Gun inspection, loading, loading, aiming... This challenge of the Hainan Armed Police Corps is burning enough!

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New Hainan client, Nanhai Net news on September 17 (reporter Yao Hao, correspondent Lei Zhi, Bi Yufa) "bang bang" "No. 1 target 98 rings, No. 2 target 96 rings..." Recently, the Hainan Armed Police Corps held the "Peak-2023" special operations reconnaissance competition and the "Bayi Gun King" challenge, and more than 100 participants from grassroots units competed fiercely around more than 20 subjects in three categories, staging a wonderful showdown.

Participants perform automatic rifle multi-position conversion shooting. Photo courtesy of correspondent

In accordance with the principles of implementing the concept of actual combat training throughout the process, being as close to the battlefield environment as possible, and having a tactical background in all subjects, this competition highlighted the integration of physical skills, the combination of skills and combat, psychological fit and other practical combat factors, restored the essence of the battlefield to the greatest extent, and comprehensively tested the actual combat ability of officers and soldiers.

"Towards the shooting ground line - leap!" During the competition, with the order of the on-site commander, the rifle sports shooting course kicked off, and several heavily armed competitors quickly pressed the timer and began a two-kilometer attack.

Participating officers and soldiers quickly passed through obstacles with guns. Photo courtesy of correspondent

As time passed, the runners completed their attacks one after another. I saw that after putting the rucksack in the designated area, while adjusting their physical condition, they crawled to the firing ground, tested the gun, loaded, loaded and aimed. When the target appeared, the shooter immediately found the target, quickly pulled the trigger, and a burst of gunfire immediately sounded in his ears.

"The difficulty of this lesson is that after completing the rush, I have a shortness of breath and cannot concentrate, which causes the muzzle to shake greatly when aiming." Liu Zhengyu, a contestant who has just completed the course, said that although it is very difficult, it is closer to actual combat and can hone combat skills.

The participating officers and men were fully armed and carried out a two-kilometer armed attack. Photo courtesy of correspondent

In the class machine gun shooting course, the guidance group simulated the corresponding shooting environment according to 7 different types of combat scenarios. Competitors must run 800 meters within the specified time and seize the sand, mud, slope, gravel and other terrain set up on the 200-meter shooting ground line to complete the shooting. Judge Li Maoxu introduced that only by completing the rush quickly can we seize a more favorable shooting terrain and grasp the winning opportunity.

After the officers and men of the competition completed the shooting, they quickly transferred the "wounded". Photo courtesy of correspondent

"The sandy terrain is the most unfavorable for shooting, and the recoil of the machine gun will cause the sand to collapse, affecting accuracy. This requires the shooter to compact the gun tripod once in place to maintain maximum stability. Contestant Tian Tianhong introduced, "This course can train our ability to carry out effective firepower strikes in different battlefield environments. ”

The participants used machine guns to fire at different firing positions. Photo courtesy of correspondent

"In the past, live-fire shooting was carried out in a flat shooting range, and the excellent rate was very high, but over time, officers and soldiers easily ignored the impact of actual combat factors such as shooting terrain on the shooting hit rate." Li Maoxu said that only by grasping training from the difficult and strict and proceeding from actual combat can we cultivate actual combat fighters.

Competitors use automatic rifles to shoot at hidden targets. Photo courtesy of correspondent

It is reported that the competition also set up high-difficulty subjects similar to actual combat, such as rapid pistol shooting, submachine gun obstacle crossing shooting, and comprehensive application shooting, to test the shooting skills, physical fitness and psychological quality of the participants.

Officers and men of the mobile detachment of the Hainan Armed Police Corps lined up to welcome the officers and men who participated in the competition. Photo courtesy of correspondent

"Military training is a rehearsal for future wars, training is as strict as fighting, and fighting a war can be as calm as training." Guo Jialin, director of the Intelligence Department of the General Staff Department of the corps, said with deep feelings: "Improving the intensity of training, increasing the difficulty of training, and simulating actual combat group training are aimed at further improving the level of actual combat training of the troops and truly enhancing the ability of officers and men to win wars." ”