Seventy-four years ago today, at the age of 8, he died and was known as China's smallest martyr

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74 years ago today

"Little Radish Head" was brutally killed

When his remains were found

The little hand still holds the half-cut pencil tightly...


8 months in prison

Growing up in prison all my life

△ "Little Radish Head" left only an 8-month-old photo before his death

The big name of "Little Radish Head" is Song Zhenzhong

He is the youngest son of Song Qiyun and Xu Linxia

Both parents were members of the Communist Party of China engaged in revolutionary activities

△ Revolutionary companion Xu Linxia and Song Qiyun statue

He was only 8 months old in 1941

He was imprisoned with his parents

△ "Little Radish Head" and mother Xu Linxia

Due to living all year round

In a dark and damp cell

"Little radish head" is eight years old

But only four or five years old is the tall

It became a big head and a thin body

Children with thin facial yellow muscles

The victims are all loving

Call him "little radish head"


Study hard in prison

Use branches as pens and cotton as ink

Under several struggles of my father

Only then did the "little radish head" have the opportunity to "go to school"

His father gave him a sharpened branch as a pen

The mother tore off a piece of cotton from her cotton coat

Scorch with fire and mix with water as ink

My uncle and aunt saved the straw paper and made a few exercise books

Later, the general Huang Xiansheng in prison - Uncle Huang

Began to teach him to read and study

Uncle Huang promised that as long as he could use Russian

Say a few words to yourself

Just give him a red and blue pencil

"Little radish head" memorizes Russian words every night before going to bed

Before dawn, I lay down under the bars and studied hard

Later, he got the pencil as he wished

Run back to the cell and say to Mom and Dad:

"Look! This is the real pen! ”

△ Pencil with a small radish head

It was New Year's Day 1948

"Little radish head" has been able to recite and silently write

More than 30 ancient poems

Poems with fellow victims in prison


Caring for patients in prison

Cook the noodles in cans

"Steal" oil from the aisle

Life in prison is dark

But the "little radish head" tries his best to take care of others

Once, Hu Chunpu, who was in prison, suffered a recurrence of stomach problems

"Little Radish Head" asked with concern:

"Is it uncomfortable? Want something to eat? Tell me! ”

Looking at a serious child

Hu Chunpu said with a wry smile

"If only there were some noodles"

I didn't expect it more than an hour later

"Little Radish Head" really brought him noodles

Hu Chunpu later found out

The pot for boiling the noodles was in the women's cell

Empty canned boxes after eating

The fuel is "radish heads" from the oil lamp bowl in the aisle

Little by little "stolen"


He was young

He became a special little traffic officer in prison

"Little Radish Head" insists on attending classes every day

And he became a "free man" in prison

You can walk freely around the prison every day

What the spies and guards did not expect

It is this that is taken advantage of

"Little Radish Head" was later secretly in prison

Doing a lot of things that adults can't

Under the action of the traffic officer "little radish head"

In prison, the "Jingjin Newspaper" was secretly run

News of the victory of the People's Liberation Army

Constantly encourage the victims to continue to fight

General Huang Xiansheng will a newspaper

Excerpt on cigarette pack paper

Handed over to the "radish head"

Sent to Chen Ran, the person in charge of "Jingjin News"

The "radish head" is then delivered to each cell

"Little Radish Head" to run this newspaper well

A great contribution

General Huang also folded a very small piece of paper

Tuck into the pocket inside the sleeve of the "radish head"

Ask him to give it to the prisoners

Xu Xiaoxuan, secretary of the secret party branch

The "little radish heads" all successfully completed the task

Later, the liberation war was victorious

The reactionary rule of the Kuomintang has been shaken

However, for "political prisoners" held in secret

Chiang Kai-shek ordered: No release is allowed

△ "Little radish head" family

September 6, 1949

The "Little Radish Head" family was killed Yu

The pine slope under Gele Mountain in Chongqing

At the time of sacrifice

The little radish head is even under 9 years old

It was only 24 days since the founding of New China

After the liberation of Chongqing

Song Zhenzhong was posthumously regarded as a revolutionary martyr

He failed to welcome the new life he yearned for

But with a strong and optimistic spirit

Inspiring generations after generations

Tribute to the revolutionary martyrs!