In the autumn and September school season, the new wind of campus military training is blowing

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Source: China Military Network - Jiefangjun Daily

Editor's note: The fall September school season. Military training has been carried out one after another throughout the country, and students sweat and receive training on the military training ground. Military training for students is an important part of national defense education for the whole people, and it is also an important way to cultivate people with virtue and reserve high-quality soldiers. In recent years, with the increasing standardization of students' military training work, there have been many new changes and new atmospheres on the military training ground, let us find out. u003c/pu003e

Jiangxi Provincial Military District highlights the "taste of soldiers" to organize military training -

Youth excites the appearance of a "soldier"

Yao Xinying, special correspondent of Jiefangjun Daily, Guo Dongming

"Urgent assembly!" On the military training ground of Anyuan Middle School in Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province, accompanied by a rapid whistle, more than 100 "fully armed" freshmen were divided into two teams and quickly entered their respective tactical positions, and a confrontation training began.

"Unlike in the past, this year's student military training has added confrontation training, bringing students a new military training experience." According to the leaders of the Jiangxi Provincial Military District, this year, together with the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Department of Education, and other departments, they jointly formulated four documents, including the "Opinions on Strengthening the Military Training of Students in the New Era," which clearly strengthen the training of battlefield rescue, tactical basic movements, and military sports training, and promote the connection between the military training courses of students and the training of militia reservists and recruits, which is more "military flavor".

Build bunkers, cross trenches, deal with special situations... At the exercise site, the red and blue sides used terrain features to carry out tactical offensive and defensive attacks, and the offensive and defensive posture was changed several times during the battle.

"The simulated confrontation gave me the feeling of a soldier's assault!" Walking down the training ground, Song Jie, a freshman in high school, said that although the confrontation training was very hard, he sharpened his will and strengthened his skills.

The reporter learned that in order to stimulate students' enthusiasm for training, in classroom teaching, they changed the one-way indoctrination mode of military theory teaching in the past, and used online forms such as MOOCs, micro-courses, and live interactive to create immersive classrooms. In addition, they also organized students to go into military camps and red venues, and took multiple measures to enhance the effect of military training.

"Wearing VR glasses and 'charging the battle' with the 'Red Army soldiers' can you more truly feel what is the bloody responsibility of a soldier." Lai Rizhong, a freshman at the Jinggangshan Campus of Jiangxi Software Vocational and Technical University, said.

In the Jinggangshan Digital Experience Hall, trenches full of bamboo nails, shooting bunkers built of stone... The battlefield of the defense of the Yellow Ocean Frontier built with the help of virtual reality technology vividly presented the scenes of the bloody battle of the Red Army soldiers, and the students were deeply shocked.

"I am especially looking forward to joining the army as soon as possible." On the training ground, Lai Rizhong and his classmates practiced more devotedly, and they also looked like "soldiers".

Guilin University of Electronic Technology scientifically set up military training content——

Hardcore training is sought after

Xu Xianglin

Wearing a gas mask and holding a rifle model, under the command of the instructor, the new military training students of Guilin University of Electronic Technology methodically completed the subjects such as crossing obstacles, rounding up search and rescue, and battlefield rescue... Many students excitedly said: "This kind of military training is too hardcore!"

"In this military training, in addition to queue training, we also organized and carried out courses such as small arms simulation shooting, squad platoon and company tactics, and camping training, so as to enhance students' basic military literacy, stimulate patriotic enthusiasm, enhance national defense concepts, and encourage them to actively participate in national defense and army building." Liao Wenyu, an instructor in charge of the training at the scene, said.

At the military training ground, the instructors explained in detail the basic essentials of assassination drills, battlefield rescue and other subjects for the students, and then led the students to practice repeatedly. During the assassination exercise, the trainees had firm eyes, neat movements, and shouted killing to the sky. At that moment, their faces were less youthful and more masculine as bloody soldiers.

"Before the school organized military training, the curriculum was relatively single, and the students participating in the training were not enthusiastic and afraid of hardship and fatigue. In the past two years, the military training work of students has become increasingly standardized, and the training subjects have become more difficult, but there are fewer students who are tired and complaining. You Jiangjiao, a teacher at the school, said that this year, they organized the participating students to camp and practice, assembled at 4 a.m., and interspersed with rapid marches, obstacle clearance, crossing the "drug-infected" area and other subjects.

Hardcore military training not only sharpens the students' will quality, but also sows the seeds of serving the country from the military. Lang Zhengyang, a freshman at the school who was awarded the outstanding military training cadet, said: "This year's military training format is innovative and rich in content, allowing us to experience the sacrifice and dedication and bloody responsibility of soldiers. When the strong army is called and it is time to serve the country, I volunteer to go to the place where the motherland needs it most to make meritorious contributions and undertake the responsibilities and missions of young people in the new era. ”

Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province improves the training link of instructors——

Pass the assessment and then take up the post

Xie Ming, Xie Yuhui

"Find the 'enemy' ahead, move forward covertly!" In early September, on the playground of the No. 1 Middle School of Suzhou High-tech Zone, a group of "camouflage warriors" were grouped according to tactics and searched and advanced in the smoke-filled "battlefield". This is a scene in the Suzhou High-tech Zone in Jiangsu Province to stimulate students' enthusiasm for training through military skills training with actual combat characteristics.

Gong Xinyao, a retired soldier with 5 years of scout experience, served as a military training tactical training instructor for students in the district. "The students were in high spirits after applying camouflage oil, and their young faces were full of confidence and desire," he said. ”

The instructors' ability to organize training directly affects the quality and effectiveness of students' military training work. In line with the principle of "selecting the best and matching strong instructors," the Suzhou Military Subdistrict has made great efforts to select retired servicemen with strong politics, professional skills, hard work style, and high quality to participate in the training in the militia ranks. A staff officer of the combat readiness construction office of the military sub-district introduced: "The instructors are all retired soldiers, and in the selection process, in line with the principle of 'three priorities', we give priority to selection from among the basic militia, from the backbone militia and militia instructors, and from the militia who have undertaken the task of student military training. ”

In order to help instructors carry out training scientifically, the military sub-district has organized intensive training for instructors, guided them to grasp the group training methods of different teaching contents by refining the military training process, and organized training more easily.

According to reports, in accordance with the requirements of "passing the assessment and then taking up their posts," the military sub-district has set up a joint military-local assessment group to evaluate and accept all pre-selected instructors in the city, distinguish between subjects such as military common sense, queues, individual tactical actions, and combat basics, and quantitatively score them from many aspects such as theory, skills, and teaching ability. Pre-selected instructors can only be uniformly included in the talent pool of Suzhou instructor team after obtaining the "Jiangsu Province Student Military Skills Training Instructor Qualification Certificate". According to the leaders of the Wuzhong District People's Armed Forces Department, in addition to the backbone of the militia, they also included outstanding retired soldiers who returned to their hometowns to work in their assessment targets to further enrich the talent reserve of instructors.