After being transferred back to the hinterland, the new post of a general who had been awarded third-class merit six times was clear

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Zhengzhijun noticed that the official "Zhejiang Conscription" official number disclosed that recently, Major General Xia Junyou, commander of the Zhejiang Provincial Military Region, Major General Sun Wenju, political commissar, and Deputy Commander Tong Peiyou, led teams to Xiuzhou District, Jinyun County, and Deqing County of Jiaxing City to participate in the "first inspection day" inspection activities for conscription physical examination in the second half of the year.

According to the news, Major General Sun Wenju, who previously served as political commissar of the PLA Garrison in Macao, has returned to the mainland to serve as political commissar of the Zhejiang Provincial Military Region.

He was awarded third-class merit 6 times

In fact, the news that Sun Wenju went to Zhejiang to take up his duties was disclosed two months ago.

According to the Zhejiang Provincial Government website, at the end of July, the meeting of the Zhejiang Provincial Shuangyong Leading Group was held in Hangzhou, with Governor Wang Hao chairing the meeting and Sun Wenju and others attending. At that time, Sun Wenju's position was not made public. This time, he was transferred back to the mainland to his new position.

The news that Sun Wenju went to Zhejiang to perform his duties was disclosed two months ago

Sun Wenju, a native of Heilongjiang, was born in 1965 and enlisted in the army in 1983. According to his resume, Sun Wenju served as deputy director of the Organization Department of the former General Political Department, deputy director of the Political Work Department of the Hong Kong Garrison, and political commissar of the Macao Garrison.

In the summer of 2019, Sun Wenju became the political commissar of the new troops stationed in Macau. According to media reports and pictures on the Macao SAR government's website, at that time, his military rank was senior colonel. This time, Sun Wenju appeared with the rank of major general. According to previous reports by The Paper, Sun Wenju has been awarded third-class merit six times.

Lead a patrol for the first time

In this round of military reform, provincial-level military regions have been transferred to the National Defense Mobilization Department of the Central Military Commission, and are responsible for directing (militia reserve units) in emergency response, organizing and leading the construction of militia and reserve forces, and coordinating the work of conscription and resettlement of retired soldiers.

Judging from the perspective of time, conscription work is one of the key tasks of various provincial-level military districts in the near future. According to the arrangement, China conducts conscription twice a year, and the conscription period in the second half of the year is from 15 August to 30 September. It is currently in the second half of 2023 conscription cycle.

This inspection trip to Jinyun County was the first time that Sun Wenju led the team after publicly reporting that he went to Zhejiang to take up his new duties.

Sun Wenju went to Jinyun County for inspection

Sun Wenju said during the inspection that propaganda and guidance should be further strengthened and the enthusiasm of the vast number of young people to join the army should be fully mobilized; Strictly control the quality of soldiers, and earnestly provide high-quality soldiers with good physical qualifications, political qualifications, and excellent quality for the troops; Strict conscription discipline, accurate grasp of the requirements of the situation of honest conscription, always put discipline regulations in the forefront, and persist in being honest and just.

Since the beginning of this year, the conscription work has been optimized and adjusted.

On April 1, the newly revised Regulations on Conscription Work were promulgated, the second revision of the Regulations since its promulgation.

The revised Regulations make it clear that college students will be the focus on recruitment, and priority will be given to ensuring the recruitment of college graduates and soldiers with special requirements for political or physical conditions or professional skills; Eligible retired soldiers can re-enlist in the army and be prioritized for placement in their original units or similar positions.

On August 23, when the conscription work began in the second half of this year, Liu Faqing, director of the National Defense Mobilization Department of the Central Military Commission, published a signed article in the China National Defense News, mentioning that "to achieve the war, recruit whatever soldiers are needed" --

  • Adhere to combat effectiveness, which is the only fundamental criterion, promote the transformation of conscription from focusing on peacetime to integrating peacetime and wartime, optimize and improve the system and mechanism for recruiting high-quality soldiers, highlight the urgent use of front-line personnel and the urgent shortage of posts, and ensure that whatever soldiers are needed to fight a war can be recruited, so as to ensure that the crosshairs of conscription work are aimed at winning and winning the bullseye.

  • Promote the improvement of conscription from quantity and scale to quality and efficiency, highlight the recruitment of graduates of all levels and types of schools, and give priority to approving science and engineering college students and skilled personnel needed to prepare for war.

  • We should speed up the formulation and improvement of local regulations and related supporting policies, comprehensively strengthen law enforcement inspections, and continuously improve the ability to recruit troops according to law.

He also pointed out in particular that honest conscription has a bearing on the foundation of national defense and army building, on the image of the party, the state, and the army, and on the vital interests of the masses of the people. It is necessary to "strengthen the awareness of the high-voltage line of the bottom line of the red line, strictly prohibit taking the opportunity of conscription to eat and take cards, strictly prohibit the use of conscription to carry out any form of commercial operation for profit, and continue to release a strong signal of high-pressure and strict governance."

The "new identity" of the three generals

Recently, Xia Junyou, commander of major generals of the Zhejiang Provincial Military Region, Sun Wenju, political commissar of major generals, and Tong Peiyou, deputy commander of major generals, respectively led teams to three places to conduct inspections.

Zhengzhijun noticed that in addition to Sun Wenju, who had just assumed his duties, the other two generals mentioned above had also appeared in their "new identities" in the past year.

Xia Junyou, commander of the Zhejiang Provincial Military Region, data map

In 2021, Xia Junyou was transferred to the commander of the Zhejiang Provincial Military District as the commander of the Heilongjiang Provincial Military District. Xiu Changzhi (Sun Wenju's predecessor), who was then the political commissar of the Zhejiang Provincial Military District, also served as a member of the Standing Committee of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee.

At the end of June last year, the first plenary meeting of the 15th Zhejiang Provincial Committee of the CPC was held, which elected Yuan Jiajun as secretary of the provincial party committee, Wang Hao and Huang Jianfa as deputy secretaries of the provincial party committee, and Liu Jie, Xu Rode, Peng Jiaxue, Wang Cheng, Chen Yijun (female), Liu Xiaotao, Xu Wenguang, Qiu Qiwen, and Wang Gang as members of the standing committee of the provincial party committee. The former "Standing Committee of Rong Uniform" Xiu Changzhi withdrew from the new Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee.

A few months later, at the end of October 2022, the Zhejiang Provincial Military District held a meeting to study the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. According to Zhejiang Daily, Xia Junyou, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and commander of the Provincial Military District, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech.

This is the first public appearance of Xia Junyou as a member of the "Standing Committee of Rong Uniform" of Zhejiang Province.

Like Sun Wenju, Tong Peiyou was recently transferred to Zhejiang as the deputy commander of the provincial military district.

According to "Zhejiang Online" news, on July 23, the Zhejiang Provincial Flood Prevention and Taiwan Drought Control Headquarters held a meeting of all members. The Zhejiang News Network screen that day showed Tong Peiyou attending the meeting dressed in a military uniform. The news confirmed that Tong Peiyou, who previously served as deputy commander of the Hubei Provincial Military District, has gone to Zhejiang to take up his post.

Tong Peiyou has gone to Zhejiang to take up his post

A few days later, Tong Peiyou's new position was clarified. According to the "Qiantang Release," on July 27, Jin Chengtao, secretary of the Party Working Committee of Hangzhou Qiantang New District and secretary of the Qiantang District Party Committee of Hangzhou Municipality, led a team to visit the Zhejiang Provincial Military District to express condolences and held discussions and exchanges with Tong Peiyou, deputy commander of the Zhejiang Provincial Military District, and other leaders of the troops.

Zhengzhijun noticed that General Tong Peiyou personally went to the front line of the battlefield at the beginning of his military career.

According to the magazine China Militia, Tong Peiyou participated in a self-defense counterattack against Vietnam in 1985. During the battle, he resolutely rolled out a 15-meter-long passage for the troops with his body in the minefield, and was the first to rush to the high ground, killing 7 enemies. In 1986, the Central Military Commission awarded Tong Peiyou the honorary title of "Combat Hero".

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