoy it so much here," Jiang Wan'an, wearing headphones, couldn't help but sigh. Under the guidance of the librarian, he auditioned a piece of opera "Lin Siniang" and closed his eyes for a while.

According to the librarian, these are all old records from the collection, which have been digitized and preserved. Chen Chao said that the digitization of old records requires technology to repair on the one hand, and a certain artistic appreciation on the other hand, and cannot remove all noise.

Jiang Wan'an put on headphones to experience old records

In this regard, Jiang Wan'an, who is listening to it, also shared his feelings: "It does have the kind of sound that retains the old records, and it is very tasteful."

After the old records were digitized, people came to the library, in addition to reading books, they could also enjoy music. Jiang Wanan said that these are actually worth Taipei's reference in the future, hoping to optimize the entire service provided to citizens.

Jiang Wan'an also tried his hand at the Shanghai community basketball court

"Chengkai Xin Community Life Demonstration Area" was the last stop of the day. This is the first batch of talent apartments listed in Minhang District, which can provide different apartment types from 30 square meters to 90 square meters. "The standard of accommodation for Taiwan compatriots is the same as that of mainland people." Community workers told Taipei guests that since the opening of check-in in August last year, 12 Taiwan compatriots have stayed here, and they feel full of warmth here.

The picture shows the Taipei delegation visiting the Xin community

Taipei guests then came to the indoor basketball court. The mainland youth who were exercising told them, "We have lived in the community for more than a year, which is only 400 meters away from the subway station, and the gyms and courts in the community are all available, and the rent is acceptable." On the basketball court, Taipei Mayor Jiang Wan'an also tried his skills.

"Although Taipei and Shanghai are expensive, both municipal governments are trying to provide better housing conditions for young people." After the visit, a Taipei guest said that he hoped that the two sides would have more exchanges in the field of public rental housing in the future, so that the young people of the two cities would no longer "live hard".