The panic of the DPP authorities can be read from Taiwan's new version of the "Defense Report."

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Recently, the DPP authorities released the "2023 Defense Report". The analysis pointed out that the various hype and clamor in Taiwan's latest version of the "Defense Report" reflect the weakness and panic of the DPP authorities.

In this "defense report", the DPP authorities separately listed the Fujian aircraft carriers that the PLA has not officially included in the order of battle. In this regard, Taiwan's current affairs commentator Lai Yueqian believes that this reflects the DPP authorities' concern about the mainland's self-made aircraft carriers. The main reason is that this shows that the mainland itself has the ability to create an electromagnetic catapult aircraft carrier, and its combat power and combat radius, as well as combat energy, are very powerful.

In addition, with regard to Taiwan's defense department's clamor that "if there are obvious signs of so-called 'invasion' on the mainland, the Taiwan military can use precision weapons to strike first," Zhang Bin, a commentator on the Taiwan headquarters, pointed out that the Taiwan military does not have the conditions for "preemptive strike." It can be said that the PLA's various military operations in the Taiwan Strait have brought great psychological pressure and panic to the "Taiwan independence" forces.

Taiwan media reported that Taiwan's defense department recently claimed that the PLA's Shandong aircraft carrier formation was conducting exercises about 110 kilometers southeast of Eluanbi on Taiwan Island and entered the western Pacific Ocean, saying that this was the so-called closest voyage of the Shandong ship to Taiwan Island so far. Taiwan media quoted experts on the island as saying that the Shandong ship is getting closer and closer, which means that the mainland has become more and more confident in its combat strength.

Recently, Singapore's former foreign minister warned Taiwan at a forum hosted by Taiwan, saying that if Taiwan repeatedly provokes the mainland to try to resist reunification by force, and if war breaks out between Taiwan Straits, Taiwan will be just a pawn that can be sacrificed. The formation of the US policy toward Taiwan is not out of love for the Taiwanese, "it is good business for US arms enterprises." And the DPP authorities turned a deaf ear to such warnings and continued to carry out military provocations time and again.

Zhang Bin said that the United States meddles in Taiwan affairs in order to use Taiwan to play games with the mainland. The DPP authorities would rather be "pawns" than completely turn to the United States, and their purpose is nothing more than hoping to use the United States to pursue "Taiwan independence." It's just that in the eyes of the United States, Taiwan is just a "pawn", and cars can be abandoned at critical moments, not to mention "pawns".

The analysis pointed out that the DPP authorities deliberately created a tense situation in the Taiwan Strait region and repeatedly hinted to and strengthened the so-called mainland military threat to public opinion on the island. They have constantly used the issue to provoke cross-strait confrontation and pursue the so-called goal of "Taiwan independence," and have long ignored the safety and well-being of the Taiwan compatriots.

Source: China Central Radio and Television Station "Across the Strait"

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