Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine: All deputy ministers of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine were dismissed

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Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Anna Maliar

According to CCTV news, on September 18, local time, according to Ukrainian Channel 24, Ukrainian cabinet minister Nemchinov said that six deputy ministers of Ukrainian defense, including Anna Maliar, were dismissed.

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At present, what India should do is to recognize the situation.

Text | Sea passengers

India's anger is ignited!

Recently, the Seattle police in the United States released a video. Judging from the video, it was a traffic accident, but because it was an Indian girl who was hit and killed, not only she was hit and killed, but also the words of the police on the phone afterwards, which made the Indian side indignant.

On the evening of January 23 this year, Janawi Kandurlah, a 23-year-old female graduate student of Indian nationality, was hit by a speeding police car and flew 30 meters away while crossing the street in Seattle, and was sent to the hospital for rescue but died of her injuries

In addition, previously, the nonsense of Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the Office of the President of Ukraine, of course, also angered India.

As the host of a G20 summit, and even thinking of participating in international affairs under the name of Bharat, which means that India is rising, but in such a situation, India's anger, understandable, but Uncle Hai also has to say a few words...


In fact, Janavi Kandurah, a 23-year-old female graduate student of Indian nationality, was hit and killed in Seattle on January 23 this year. Today, most of the year has passed.

The reason why this matter has caused an uproar now is that an audio of the police was exposed afterwards -

Kandura was hit and killed by a speeding police car. A senior police officer who went to the scene of the accident to investigate said by phone that the girl's life was "worthless." The sound of senior police officers laughing can be heard in the audio.

After the relevant video and audio were exposed, it angered India, and the Indian Consulate General in San Francisco asked the US government to thoroughly investigate the matter.

Screenshot of Janawi Kandura and video surveillance footage when she was hit and killed

From some news reports, it can be seen that the investigation results of the US police are that Dave, the police officer responsible for the accident, has been charged with drug abuse. To put it bluntly, this is a drug-addicted policeman!

Audrey, vice president of the Seattle Police Department union, who oversees drug investigations, found that Dave was driving at 50 miles per hour and did not lose control of the car.

What does Audre mean? Could it be that Dave killed Janavi Kandura while sane and not speeding? Didn't that turn into premeditated murder? I don't know if Audre meant that.

If I were to say, the jokes of the police with walkie-talkies or telephones and colleagues are the big truth!

They don't care how Janavi Kandura died. The reason is that her life is not worth anything.

Why is it not worth anything? It's just an Indian girl. Not a U.S. citizen, not a white person, and seems to have little family background. If you hit and die, you will die. At most, the police officer who caused the accident will lose some money, or even a few dollars. Because her life is not worth anything at all.


If it weren't for this police recording being exposed on the Internet, Janavi Kandura's death would have passed quietly!

And it was precisely before the incident was exposed, Podolyak, an adviser to the Office of the President of Ukraine, in an interview with the Ukrainian media, made a big fuss about nonsense: "India and China do not analyze the consequences of their actions" and "intellectual potential is very weak"......

Podolyak shouted at the Ukrainian media

Before saying this, Podolyak first said the following paragraph -

Although China and India have invested a lot in science and technology, and India has successfully landed a lunar rover on the moon, China and India have not analyzed the consequences of "supporting" Russia.

In Uncle Hai's opinion, Podolyak's words are not worth refuting at all. After all, China or India did not choose sides in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Especially on the Chinese side, Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning has already said -

On the issue of the Ukraine crisis, China has always been committed to promoting peace and talks and promoting political settlement in a responsible manner. Relevant people should seriously analyze and take a correct view.

In the next words, Mao Ning actually said it very seriously. She said, "He should explain"!

Who is he?

Podolyak, of course!

On September 13, local time, Podolyak used social media X to release the wind to the outside world, saying, "Of course, Turkey, India, China and other regional powers have clear reasons to justify their claims to today's global role, which has historical, economic, cultural, scientific and political reasons, but the global (interests) are greater than the interests of the wisest regional countries."

Whether or not this explanation has some merit, he also said that previous attacks on India and China were taken out of context by the media.

In Uncle Hai's view, the video is the proof, and the original words are like that. What is there to rely on in Podolyak! No more quibbling!

India hosted the G20 without showing Ukraine

Podolyak blamed China, what is the intention behind it for the time being, at least he accused India, the most direct reason is obvious, that is, when India hosted this year's G20 leaders' summit, it did not let the Ukrainian representative show his face.

However, Ukraine is not a member of the G20 in the first place, and whether it is invited or not is entirely up to the host. Since India has the right to invite or not to invite anyone, Podolyak or the Ukrainian side, there is nothing to say.

In short, Ukraine is not qualified to dictate to the G20 and G20 host countries!


From the attitude of the American police to the death of an Indian girl to Podolyak's attitude towards India, India should also understand that racial discrimination continues to occur in today's world.

From the decision-making think tank of a certain country, or even to a certain extent to a popular country, to the ordinary police officers in the United States, there are such die-hard guys in the West, who regard racial discrimination as a common thing and as their innate talent.

Some media analysis said that after hosting the G20 leaders' summit, India has become more confident and wants to become the common leader of southern countries.

However, for now, what India should do is to recognize the situation.

The leaders before and after the founding of India, from Gandhi to Nehru, were well aware of this. It is precisely for this reason that the so-called Non-Aligned Movement and South-South cooperation have all made a certain reputation. India also spoke out internationally at the time, along with China, Egypt and, then, Yugoslavia.

And now? India's desire to make a name for Brahmata internationally is also to state that the road to its rise as a great power has begun. But whether it is the United States or countries like Ukraine, there are still whites who discriminate against India. What India should do is not return to the track of diplomatic accuracy? Some spring and autumn dreams, you can do less!