The director of the demolition and relocation office instructed his subordinates to cheat and defraud compensation: 200 square meters of fake houses is still too small

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On September 14, the Sichuan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision published the "Clean Sichuan" website "Taking the Case as a Mirror| The article "Castle in the Sky" of the Director of the Demolition and Relocation Office" disclosed the details of the case of violation of discipline and law by Gou Xuejun, who was once the deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee and director of the office of Dongcheng Subdistrict, Bazhou District, Bazhong City.

Gou Xuejun, male, Han nationality, born in December 1972, from Bazhong, Sichuan, began to work in November 1987, joined the Communist Party of China in May 1989, and served as a member of the Party Working Committee and deputy director of the office of Xicheng Street, Bazhou District, Bazhong City, and deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee and director of the Office of Dongcheng Street.

Gou Xuejun, former deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee and former director of the office of Dongcheng Subdistrict, Bazhou District, Bazhong City, was examined and investigated. Clean Sichuan Photo

According to the article, in February 2012, Bazhou District established the Jiangnan Second Ring Road Shantytown Renovation Headquarters, and Gou Xuejun was appointed as the deputy commander and director of the office of the headquarters, responsible for the daily work of the headquarters and the overall coordination of housing expropriation, negotiation, supervision and supervision. Gou Xuejun secretly rejoiced in his heart, feeling that the opportunity to make a fortune had come. Especially after witnessing the birth of "nouveau riche" millionaires, he finally put aside the last bit of hesitation and worry in his heart and opened the road to "getting rich" by using his power to defraud demolition compensation.

In October 2012, Gou Xuejun called Hu, a staff member of the headquarters, and asked him to help him make a false survey information. Hu found Bai Moumou, who was familiar with drawing survey maps, and the two quickly fabricated a fake house survey data with an area of 200.9 square meters. A few days later, Gou Xuejun invited Hu and Bai to meet at a tea house in the old city. After reading the information, Gou Xuejun felt that the area was too small, and the two understood it, modified the information in front of Gou Xuejun, and increased the area to 350 square meters. Subsequently, Gou Xuejun used his power to let false information pass smoothly in the links of house surveying and compensation negotiations. A few months later, Gou Xuejun defrauded 1.8401 million yuan in compensation for house demolition, and Hu and Bai each received 100,000 yuan in "labor" remuneration.

After successfully eating the "Tang monk meat" to compensate for the demolition, Gou Xuejun, who was familiar with the road, conspired with Li to extend the criminal hand to the field of demolition and relocation again, using the Nanba No. 2 Society as the address of the fictitious demolition house and fabricating two false survey materials. In order to make the fabricated survey data more authentic, the survey time was also advanced to February 2012, and the handwriting of the headquarters staff was imitated and signed by the surveyor, recorder, etc., and sent to the headquarters for review. Subsequently, Gou Xuejun took advantage of his work convenience to let the false information pass the approval process smoothly. In the end, Gou Xuejun defrauded 2.2046 million yuan of compensation funds as he wished, and at the same time, he also helped Li defraud 976,000 yuan in compensation funds and resettle and return 382.02 square meters.

In addition to cooperating in fraud to obtain huge compensation payments, Gou Xuejun, Hu and Bai also profited by helping others to inflate the size of their houses.

Gou Xuejun has repeatedly taken advantage of his position to cooperate with others to defraud demolition compensation Data map/picture and text have nothing to do with it

The article said that in 2012, in order to obtain a larger area of demolition and resettlement, Lai and others found Bai through relatives to "help". In order to make this "business", Bai Moumou found Hu. Hu found Gou Xuejun on the grounds that "Bai's relatives have a house and have been locked by the surveyor, but now he feels that the area is a bit small and is willing to take some money to increase the area". Gou Xuejun knew that there was a fake, but he nodded and agreed cheerfully. Bai Moumou "took the order", Hu "ran errands", Gou Xuejun "nodded", and the three successfully "cooperated" again, receiving a total of 220,000 yuan in cash, Gou Xuejun received 80,000 yuan, and Hu and Bai each received 70,000 yuan.

In December 2012, the demolition of the second ring road in Jiangnan was about to end, Bai Moumou wanted to use the last opportunity to take another handful, he found Hu and asked Hu to find Gou Xuejun to ventilate. Worried that the matter would be revealed, Gou Xuejun at this time was weak-hearted, scared, and wanted to stop. He tried to dissuade the two, but Bai Moumou and Hu Moumou were resolute. After being held by others, Gou Xuejun had to use his authority again to "collude" with the two to defraud the state of compensation for requisitioning and demolition. After Gou Xuejun agreed, Bai Moumou and Hu Moumou carefully planned to fabricate a five-story building out of thin air on Dengshanzui Road, Bazhou District.

"The fabricated address of the demolished house belongs to state-owned land, and it is necessary to have a real estate certificate and a land use certificate to negotiate, so I took out a real real estate certificate at the headquarters and handed it to Hu and Bai, and asked them to go to the field to apply for five sets of fake real estate certificates and land use certificates." In order to fake the truth, Gou Xuejun helped the two to come up with a plan and create a "five-story building" out of thin air.

Worried that the matter would be exposed, Gou Xuejun originally planned to give up the first floor, but Gou Xuejun chose to give up and did not include it in the negotiation compensation procedure. Hu and Bai took advantage of this "sky pavilion" without a ground floor to defraud 1.4974 million yuan in relocation compensation and 228.77 square meters of resettlement and return.

In March 2022, Gou Xuejun was subject to disciplinary review and supervision and investigation by the Bazhou District Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision for suspected serious violations of discipline and law. In September, Gou Xuejun was expelled from the party and dismissed from public office for serious violations of party discipline, constituting a violation of the law of duty, and suspected of corruption and bribery.

The article disclosed that Gou Xuejun repeatedly took advantage of his position to defraud others of a total of 7.0209 million yuan in demolition and relocation compensation, relocated and returned 7 sets of 718.37 square meters (not actually delivered), personally received 4.1946 million yuan, and illegally accepted 200,000 yuan in cash from others. In March 2023, Gou Xuejun was sentenced to 12 years in prison and fined RMB 1 million for corruption and bribery.

In addition, Bai was sentenced to nine years' imprisonment and fined RMB 500,000 for committing the crime of embezzlement and accepting bribes. For committing the crimes of embezzlement and accepting bribes, Hu was sentenced to eight years and six months in prison and fined RMB 300,000.

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Demolition cadres forged shell factories and took the lead in demolishing "homes", fearing that they would suffer from depression

Blinded by desire, Yang Dezhong used his position as deputy head of the farmhouse demolition and relocation working group to provide false information again and again, turning the idle site that had been abandoned for many years into a "meat product processing factory", and successively fraudulently obtained 3.48 million yuan in demolition compensation.

Farm house demolition Network diagram/graphic and text are irrelevant

However, this unexpected "wealth" did not allow Yang Dezhong to live the happy life he expected. He was both happy and afraid, afraid that others would find out about his illegal and criminal behavior, trembling all day long, unable to sleep at night, so he suffered from depression and needed drugs to help sleep.

On August 22, 2023, the Sichuan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision issued a document revealing the details of Yang Dezhong, former director of the Agricultural Comprehensive Service Center in Feixianguan Town, Lushan County, Ya'an City, who fraudulently obtained demolition and relocation money. In December 2022, Yang Dezhong was sentenced to five years in prison and fined 300,000 yuan for corruption.

"Opening show" of demolition cadres

Taking the lead in saying that "starting from my house to dismantle" actually has another calculation

"Freezing three feet is not a day's cold, psychological imbalance, greed breeds, let me fall step by step, embark on the road of breaking the law and committing crimes." In the dead of night, facing the cold wall, Yang Dezhong often recalled his original absurdity.

Yang Dezhong, born in January 1973, from Lushan, Sichuan, began to work in March 1990, joined the Communist Party of China in December 2003, and served as the director of the Agricultural Comprehensive Service Center of Feixianguan Town, Lushan County, Ya'an City.

In September 2013, Lushan County launched the first phase of the Beichang Town mass resettlement housing internal supporting infrastructure construction project in Feixianguan Town. Yang Dezhong, who was the director of the Feixianguan Town Agricultural Technology Extension Service Center at the time, was appointed by the Feixianguan Town Government as the deputy head of the farmhouse demolition and relocation working group because he was a local cadre and familiar with mass work.

The demolition and relocation work time was tight, and the work of the masses was difficult, Yang Dezhong took the initiative to stand up and say: "I am a cadre, I will take the lead, starting from my house!" Under the leadership of Yang Dezhong, the surrounding masses cooperated with the demolition. This time, Yang Dezhong earned enough "prestige" for himself.

Yang Dezhong is under review and investigation According to the "Clean Sichuan" WeChat public account

As everyone knows, Yang Dezhong, who knows the policies such as compensation standards for demolition and relocation best, has other calculations for "taking the lead" in demolition. It turned out that Yang Dezhong's "home" was just an idle site in Beichang Town, which he bought from others for more than 30,000 yuan a few years ago, and there were only a few dilapidated glass fiber tile houses built by tenants at that time.

When the demolition team staff conducted a physical index survey of Yang Dezhong's farmhouse, Yang Dezhong claimed that he did not have the house keys and there was nothing in it, and the demolition team staff did not enter the house out of trust in him, nor did they physically register the items inside and outside the house. Subsequently, Yang Dezhong imitated his wife's handwriting and signed his wife's name on the "Agreement on Compensation and Relocation for Farm House Demolition and Relocation in Feixianguan Town, Lushan County" to complete the house demolition and relocation.

Repeated fraud to obtain compensation

Forged materials turn unused sites into "meat processing plants"

After the farm house was bulldozed, Yang Dezhong immediately reported to the headquarters, falsely claiming that the house was not an ordinary farm house, but a meat processing factory, and there was an unregistered freezer for production and operation in the house, but in order to cooperate with the demolition work, all the physical objects had been demolished, resulting in major economic losses for himself. Subsequently, the county enterprise demolition and relocation working group instructed the relevant departments of Feixianguan Town to improve the relevant procedures according to the enterprise demolition and relocation standards, and required Yang Dezhong to provide relevant supporting materials for the operation of the meat processing plant in accordance with the regulations.

In order to give the "processing plant" a "name", Yang Dezhong, in the name of "Lushan County Xinyuan Meat Products Processing Factory", forged business licenses and tax registration certificates, and falsely listed the equipment installed in the freezer. Yang Dezhong even found a freezer in a neighboring county that was similar in size to his farmhouse, took pictures of some infrastructure, and forged it as video data left by his own "freezer" during operation.

In addition, in his capacity as the deputy leader of the demolition team, he also asked the staff to sign the relevant materials, "Let you sign it, these are real, I have reported to the leader." ”

After these materials were handed over to the county enterprise demolition and relocation working group for the evaluation of a third-party asset appraisal company, the first appraisal price was more than 1.3 million yuan, which did not meet Yang Dezhong's psychological expectations, and on this basis, he falsely listed the compensation amount for buildings, machinery and equipment, etc., and made a supplementary physical list and submitted it to the county enterprise demolition and relocation working group, and the final assessment price reached more than 1.78 million yuan.

In this way, the unused site that had been abandoned for many years was transformed into a "meat processing factory".

"Originally, I thought it would be almost enough to make some false information to get more than 1 million compensation, but then I learned that there is also a subsidy policy for production stoppage losses, and I think I can fight for it again, in case I can also compensate a little." At this time, Yang Dezhong had been blinded by money and unscrupulously counterfeited for personal gain.

After the appraisal price of the assets was approved by the Feixianguan Town Government, the Lushan County Enterprise Demolition and Relocation Working Group believed that the frozen storage had been demolished, and there was no production and operation information, and the Feixianguan Town Government and the Agricultural House Demolition Working Group were required to be responsible for the production and operation of the meat processing plant.

Forged factory infographic

Therefore, Yang Dezhong, as the person to be demolished, went to the field to learn about the production and operation of the frozen storage together with the person in charge of the agricultural house demolition and relocation working group and the staff of the county enterprise demolition and relocation working group. During this period, Yang Dezhong lied that the scale and operating conditions of his freezer were similar to those of the inspection enterprise. After negotiation, Yang Dezhong "got his wish" and received a subsidy of 1.65 million yuan for the loss of production and 50,000 yuan for cooperation with demolition, plus the previous asset assessment, a total of more than 3.48 million yuan.