Tianjin Direct Expo|Three-dimensional protection, a variety of helicopters close to the "bodyguard" appeared

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A variety of helicopter personal "bodyguards" appeared at the Tianjin International Helicopter Expo in China.

MANPADS, anti-aircraft artillery, anti-aircraft machine guns ... Helicopters whose main activities are at low altitudes are encountering more and more threats, and the Russian-Ukrainian conflict has shown that helicopters must be equipped with perfect warning equipment and jamming measures to further improve survivability.

Helicopter infrared directional jamming equipment for jamming portable anti-aircraft missiles with infrared guidance. The pictures in this article are all pictures by surging news reporter Xie Ruiqiang

At this direct expo, Aviation Industry Corporation of China displayed a variety of warning equipment and jamming systems, and demonstrated the new achievements of the development of China's helicopter airborne defense technology, including infrared directional jamming equipment, laser/active and passive composite missile approach warning equipment, radar reconnaissance/warning/jamming equipment, jammer projectors, etc.

Radar reconnaissance/alarm/jamming equipment.

Laser / active and passive composite missile approach warning equipment.

Interferer dispenser.