During the Anti-Japanese War, the puppet army leader Li Lianxiang robbed a new daughter-in-law for the night, killing four members of his family

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Caesarean section abuse mother and baby, can you think of how bad the puppet army is?

The area around present-day Qi River and Yucheng in the northern part of Shanxi was called Yun (He) East during the Anti-Japanese War, and the largest force of the puppet army entrenched here at that time was Li Lianxiang's department.

Li Lianxiang, a native of Yucheng, Shandong, was born as a ruffian + soldier, and became famous in the countryside when he was young. In the Spring Festival of 1925, Li Lianxiang beat the gong and drum, fought with the villagers with a guillotine, and then joined the Shandong warlord Zhang Zongchang as a soldier. After Zhang Zongchang's defeat, Li Lianxiang returned home to sell opium, guns and ammunition, made a windfall fortune, bought 44 acres of land, two cattle, and became an upstart. Since 1930, he has befriended bandits and villains, married eight brothers, opened a black shop on Xinzhai Street, specialized in robbing passers-by, bullying the people, and becoming a local tyrant.

When the War of Resistance broke out, such guys also rose up to resist Japan, of course, anti-Japanese is a pretense, develop personal strength, become a prince of one side, and take the opportunity to fight with Japan and pseudo-stubbornly for power and profit.

Starting from defecting to the enemy in the War of Resistance and becoming the captain of the Japanese puppet Yucheng County Garrison, he expanded his strength during the Liberation War, and became the commander of the Kuomintang's security regiment, brigade commander, and county magistrate of Qihe County.

In the "Yucheng County Chronicle", there is a "report card" of this guy being a puppet army during the Anti-Japanese War:

In March 1938, the puppet army leader Li Lianxiang robbed a new daughter-in-law for the night. Killed Wei Youxiang's family of 4. Killed the entire family of 6 members of the Chen family in Luzhuang.

In September 1939, Li Lianxiang's department buried Li Yu, commander of the Huashan Work Regiment of the Eighth Route Army, and four correspondents alive in Haozhuang, the seventh district of Chiping County.

In September 1940, anti-Japanese activists Sun Keguang and Xin Changqing were tied to a tree to cut their ears, gouge their eyes, and cut their hearts to death.

In 1941, when the people were convened for a meeting in Mashuizhai, some peasants did not arrive at the meeting because of their busy agricultural work, and Li Lianxiang ordered his pistol squad to kill Zhang Peiling and four others, who were working in the field.

In the same year, Zhang Hua of the anti-Japanese democratic government was buried alive; Took Li Zhuang and Li Fuxiang's entire family of 10 people, killed Li Fuxiang, stripped Li's sister-in-law naked and hung upside down, took out the 5-month-old child by caesarean section, and cut the mother and baby into pieces of meat.

In May 1943, he attacked the Anti-Japanese District Office in the fourth district and beat his assistant Liang Ying to death.

In the same month, Sun Jingru and his son in Piwang Village were guillotined to death.

In the same year, Li Lianxiang sent people to kill 23 soldiers of the Eighth Route Army with large knives near Weizhaizi Village.

In February 1944, three members of the Yuan Ying Joint Defense Team and the township chief Yuan Yutong were buried alive. In May of the same year, he cooperated with the Japanese army to kill 11 people including Li Derong of Lifaqiao Village, and burned 103 houses.

On the night of March 29, 1945, 11 fighters of the anti-Japanese model class (militia) in Xueguantun Village were smoked to death in the tunnel. Mistaking Guo Qingyi's wife Dou Shi for the director of the Women's Rescue Association, he caught Zhao Zhuang stripping naked and tearing two wolf dogs alive into pieces.

In July of the same year, Dou Qifang and Zhang Feng, traffic officers at the county sub-station, strangled them with ropes.

In July of the same year, six members of the family of Wang Yanchang of Sangwangzhuang were arrested and buried alive. In the same year, 120 people from Zhang Laozhuang and other villages were arrested, and 11 village officials and dependents were killed.

In November of the same year, he cooperated with the Japanese army to kill and wound more than 120 soldiers and civilians.

That's right, in November 1945, the Japanese puppet army in Yucheng had not yet surrendered, they knew that their crime was extremely evil, and the non-Kuomintang would not surrender, so they fought to the death against our anti-Japanese army and civilian forces, until December 31, Yucheng Railway Station was liberated by our Eighth Route Army.

On July 15, 1946, the Bohai Daily reported:

"In the past eight years, according to incomplete statistics, Li Lianxiang has brutally killed more than 1,000 anti-Japanese soldiers and civilians and workers."

On May 12, 1947, the 10th Column of our East China Field Army completely annihilated Li Bandits, and Li Lianxiang was captured alive while fleeing in disguise. On May 20, the Qi Yu County government held a public judgment meeting in Yangquan Village (present-day Xinzhai Township, Yucheng County), and because Li Lianxiang was seriously injured, he died before the execution of the execution, and his body was slashed by angry crowds.