In the fall of 2023, the transportation of recruits officially starts Lanzhou Railway Bureau makes every effort to ensure the safe and orderly transportation

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Original title: The recruitment transportation in the fall of 2023 officially departs

Lanzhou Railway Bureau makes every effort to ensure safe and orderly transportation

China's Gansu Net on September 17, according to Lanzhou Daily, the reporter learned at the Lanzhou Railway Bureau that the 2023 autumn recruit transportation officially started on September 16.

It is understood that the transportation period of recruits this autumn coincides with the peak of railway transportation during the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day long holidays, and the railway department combines the departure time of recruits and the pre-sale time limit of tickets, closely docks with military representatives stationed in the area, accurately docks transportation needs, strictly does a good job in service guarantee, refines the transportation plan in accordance with the principle of "safe and stable, centralized direction, and orderly delivery", scientifically allocates transportation resources, and increases transportation capacity. Combined with autumn influenza prevention and control, extreme weather, train delays and other emergencies, improve emergency handling and transportation support plans to ensure safe and orderly transportation.

As the largest road network railway passenger transport hub station in western China, Lanzhou West Railway Station scientifically optimizes the organization plan for the transportation of recruits based on factors such as transportation distance, number of carriers, and transit direction, implements the provisions on vehicle occupancy ratio, sporadic isolation and reservation, and long-distance hard sleeper priority, scientifically allocates transportation capacity, optimizes train operation and transportation organization, and grasps the connection guarantee of safety inspection, transfer waiting and other links. Synchronously coordinate railway public security and stationed armed police forces, strengthen station guard duty and safety patrols, effectively and orderly maintain the order of station cars, and escort the safe and orderly travel of recruits.

Lanzhou Daily All Media Reporter He Yixuan Correspondent Zhang Boxing Tian Yunlong