Assemble and line up! Armed Police Fujian Corps recruits enter the camp in autumn!

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It's another year of conscription season, and it's time for new recruits to join the army. Recently, the recruits of the Fujian Armed Police Corps in the fall of 2023 have successively entered the training base of the corps, opening the first step of their military career.

At the training base of the corps, accompanied by the joyful sound of gongs and drums, the new comrades-in-arms wore red ribbons on their chests, carried their bags, and gathered in a neat stride, and the new training cadres beat the gongs and drums to warmly welcome the new comrades-in-arms. After the roll call and class, the cadres and backbones of the new training enthusiastically took the luggage in the hands of their new comrades-in-arms.

It is understood that from 16 September to the end of this month, more than 1,100 recruits from all provinces and cities across the country will step into the Fujian Armed Police Corps Recruit Corps, and they will receive a five-month education and training for recruits, gradually adapt to the life of the barracks, and realize the transformation from a local youth to a qualified armed police soldier.

Source: Fujian Armed Police Corps