In order to solve the sleep problem of 300 million, Mousse pushed AI smart mattresses, once again leading the industry

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What will the home of the future look like?

When you open the door, everything from the lights to the air conditioner, TV and other equipment are ready, all the electrical equipment is automatically turned on, and you can enjoy a fully intelligent scene when you return home.

With the development of artificial intelligence technology and the continuous progress of smart home ecology, the boom of intelligent home has swept the entire home industry, and the penetration rate of smart home is getting higher and higher. The life pursued by contemporary people also pays more attention to comfort and intelligent experience.

Mousse, which is listed on the A-share market, has been committed to creating AI smart healthy sleep products to meet more personalized needs of consumers by improving smart home, digitalization and smart manufacturing.

On August 16, Mousse upgraded its products again and held the 2023 annual strategy conference in Aranya Scenic Area, Qinhuangdao. At the press conference, Mousse Group released the latest original sleep research results "Tidal" algorithm, which is based on the big data analysis of more than 700,000 human measurement data accumulated in the past 20 years and 20,000 sleep reports per month, integrating Mousse six roots (eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, mind) sleep culture, adaptive regulation algorithm, sleep monitoring algorithm, sleep staging algorithm and human biorhythm AI intelligent technology.


01. Technology mattress to create a smart sleep scene

Smart mattress, what is really smart?

"True intelligence is the monitoring of a person's body in real time through the analysis of data. Just like the ebb and flow of the sea, the human body structure has different sleep needs according to different stages, and through the AI smart mattress, the needs of the body can be better perceived and felt, rather than a traditional mattress." Sheng Yan, director and vice president of Mousse Group, said.

On the road to improving sleep, many companies still stay in the traditional practice, in latex, spring and other shallow product iteration. Although some insiders said that around 2016, mattresses have begun to add some intelligent functions such as heart rate monitoring and respiratory sleep data recording, but it is of little significance for changing sleep.

After 2019, with the blessing of the Internet of Things, AI and other technologies, the intelligence of mattresses has further developed. Under the development trend of the industry, Mousse began to explore the research of healthy sleep earlier than other companies.

From 2004 to the release of the world's first adaptive healthy sleep system, the T7 test system, to the introduction of materials such as space resin balls in short materials, Mousse has deeply integrated the achievements of sleep technology into mattress products while continuing to promote the integration of global resources.

Sheng Yan said that Mousse does not simply define itself as a mattress or bedding, Mousse advocates a healthy sleep system, leading the development of healthy sleep, and leading the sleep track of AI intelligent technology.

Behind the Mousse smart mattress is a large and efficient system supporting. In 2017, Mousse opened the independent research and development of AI sleep solutions, it is reported that Mousse through a series of research on "pressure distribution of bedding products based on basic mechanics, bedding comfort research based on ergonomics and psychology, healthy sleep research based on physiology and human stress adaptation", innovatively integrating ergonomics, fashion art, sleep environment and other elements into products, through software and hardware continuous upgrades, at present, Mousse's healthy sleep system has been iterated to the eighth generation. It has promoted healthy sleep products to enter a new stage of intelligent development.

In March 2022, an independent smart sleep division was established, focusing on solving users' sleep anxiety with AI mattresses. Since 2023, Mousse Group's sleep technology brand "Mousse Smart Sleep" has released a total of 12 new AI mattresses.

At the press conference, the AI smart mattress carrying the "tide" algorithm was unveiled, this mattress created a new smart ecosystem, built a multi-link sleep scene, Mousse can identify the user's different body shapes, sleeping postures and even sleep states through AI intelligent technology, providing users with more personalized sleep support services, so as to truly "adapt the bed to people".

(At the press conference, Sheng Yan, director and vice president of Mousse Group, made a speech.) Source/Mousse)

At present, in addition to AI mattresses, Mousse also has smart and healthy sleep ecosystems such as smart electric beds, fast sleep systems, sleep pillows, smart sleep pillows, IoT products and eusleep medical centers.

Behind this, Mousse is inseparable from its real investment in scientific and technological research and development. In the three years from 2020 to 2022, Mousse has invested more than 400 million yuan in R&D, ranking at the forefront of R&D investment in the mattress industry.

In addition, Mousse also attaches great importance to the combination of production and research, and has carried out in-depth cooperation with many domestic research institutes and universities in recent years. At the event, Mousse Group announced that it has officially reached a cooperation with the Chinese National Swimming Team, becoming a partner of the Chinese National Swimming Team, and will cooperate with Beijing Sport University and Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology to ensure sleep and develop sleep equipment for the Chinese National Swimming Team.


02, Mousse AI mattress, walking in the forefront of smart home

On the issue of sleep, which is valued by everyone, the sleep economy came into being.

iMedia consulting survey data shows that between 2016 and 2022, the size of China's sleep economy market has increased from 261.63 billion yuan to 456.21 billion yuan, and by 2030, the data is expected to exceed one trillion yuan.

As one of the important products to improve sleep, mattress is an important part of sleep economy and has broad development prospects. According to Statista's forecast, the compound annual growth rate of China's mattress market revenue from 2020 to 2025 is expected to be 6.57%, and China's mattress market revenue will reach $12.790 billion by 2025.

Enterprises in the home furnishing industry are all working AI mattresses. For example, Xilinmen launched iSleep AI air energy sleep aid mattress, Gujia Home also released related AI air energy mattress, and Haier Smart Home's sleep brand "Haixiang Sleep" launched AI intelligent adaptation mattress.

For the competition and imitation in the industry, Li Xiaofeng, vice president of Mousse Group, said that Mousse's AI wisdom and tidal algorithm were not formed overnight, Mousse has invested at least 10 years here, and there are currently more than 200 IT personnel, and peers need to invest a lot of manpower research if they want to imitate.

From a technical point of view, he believes that Mousse has gone to another track, a technology company, not a traditional home furnishing company.


In addition to being earlier than other companies, Mousse also found another way, when most domestic mattress companies emphasized the concept of "comfort", took "healthy sleep" as the core concept of the brand, and has been adhered to to this day. Since 2014, Mousse has released the Sleep White Paper every year, which has rooted Mousse as a healthy sleep expert in the minds of consumers. As of the end of June 2023, the company has participated in the drafting and release of a total of 30 technical standards, including 2 international standards, 7 national standards, 5 industry standards and 16 group standards.

At the same time, Mousse locked in the mid-to-high-end market, directly hitting the sub-health pain points of the lives of the production group, and forming differentiated competition. According to CITIC Securities, Mousse's market share reached 7.7% in 2021, ranking first in the industry. In the high-end market, Mousse has a market share of about 16%-19%, breaking through the high-end bedding market dominated by European and American brands, and becoming the forefront of domestic independent brands in the high-end bedding market.

Next, Mousse will continue to explore healthy sleep. With the technical support of the first tidal algorithm in China as the core, through a number of AI intelligent technologies, it helps users improve and repair sleep cycles, and provides users with sleep data and sleep diagnosis services, including Mousse's "Golden Butler" service has also ushered in iterative upgrades, increasing to ten rights.

As Sheng Yan said, the best gift in the world is a good night's sleep, and Mousse will continue to explore healthy sleep, open up a new dimension of sleep, and let good sleep happen naturally.

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